We meet up with my ex to talk business and we end up fucking really hot

We meet up with my ex to talk business and we end up fucking really hot
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"Oh yeah I'm about to blow!" "Cum all over my throat right now!" Maria walks into her brother's room and yells, "RICKY!

WHAT ARE YOU DOING? YOU'RE ONLY 11!" as she quickly grabs the plug to the T.V. and pulls it. "Come on Maria, all of my friends told me to watch this." Says Ricky. "Maybe when you're old enough, but right now, you're not nearly old enough." "Well, you watch these things, I know you do.

I've seen you watch them" "When did you see me watch a porno?" "I saw you last week, I was walking by your room and you left the door cracked open. You were lying on you're bed with you're hands down your shorts.

The T.V. was on playing a movie just like this one!" "Well, don't watch me next time you see me doing that. Plus, I'm old enough to watch them, and you're not." "Whatever," Says Ricky as he pushes his sister through the door of his room into the hallway and closes the door. Ricky locks the door, then goes back towards his T.V. and plugs it in.

He plays video games for a while. That night, Maria was wide awake while the rest of her family was sound asleep. She couldn't stop thinking of her little brother watching a porno. The picture was stuck in her head.


"So sick." She thought to herself. As she started to fall asleep with the picture stuck in her mind, her body jolted as she realized her hand was down her panties. She was so surprised that this was happening, why would she be turned on by her 11 year old brother? She couldn't help it, she kept her hands down her panties and rubbed herself off.

Shortly after she climaxed, she fell asleep. The next morning she didn't talk much at breakfast. She was too freaked out by the whole situation. "Honey are you okay?" Her mom asked. "Yeah I'm fine, just kind of tired, that's all." She responded. "Well, I better get to school," As she got up from the table to walk out the door.

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The school day lasted forever. She was just so god damn horny. Her panties were soaking wet with excitement. She had to get a pass to the bathroom to relieve herself. Once she was at the bathroom, she pulled her portable wireless vibrator out.

She acted as though she was taking a piss. She sat on the toilet for a few minutes until her female juices poured out of her into the toilet. She thought to herself, "I need to do something about this." After school when she got home she ran to her room to get into more comfortable clothes. She threw on a black tank-top and a sexy pair if pink booty shorts.

Her parents were still out at work, leaving her plenty of time for her to get done what she needed to do. She headed to Ricky's room. He had just gotten home as well, and was doing his 6th grade homework. She offered to help him with his homework, but he said he could do it on his own. She the walked back into her room. Minutes later, she came trembling into her brothers room with some slacks of rope.


She tackled him right away and wrestled him to pin him down. Once she had him pinned, she told him that he was to do as she ordered, and he said he would. She then ordered him to get onto his bed and lay down face up. He did as he was told. She then climbed on top of him, and tied the rope around his arms and legs and then tied them to each bed post, leaving him spread out.

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She was straddling him, crotch to crotch. "What are you doing Maria!?" yelled Ricky. "I'm going to show you what happens in those movies, so you don't have to watch them." She responded.

She started to dry-hump him and he started getting hard.

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"Wow that feels good." He said. "It's about to feel even better." Ricky started watching his sisters' perfectly round ass in booty shorts rub against his jean-covered prick.

She then started tugging his shirt, and eventually pulled it off. Ricky wanted to touch her in so many places, but his limbs were all restrained. She was grabbing and rubbing his torso with her hands.

She pulled her tank-top over her head, to reveal her black laced bra. She reached behind herself and unhooked her bra. Her breasts bounced as the bra fell off of her.

She then proceeded to dry hump him in her booty shorts. She then backed up a bit, and began to unbutton Ricky's jeans. She pulled them down and started to grope his boxers. He had a 3 1/2 4 inch boner. She poked his boner through the hole in his boxers and started rubbing his prick.

He was moaning slightly, he had never felt this sensation before. She bent over and put all of his dick into her mouth. She only did this for a little bit, then decided it was her turn. She slid up his body to his face.


She shoved her vagina into his face and ordered for him to lick her panty-covered pussy. He started to lick her and it didn't take long for her to pour out a large amount of liquid through her booty shorts into her brothers face. "What was that wet stuff?" he asked.

"Don't worry about it." She responded. After this, she slid back down to his dick. She pulled her booty shorts to the side of her pussy, and slid his dick into her. He yelped at the feeling, it felt so good to be inside his sister's warm vagina.

She started to move up and down.

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She started to rub her clit and fuck her little brother at the same time. They climaxed around the same time. Ricky felt the tiny amount of cum he could possibly produce at his age squirt out into his sister. Maria's woman juices exploded onto Ricky and she shook as her orgasm swept over her.

Maria removed Ricky's dick from her vagina. She liked it clean and he licked her pussy clean. They started to have sex often after this.

She enjoyed it ever time. Eventually Ricky was able to shoot a large amount of cum into his sister. Any night that they didn't fuck, they would always end up masturbating individually while thinking of one another. After the first time they fucked, Maria allowed her little brother to watch porno movies.

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But he never needed to with her. Tell me if you want more. - Author