Junge französisch Pärchen beim Ficken vor unserer Kamera

Junge französisch Pärchen beim Ficken vor unserer Kamera
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Hess left, while she waited for Teddy, she scooped Hess's cum from her pussy and ate it. When Teddy came in she was lying nude with her fingers fucking her cunt. When Teddy saw her, he stripped off his clothes, when Amanda saw his long thin cock; she thought it was perfect for ass fucking.

She got on her hands and knees and wiggled her ass at him. "Fuck me in the ass Teddy, I want it in my ass." That's exactly what Teddy did he Lubricated his cock and her ass hole with spit and shoved it up her tight asshole.

When Amanda got home, she got the big dildo that looked like her father's cock from her mother's drawer and went to her own room. She was determined that she was going to fuck the whole thing, this was just the first of many sessions she went through of pushing as much of the big thing as she could into her little cunt. When Timmy came in, he had Carol with him; she stayed after school and watched his basketball practice. They went straight to his room.

Amanda went through the bathroom and watched them fuck. She realized for the first time, they were not, just fucking, they were making love, they were in love with each other. She felt guilty for intruding on their lovemaking and backed out and returned to her dildo, from then on she kept the big dildo in her room hidden in the back of a drawer, she didn't think her mom would miss it. After dinner, Andrea went to the living room as usual but Jim went upstairs, Amanda went up and put on her little pajamas, when she came down her daddy was dressed in a satin robe, when she sat on his lap his cock was already as hard as a rock.

She put her little pussy on his cock and wiggled her ass, he tickled her; after she had her orgasm she kissed them both good night. When she disappeared up the stairs, Andrea broke into laughter. "Did she get you off big boy?" she said, still laughing. Jim opened his robe, he was wearing a condom, and it was full of sperm. Andrea stopped laughing; she went to her knees between his legs and carefully pulled the condom from his soft cock. She held her head back and poured the contents into her wide-open mouth, and then she turned it inside out and put it in her mouth and sucked it clean.

She held it out to Jim. "Here darling, it's all clean you can use it again tomorrow." She said giggling After cleaning Jim's cock she sat on the couch next to him and kissed him. "You know, when I was ten, I don't think I knew about jacking-off and cumming it's quite obvious that she knows what a cock is too." Andrea said.

"Your right I didn't know anything about sex when I was ten either, but you have to realize, the kids now days watch a lot more explicit TV than we had did, they also have the internet.

I know we don't have a computer but her friend Janie does." "Well, it's perfectly harmless, I wonder if Janie and her are sucking each others pussies." Jim didn't answer her.

She told him about fucking Bill, that morning and again that afternoon. "God you're a slut, I bet he was surprised when you took off your dress like that." he said laughing. "He may have been surprised, but that didn't stop him from fucking me four times before I had to return to work.

When I went back in the afternoon, I gave him a blowjob, he loved it when I swallowed his cum, he said his wife wouldn't even let him cum in her mouth. He fucked me a couple of times, then I blew him again.

When I left, he was a happy man. Tomorrow I'm going to let him fuck my ass." "You're making me horny as hell, let's go to bed and fuck." Andrea grabbed him and led him upstairs by his cock. When Amanda returned to her room she took the big dildo from the drawer, and pulling her panties aside she pushed it into her hole. She could take most of it, but there was enough left over that she could get all four of her fingers around it.

She pulled the crouch of her panties over the end of the dildo to hold it in place. Then she sat on the bed, she could feel the pressure deep in her pussy, she sat there with all her weight on the dildo for as long as she could stand it, and then she crawled into bed and went to sleep.

During the night, she woke up several times, and each time she did, she would push on the dildo with all her might. The next morning, Timmy came in and fucked her before they had to get ready for school. Amanda's day was much the same as yesterday except Jennings fucked her and she gave Mr. Hess a blowjob. And so was the next day and the day after that. By Thursday evening she could only get two fingers around the part of the dildo that was sticking out she found she could walk around her room and not drop the dildo even without panties, this gave her an idea.

Friday morning she put the dildo in her backpack. When she went to the girl's room during the afternoon recess to remove her panties she put the dildo in her pussy.

Jennings waited with anticipation when she returned to her desk. When she spread her legs and he saw the big dildo he almost shit. She pushed it out a little then sucked it back in, Jennings was as red as a beet. By the time class was over and the children had left he was a wreck. Amanda pulled the dildo out and dropped it into her backpack.

By the time she climbed up on his desk and spread her legs, Jennings had his cock out. She had him so worked up that he started cumming before he got it in all the way. Amanda was almost in tears; she grabbed her backpack and headed for the ice cream store. When she arrived Mr.

Hess wasn't there, he was out of town on business, and Teddy couldn't leave the counter. She left the store with tears running down her face, she was so horny she was beside herself; she had to have some relief, now.

As she went through the park she headed for the hideout, but since there was nobody around she stopped by the big tree that was just outside the hideout. She threw her backpack on the ground, leaning against the tree, she lifted her dress and started frantically masturbating. She had her head back and her eye's closed, and was just about ready to cum, when she heard a noise.

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When she opened her eyes, A bicycle came around the tree and screeched to a halt right in front of her, A boy about Timmy's age was standing with one leg draped over the bicycle and one foot on the ground. "What you doing, little girl?" he asked. "Nothing." She answered. "You were too, I seen you, you was rubbing your pussy." "Was not." With that five more bicycles, pulled up beside him, all with boys about the same age as the first boy.

"Hey, why are you stopping?" one of them asked "I saw this little girl rubbing her pussy." "You did not." Amanda almost screamed. "I did too, don't mind us we just want to watch." All the boys were nodding their heads in agreement. She looked at the boys and smiled, she looked at them the way a spider might look at a swarm of flies. They had no way of knowing that this little girl knew more about sex than most grown women.

She slowly lifted her dress, holding it up with her elbows; she spread her pussy lips so they could see inside then she slowly rubbed her clit. The boy's eyes were bugged out and they were speechless. Amanda pushed two finger of one hand into her wet cunt while still rubbing her clit with the other.

"Wouldn't you guys like to do something besides watch?" she asked. "Like what?" asked the first boy, who seemed to be the leader. "Like fucking me." She said rubbing her clit a little faster. All the boys agreed, they would rather fuck her than watch. "We can't do that here." said the leader. "Sure we can, leave your bikes here and follow me." She said dropping her dress and picking up her backpack.

She led them into the hideout. "Hey, this is neat." One of the boys said Amanda pulled her dress off and removed her bra. The boys just stared at her. "All you have to do if you want to fuck me is to take off you pants and show me your cock." She said hanging her clothes on a branch.

The boys were used to seeing each other naked in the shower at school, they didn't hesitate, in a matter of seconds Amanda had six hard cocks waving at her. She went from boy to boy stroking their cocks a few strokes each, then she gathered all of their pants and shorts and laid them on the ground, making herself a little bed of sorts.

"Ok, here's what were going to do, I'm going to get on my hands and knees on top of your clothes, the first guy will get on his knees behind me and fuck me until he cums, then he will come up and fuck my mouth, until he cums again, then he will go to the end of the line. The guy with the biggest cock goes first, then the second biggest, and so on. Do you guys understand?" "Hey I want to be first." The leader said.

"No, I think from the size of your cock you will be either third or forth, Let's get started. I need to get fucked. You guys just keep fucking me until you can't get it hard any more." All of the boys shot two loads in her pussy and two in her mouth before they started dropping out of the rotation. The boy who had been first was also last, he was the shortest skinniest little thing, but he had the biggest cock, His cock was bigger than any of the men she had fucked so far.

After he filled her pussy full of cum for the last time he collapsed on the clothes next to her. They sat around and talked for some time. Amanda learned all of their names, and about the school they went too, Amanda had heard of their school and knew it was some distance away. "What were you guys doing way over here?" she asked.


They explained that they were just taking a long bike ride, playing follow the leader. Amanda liked them they were nice, polite boys, She told them about the party she and her brother were having the next day and invited them to come. They all accepted and told her she was the first girl they ever fucked, they were anxious to fuck some other girls. She gave them her address and as they left the hideout she pointed out her house across the park.

They all kissed her and peddled away on their bikes. When she got home Janie was waiting for her and Carol and Timmy was in his room fucking. She and Janie sucked each other until they came out. Amanda told them about the boys fucking her in the park and about inviting them to the party tomorrow. Timmy was a little upset until she explained her thinking. "Timmy, there was only going to be three boys there to fuck five girls, we would wear you guys out in no time, and spend the rest of the time eating each other, as much as I like eating pussy I like to be fucked and suck cocks better, this way all but one girl will have two boys all the time." Timmy agreed with her, and Janie and Carol were excited with the thought of so many cocks to try out.

At first when he started planning the party Timmy didn't want Carol to be fucked by anyone but him. But when she told him he wasn't being fair with her, he was planning on fucking the other girls, and besides no matter how many other boys she fucked, he would always be her first, and the only one she loved, the others would just be cocks to fuck. The Party went off without a hitch. Everyone arrived on time and they all had a great time, even with the added boys the girls still spent a good bit of time eating each other.

Timmy and Carol disappeared several times, during the day, they would sneak up the stairs and make love in Timmy's room. Timmy found that he didn't mind Carol fucking the other boys; he thought she looked beautiful when she was being fucked, and he loved to watch her. When all of the kids were getting ready to leave Amanda and Janie cornered the little boy with the big cock and invited him back the next morning. On Sunday Amanda and Janie spent the day fucking the little boy and Carol and Timmy were in bed right up until it was almost time for Andrea and Jim to come home.

The two lovebirds went to another movie; Amanda and Janie went to her room and masturbated each other until Janie had to go home for dinner. After dinner, Amanda changed into her pajamas and sat on her fathers lap until she got them both off. Then she kissed her Mom and Dad goodnight and went to her room. She stuffed the big dildo into her pussy, she could take almost all of it now; she could only get one finger around the part that was still sticking out.

She sat on it and watched TV until bedtime, during the night when she woke up she pushed on it as hard as she could. Monday was a holiday, when Amanda woke up she was excited, her Mom and Dad would be home all day. She opened her bed room door and lay on the bed listening, when she heard her parents bed room door open and close, she waited a few minutes, then went into the hall.

She tiptoed down the hall and half way down the stairs, where she stopped and listened; she heard noises coming from the kitchen. She tiptoed back to her room and removed her pajamas.

Andrea finished starting the coffee pot, and was returning to bed, she was halfway up the stairs when she saw Amanda open the door to her bedroom and go in. Amanda was as naked as a jaybird.

She hurried up the stairs and quietly entered the room just in time to see Amanda pull the sheet off her sleeping husband. Jim always had a hard-on in the mornings, and today was no different, Amanda crawled on the bed and took her fathers big cock into her mouth. Jim stirred and lifted his head and looked down, he saw his daughter with her lips wrapped around his cock, and his wife was standing behind her with her forefinger too her lips.

He let his head fallback on the pillow just as he felt his daughter swallow his cock. Andrea couldn't believe it; the little bitch was eating the whole thing. Amanda sucked, gobbled, licked, and swallowed his cock, she wanted his cum, and he didn't disappoint her he filled her mouth with large gobs of it. She had no trouble eating it all, when she was sure she had every drop, her little feet peddled her up over his body, and she sank down on his cock in one long downward stroke, burying his cock to his balls.

Andrea stood open mouthed, she couldn't believe her eyes, Amanda bounced up and down like a rubber ball, her daddy's cock felt much better than the big dildo, She screamed through four orgasms before her Daddy grabbed her hips and bucked his own hips off the bed, she felt his cock spew loads of cum up inside her pussy, she had her last cum just as his cock shot it's last.

Amanda fell forward onto her Daddy's chest and kissed him tonguing the inside of his mouth. "Well, you little slut, you have some explaining to do." Andrea said with a stern voice. Amanda rolled off of him onto her back and looked up at her Mom, she sounded mad but she didn't look mad, she was smiling and rubbing her clit through the opening of her robe.

Amanda pulled her knees up and smiled back at her. "I've got a pussy full of Daddy's nice cum. Do you want it Mom?" Andrea threw her robe on the floor, and then crawling on the bed she buried her face in her daughters crotch.

After giving her daughter yet another orgasm, she raised her head and reached for Jim's cock. "No Mom, you know what you always tell me, if I make a mess I have to clean it up myself." Amanda said, giggling. Andrea watched as her little daughter licked and sucked every trace of cum and her own pussy juice from her Daddy's cock and balls.

"Alright you little cunt. It's time for an explanation. How did you learn all of this sex stuff?" she said. "Yeah, I want to know that too." Jim added. "I'll bet you've been fucking your brother. Did he take your cherry?" Andrea continued. "Yes ma'am, Timmy and I do fuck, but he didn't get my cherry, I popped it myself with a rubber cock." Amanda said "I want you to tell us how you learned to suck cock and fuck like that." Andrea said with a stern voice.

"OK I'll tell you, but you have to promise me something first." "Promise you what?" "You have to promise, I can still do what I did to learn about it." Andrea looked at Jim, who just shrugged his shoulders; she felt that what ever it was, it hadn't harmed her daughter.

"OK I promise." She said. "You too Daddy." Jim nodded his head. "I learned it from you and Daddy and aunt Cindy and uncle Jerry, and a whole bunch of other people." Andrea looked puzzled. "It was the tapes Mom, I watched your tapes, you know the ones where you guys fuck and suck and stuff." "OH MY GOD, Jim she's been into our tapes." Andrea thought for a minute, there was no use getting upset about it, what's done is done.

"OK you little slut, start at the beginning and tell us everything." Amanda told them almost everything, beginning with the Friday she found the tapes and ending with yesterday, she did not tell them about the adult men she fucked, she was afraid she might get them into trouble.

"I wanted to try everything I saw on the tapes, I wanted to be a cum slut bitch, just like you Mom." " I think you have succeeded baby, why don't you suck my pussy. I want to see how well you've learned to eat pussy." Andrea said laughing. Amanda got off the bed and went to her mother's drawer, she found the KY and returned to the bed and handed it to her father. "Daddy you fuck my ass while I eat Mom's cunt.

OK?" After they all had a good cum, they lay on the bed with Amanda in the middle, she had her Dad's cock in her hand and her Mom's nipple in her mouth, she lifted her head. "Mom, Timmy wants to fuck you so bad, that's all he talks about when were watching the tapes. If I went and got him would you fuck him?" "Honey you go get him and I'll fuck his little balls off." "His balls aren't so little Mom and he has a really nice cock." Amanda said, as she jumped from the bed and raced out of the room.

She returned dragging Timmy by his hand as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes. When he saw his mom's nude body and her holding her arms out to him he melted into her arms and nuzzled into her soft tit flesh. It was almost noon before Andrea decided it was time for them to get up.

Aunt Cindy and Uncle Jerry was coming for barbeque that afternoon. Before Amanda left their bedroom she got the stool from the dresser and climbed up in the closet and selected another tape. "Which one did you get babe?" Andrea asked. Amanda told her the date on the tape. "That's a good one, you're going to like that one honey." "Mom I want to fuck Uncle Jerry and Suck Aunt Cindy's cunt. Can I? Please." "I don't see why not honey. Why don't you surprise them this afternoon?" "I want to fuck Aunt Cindy Mom, she has the neatest ass." Timmy added "I'm sure Cindy would love to have your handsome cock in her pretty ass, baby." Carol came in after lunch, and after a short explanation from Timmy they went to Timmy's room.

"Those two are really close aren't they?" Andrea said to Amanda. "They're in love Mom, they love each other so much it's almost sickening, you aught to see them fuck, you could tell they're crazy about each other." Carol left just before Jerry and Cindy came, her parents were having guest for a barbeque too.

Uncle Jerry was sitting on a chair in the living room, Jim and Timmy was starting the fire, and Andrea and Cindy were in the kitchen. Amanda climbed into Jerry's lap, and started rubbing her bare pussy on his soft cock; she wore no panties. "What are you doing, Mandy.' He asked.

"I'm rubbing my pussy on you cock, Uncle Jerry." "You shouldn't be doing this, your mom would really be pissed if she saw you." "No I don't think so, she told me this morning it was OK for me to fuck you." "Fuck me?" "Yes, let's get your cock out I'm going to mess up your pants, doing this." When Cindy and Andrea came in, Amanda was naked and was riding up and down on Jerry's cock.

"MY GOD. What are you doing Jerry." Cindy screamed. "I think I'm getting the best fucking I've had in a long tome." Jerry groaned. "Don't worry about it Cindy, the little slut will fuck anything. She was telling me just this morning how bad she wanted to suck your cunt." Andrea said smiling. Cindy sat on the couch, pulling her shorts and panties aside she started rubbing her clit. "Hurry up Jerry I want her little tongue in my cunt." She moaned. Timmy walked in and saw what was going on.

"Hey Mom can I fuck Aunt Cindy now?" he asked. Cindy looked up and saw him, and started squirming out of her shorts and panties. "Yes. Fuck me Timmy, hurry, I need a cock." The barbeque turned in to a mini orgy, Timmy did get to fuck Cindy's ass, more than once, and Amanda sucked her cunt while Uncle Jerry fucked Amanda's ass.

The next morning everything was back to normal, except when Amanda woke up, her Daddy was sleeping next to her; it was early so she woke him with a nice blowjob. Her day went just as expected, except when she arrived at the ice cream store, after fucking Mr. Jennings, there were two strange men sitting at a table. She waved at Teddy and Mr. Hess and went on back to the back room.

She was lying on the cot naked when Hess came in; he had the two strange men with him. He introduced them to her. "Mandy, this is Mr. Vince Lampasi and his son Mike. I've been telling them about you and they wanted to meet you." Hess explained. "Are they going to fuck me Mr.

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Hess?" "Yes, if you want them to." "Will you all three fuck me at the same time?" "Yes if that's what you want." "Goodie that's my favorite." She giggled. Amanda lay between Vince and Mike, she could feel their cocks softening in her holes and she still had Hess's cock in her mouth. "You were right Hess, this is the hottest little cunt I've ever seen. She's perfect for kiddy porn." "I told you so. How much are you going to pay her?" "Five hundred and if she does a good job I'll raise it to seven-fifty." "Did you hear that Mandy, you go to his place and let a couple of guys fuck you while he films it and he'll pay you as much as seven hundred and fifty dollars.

Amanda thought about that, she would be willing to do it for nothing. "OK. Where do I go, and when." They told her the address and said to come on Thursday after school. Amanda knew the place it was only a couple of blocks away, it was an old warehouse that nobody used anymore.

She said she would be there. That evening, after dinner instead of putting on her pajamas, she just stripped naked and went down to sit on her Daddy's lap and instead of rubbing her clit on his cock she put it deep in her belly and fucked him until he filled her with sperm.

Her Mom licked the sperm from her cunt then Amanda sucked her Mom's pussy until she came twice. She kissed them both good night and went to her room; she put the new tape in her VCR and started it up.

Her mom was sitting on the couch with her ass half hanging off and a big black dog was licking her cunt. Aunt Cindy was on her knees beside the dog jacking him off; in a little while, she put her head down and started sucking the dog's cock.

Pretty soon the dog jumped up and put his paws on the couch on each side of her mom, his cock was poking all around her Mom's pussy, but he couldn't get it in. Aunt Cindy grabbed it and guided it to Andrea's hole, then the dog started fucking like crazy.

Amanda didn't know anything could fuck that fast. She saw a big knot form in the middle of the dogs cock and saw him push that into her mom too. Then she saw some cum leaking out of her mom's cunt, Aunt Cindy and her mom both were talking to the dog and petting him.

Then with a great effort the dog pulled free, cum flew everywhere, and the dog's cock must have been a foot long, he lay on the floor and licked his own cock. The screen went white for a few seconds then came back on. Her Mom and Aunt Cindy had switched places, Aunt Cindy was getting licked and her Mom was sucking the dog's cock.

What happened next was the same as with her Mom. Amanda couldn't believe what she had just seen. She was never so hot in her life; she rolled onto the bed and started stuffing fingers in her pussy. She didn't stop until she had her whole hand in her cunt, then she made a fist and fucked herself until she came, she didn't stop until she was exhausted, then she fell into a peaceful sleep.

The next evening Timmy was there, Carol had a lot of homework and couldn't come over. While Amanda fucked her Daddy, he fucked their Mom. After the girls licked each other clean, they sat and talked. "Hey Mom tell us how you and Uncle Jerry started fucking each other." Timmy said. "Yeah, I'd like to hear that story myself." Jim said. Andrea thought for a moment. "It was on my thirteenth birthday, I had a big party, after all my friends left Dad and mom came out wearing terrycloth bathrobes and sat on the couch.

Dad called Jerry and I and we stood before them wondering what they were doing. He told us to take off our clothes, Dad was always the boss and you never questioned anything he said, but Jerry and I was a little bashful about getting naked in front of each other.

Dad insisted that we remove our clothes, when we were nude he told Mom to show me what to do. She pushed Jerry on the couch next to Dad and got on her knees in front of him and started eating his cock. When Jerry came she pulled his cock out of her mouth and let some of his cum squirt on her face, after he finished cumming she looked up at me and scraped the cum from her face and put it in her mouth. I remember I was horny as hell, Dad opened his robe and showed me his big hard cock, and then he told me it was my turn.

I took his cock in my mouth and sucked just like I saw Mom do, I liked it from the very first, when he shot in my mouth and I got my first taste of cum, I knew, I could never get enough of that stuff. They made Jerry fuck me while they watched, then they sent us to bed together. After that Dad fucked me every day, and later on Mom ate my pussy and made me eat hers. Jerry and I slept together every night until I married your Father." "Grandpa's neat, I'm going to fuck him the next time we visit them." Amanda said clapping her hands.

"OK Dad it's your turn now. How did you and Aunt Cindy get started fucking?" Timmy asked. "I was about Timmy's age, maybe a little older, yes I think I was fourteen, after school I always went to the basement to jack-off. We had a little family room in the basement, there was a couch and a TV, and Mom's laundry room was off the family room. One day I came home and didn't see Mom anywhere, so I went to the basement to jack-off.

I was just about ready to come when Mom came out of the laundry room. I tried to hide my cock, but it was almost as big as it is now, I couldn't get it back into my pants. Mom said, "Here son let me help you with that." she took my cock in her hand and started jacking me off, she told me she loved my big cock. Before I knew it, she was lying on the couch and I was fucking her pussy. After that when I came home instead of jacking-off I fucked Mom. I was worried about what Dad would do if he found out we were fucking, when I told Mom about my concern, She told me not to worry, because she was going to tell him all about us on Friday.

I was really worried then, she told me that Dad had wanted to fuck Cindy for a long time, and as soon as he heard about her and I fucking he would fuck Cindy right away.

The reason she gave for waiting until Friday was that Dad was going to keep the poor girl up all night, so Mom didn't want to do it on a school night. It turned out that Mom knew Dad pretty well, when she told him about us fucking, he went straight to Cindy's room and didn't come out until late the next morning.

Mom slept with me that night. After that Mom and I fucked anytime we wanted, one night we were in the living room watching TV, Dad was in his favorite chair and Mom was on the couch and I was sitting next to her, she took out my cock out and sucked it, with Dad sitting right there, then I fucked her while he watched.

One day shortly after that, Mom and I were fucking on the living room couch, when Cindy came in and saw us. She sat in Dad's chair and masturbated while she watched us fuck. Then she wanted me to fuck her too, Mom said it was OK and even helped me get it in her tight little pussy.

After that I fucked them both everyday. Cindy and I slept together every night, except when Dad wanted to sleep with her, then I slept with Mom." "Hearing about all this fucking has made ms horny, I'm going to fuck Daddy again." Amanda said and climbed back onto Jim's lap. Andrea looked at Timmy's hard cock, and smiled. "Looks like somebody else is horny too, come here son and let Mommy suck it for you." Thursday afternoon, when Amanda arrived at the warehouse, Mr.

Lampasi was waiting for her at the door. He led her up some stairs to a big room, in the middle of the room there was a king size mattress on the floor with cameras set up all around it. He introduced her to the people that were standing around. There were two cameramen and two other adult men and two boys who were nude, Amanda guessed one of the boys to be thirteen and the other about sixteen.

Mr. Lampasi told her these were the ones she was going to fuck. There was also another little girl named Annie. Amanda noticed she called Mr. Lampasi, Mr. Vince. Mr. Vince told them he wanted each girl to suck a man and a boy and make them cum on their faces. Then after they got them hard again they were to fuck them. Amanda liked his plan, but Annie complained. "Yuck, I'm not sucking no cock, and I'm not fucking those big cocks either. I'll fuck him." She said, pointing at the youngest boy.

"Don't worry Mr. Vince, I'll suck the two men and the older boy, and I'll fuck them too." Amanda said with a big smile. "No, I think you can suck all four, after you get them hard again, you can fuck the two men and the older boy, and she can fuck the other one." Vince said to Amanda.

Amanda liked his idea better. Vince showed the two girls to a dressing room where they could leave their clothes. "Have you ever done this before?" Annie asked. "No, this is my first time. Have you?" "No, the only one I've ever fucked is my brother. I'm kinda nervous." Annie said. "How old is your brother?" Amanda asked. "He's twelve, we've only done it a couple of times." How old are you? How did you come to be here?" I'm eleven; Mr. Vince paid my Mom a lot of money for me to do this, he's my Mom's boy friend and he's been after her for a couple of years to let him make a movie of me fucking, finally he offered her so much, she couldn't turn it down." Annie said with tears in her eyes.

Amanda hugged her. "Don't worry sweetie, Just relax and enjoy it, you'll be fine once you get started. Just watch me give these guys a blow job, and you'll get so horny, you'll want to fuck every man here." When the girls came out, Annie was feeling a little better; she was glad Amanda was there. Amanda got in the middle of the big mattress on her knees and waited. The men and boys stood on the mattress around her being sure their cocks were in easy reach of her mouth.

Vince hollered "Camera, action." and Amanda started sucking, she swallowed them all in turn then she sucked each of them while jerking two others, she went from one to the other not spending a lot of time on any one cock, she loved having four cocks to suck, and she wanted to make it last as long as possible. Soon all four males were groaning and jacking themselves off, they started cumming almost at the same time.

They completely covered face with thick gooey cum. She sat there for a minute to let the cameras get a good shot of her cum covered face, then she wiped the cum from her eyes, when she opened her eyes she saw a camera man holding a camera right in front of her, taking a close up, there was a monitor right behind him and she could see her cum covered face on it. She smiled and opened her mouth, cum was stringing between her lips and into her mouth, she began gathering cum, and sliding it across her face into her mouth.

The two men helped her using their fingers to push the stuff; she closed her mouth several times to swallow. When her face was clean one of the men lay down on his back and motioned to her. All four of the cocks were hard again from watching her eat all that cum. Amanda positioned herself above him and slid his cock into her cunt. "Cut." Vince yelled. He came up be hind her with a tube in his hand and put some stuff on her asshole. " That's cold." She giggled.

Vince carefully lubed her little asshole, inside and out, when he was satisfied she was loose enough, he stepped back. "Action." He said. While the other man was putting his cock up Amanda's ass, Annie crawled on to the mattress and grabbed the younger boys cock. "Come on fuck me, I want to be fucked." She said hoarsely. Amanda looked over at her, and Annie smiled and winked at her.

Amanda took the older boys cock in her mouth and sucked it. After all three cocks came, she made sure she had all of the cum from the one she sucked, and she slid down and licked the cum and pussy juice from the one that had fucked her pussy. Then she got on her knees, and scrapped the cum from her pussy and asshole and ate it. She noticed the boy was finished fucking Annie so she slid over to them and pulled him off of her and sucked his cock and balls clean.

She lay on top of Annie and whispered. "Put your pussy above my mouth I want to eat the cum that's in it, then I'll suck your pussy until you cum again." Annie did as she asked, one of the cameramen moved in to get a close up, a big glob rolled out of Annie's cunt and plopped into Amanda's open mouth, Amanda swallowed it and then she licked the inside of Annie's hole, and she attacked her clit, Annie went wild, Amanda thought they could hear her a block away, when she came she yelled even louder.

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Annie rolled off on to her back her hand clasping her pussy mound. The men all applauded, Amanda sat up and smiled at them, her face glistening with pussy juice.

The cameraman took a good shot of her face. "Cut, that's a wrap." Mr. Vince said. In the dressing room the two girls exchanged phone numbers. When they came out only Mr. Vince and the two cameramen were there, Amanda heard what they were saying. "I've never seen a girl that young that was such a slut, shit were going to make a bundle on her movies." one of the cameramen said.

"Yeah but I want to come up with some new and different thing's for her to do. You guys have any Ideas? Mr. Vince asked. Amanda walked over to them. "I'll fuck a dog, Mr. Vince." "A dog? That's an idea, do you guys no where we can get a dog." "I have a friend that has one, and his wife fucks it all the time." A cameraman said. " Tell him I'll give him two hundred to borrow the dog." "He would probably sell the dog to you for that, except his wife would shit." "Have the dog here next Thursday.

Can you come again next Thursday Mandy?" "Yes sir, Mr. Vince I'll be here." Amanda said with a big grin. Mr. Vince pulled Amanda aside and gave her an envelope. "You'll find a little extra in there baby." And he kissed her. Amanda put the envelope in her backpack and told them all goodbye. When Amanda got home she opened the Envelope and counted the money, there were ten one hundred dollar bills in it. Amanda was excited; she couldn't wait for her Mom to come home so she could give it to her.

When Andrea came home, she went straight to the kitchen and began making dinner. Amanda came in and sat at the table.


"Mom, I was a couple of hours late getting home today, I had to go to work." She said. "Work?" Andrea said smiling at her. "Yes Ma'am, I have a job." she said seriously.

" This is what I made today." and handed Andrea the envelope. Puzzled; Andrea opened the envelope, she couldn't believe her eyes. "Honey, where did you get this?" "I made a movie Mom, I think they call it a kiddy porn movie, it was fun." "God child you made more money in a couple of hours, than your Daddy and I make in a whole week, tell me all about this." Amanda told her all about her afternoon and every detail of the movie.

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"Where did you meet these people honey." "At the ice cream store, they were really nice to me." she said, but didn't elaborate.

"Mom could we get a dog now?" she asked. "You watched the tape huh." Andrea said smiling. "Yeah, and it was really neat. They're getting a dog for me to fuck next week." "You're going back next week?

"Yeah and I'm going to fuck a dog." She said excitedly. "I think I'll go with you next week." "You'll be working Mom." "I think I can get off my boss and I are pretty close, besides if your going to do a dog you'll need help. You have to know what you're doing, and I'm not sure those men know anything about it." Andrea explained.

That evening after Amanda came down and fucked her dad and went back upstairs to watch another tape, Jim and Andrea discussed what she was doing. They decided they would wait until Andrea went with her and saw exactly what was going on. After all a thousand bucks a week, was not to be sneezed at, and if the little slut was going to fuck everything that came along, she may as well help out the family while she was doing it.

Andrea was going to get her on the pill as soon as she could. "You know Jim, the same thing goes for me, I never thought of fucking for money, I always enjoyed it too much, I wouldn't want to be a whore, but making movies like she's doing would be fun, I'm going to try to get into that business myself." Jim thought for a moment.

" I think you should, you're much better looking than any of the sluts I've seen in fuck movies, and your already fucking around all the time anyway, I think you could do well in the porno business." A week later on Thursday morning Andrea stuffed several pairs of Jim's old socks and a roll of tape into her purse.

She had no trouble at all getting off early; She gave Bill an extra special blowjob just before she asked him. When she arrived at he warehouse. Amanda and Mr. Vince were waiting for her. Amanda introduced them. Vince was concerned when Amanda told him her mother was coming, but when she explained about her family he felt better. "Amanda, you didn't tell me your mom was so beautiful." He said.

"I thought you'd know, I got it from somewhere." Amanda giggled. Vince laughed and kissed her forehead. "Your right I should have known." "Amanda tells me you have a very close family, Andrea." He said as they walked up the stairs.

"Yes we do, Mr. Vince, were very open about sex." "Call me Vince, Amanda and My girlfriends daughter Annie are the only ones that call me Mr. Vince." "Annie's my friend Mom, I ate her pussy last week." "I'll say she did, I thought Annie was going to wake the dead, I never saw anything like it." Vince said laughing.

When they entered the studio Andrea was surprised, It was neat and clean and looked very expensive. The king size mattress Amanda told her about was gone and in it's place was a beautiful couch.

Amanda went into the dressing room to remove her clothes. "I really came to help her, It's better to have someone help when you fuck a dog. But I'm worried someone will recognize us.

I could get into all kinds of trouble if the law saw me helping my own daughter fuck a dog, do you have a mask of some kind." Andrea said. Vince laughed, "You have nothing to worry about, we don't distribute these tapes in this country, we have a very exclusive clientele in Europe.

Japan and Asia. We don't even keep a copy in this country, we send masters by private airplanes to about twenty locations, where they are copied and distributed.

I do however have a copy of last weeks take that I promised to Amanda, that is the only copy that will be in this country." Andrea felt better; she went into the dressing room and removed her clothes. When she came out the men all gawked at her. Amanda was seated on the couch with a big black dog dancing around in front of her. Vince introduced her to Jake and Denny the cameramen.

"I must say ma'am you have the most beautiful set of tits I've ever seen on a woman." Jake said. "Why thank you Jake, I appreciate that." She said smiling, and shook his hand. The dog came over and started licking Andrea's ass. "I think your tits are not the only thing that's beautiful, I would give my left arm and half of my right leg to be that dog right now." Denny said. "Why Denny you're sweet." She said and kissed his lips. Denny fell down on the floor with his legs kicking and his arms stiff, like he was having some kind of seizure.

Andrea laughed and laughed. Denny sat up and grinned sheepishly. "Ok you guys, time to go to work." Vince chimed in. "Wait we have to get the dog ready first." Andrea said. She got her purse and pulled out the socks and tape, put these socks on his paws and tape them on, that will keep her from being scratched." Amanda lay on the couch with the dog licking her pussy while her mother sucked his cock. She loved everything, she loved the dog licking her, and she loved his cock in her pussy pumping ninety miles an hour, She loved his knot when it entered her, she loved it when he filled her pussy with his cum and felt it running down the crack of her ass, she loved fucking dogs.

When it was all over and her mother licked her pussy clean, she just lay back and relaxed. Andrea went over to Vince.

"I think I want to get in to the porno business, do you have any advice for me." "I might be able to help you, we could make a screen test if you would like." Vince said smiling.

"I would love to. What do I do?" "Well, we have to have some kind of a plot; I think we could sit on the couch and you could seduce me, you could get my clothes off, then you could suck my cock a little, then you could fuck my brains out.

How's that for a plot?" "I think its great let's do it." When it was over, Vince staggered over and sat on his director's chair. Amanda crawled up onto her mothers lap.

"Mom, look at the bulges in Jake and Denny's pants. They're about to burst, let's fuck them." She whispered. "OK, but I get Denny." Andrea whispered back. They fucked them. Vince grabbed a camera and filmed the whole thing, Denny licked Andrea's ass without giving up an arm and a leg.

Vince promised to send the screen test to the top porno producers. And as they were leaving handed them each an envelope,[ "Vince, I really didn't expect to get paid, I just came along to make sure Mandy didn't get hurt." Andrea said, holding the envelope out, for him to take it back." Vince smiled at her and pushed her hand away "Listen baby, I'll make a fortune off the film you two made, imagine, a mother, daughter team that fucks a dog.

I believe I heard Mandy call you Mom six times, that makes it even more valuable." Vince pulled Andrea aside. "I want Amanda to come back every week, I want you and your husband to sign a contract with me, it will be for five years and it will state simply that I will have access to her three hours a week, and that I will pay you two thousand a week for the privilege, I intend to make her the biggest thing in the kiddy porn business, I'm going to make her a star.

I promise she will never be hurt, and she will never have to do anything she don't want to do." Andrea was speechless; she just nodded her head. After dinner on the following Monday, Amanda was fucking her Daddy as usual when the door bell rang, Andrea went to the door and Amanda ran up the stairs and waited at the top, to see who it was.

Jim covered his hard-on with his robe. Andrea was surprised to see Vince standing there when she opened the door. She brought him into the living room and was introducing him to Jim, then Amanda came dashing down the stairs and threw her naked body into his arms. Vince laughed and sat on the couch next to Jim still holding her. "I just came by with the contract, and to tell Andrea, that I've had several responses to her screen test, as a matter of fact everyone I sent it to responded.

The best one was Dave Barnes, I don't know if you've heard of him, but he's the biggest producer in the business." "Yes I've heard of him." Andrea said. "Yeah, he's the one with the big cock, I've seen him, he stars an a lot of his own movies." Jim added.

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"That's him, he wants to meet Andrea, I set it up for Thursday while were shooting Mandy. Is that going to be OK for you." Andrea told him she would be there.

Amanda crawled onto her daddy's lap and pulled his robe open, holding his hard cock straight up. "Speaking of big cock's Mr. Vince. What do you think of this?" "Good god man I think it's bigger then Barnes's. Andrea be sure to mention the size of Jim's cock when your talking to Barnes, I'm sure he will be interested in him too." Amanda lodged the head of her Daddy's cock in her pussy and slid down on it to his balls, and started bouncing up and down on it. Vince turned and looked at Andrea.

She shrugged her shoulders and smiled at him. "Oh my. What in heavens name shall we do, while their fucking?" she said with a sigh. Then she stood and took off her dress. By the time she removed her bra and panties Vince was out of his pants, she helped him remove his shirt.

After they fucked, Andrea made Vince a drink, and they sat and talked for a while. Vince brought out the contract and Jim and Andrea signed it. After Vince left and Amanda went to her room, Andrea and Jim talked, they were both excited about the prospects of both of them being in the movies.

On Thursday, Andrea arrived at the warehouse on time.

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When she entered the studio she recognized Dave Barnes immediately, Vince, Jake and Denny kissed her, and Vince introduced her to Barnes. There were three naked men; one of them black that was obviously there to fuck her daughter, Andrea envied her. She guessed Amanda to be in the dressing room. When Amanda came out she walked over to the men and stroked their cocks. She was particularly interested in the black man's cock, she bent over and took it in her mouth and gave it a short suck.

"I thought it might taste like chocolate, it don't, but I like it anyway." She said smiling at the man. The black man laughed and patted her ass. Barnes asked Andrea to go to the dressing room, so they could talk. Andrea was sure he wanted to do more than just talk, and she led the way. The dressing room was a big room; Vince had placed a mattress in one corner. Andrea made a mental note to thank him for it later. Without any hesitation and without a word spoken, she started removing her clothes.

When she was completely nude except for her heels, she walked around like a model. She knew he liked what he saw because his pants had a tremendous bulge in them she smiled.

"Aren't you going to fuck me Mr. Barnes." "Yes." he said, reaching out and putting his hands on her tits. Andrea helped him remove her clothes; his cock looked just the way it did in the movies. She got on the mattress on her knees and pulled his cock to her mouth.

He was surprised when she swallowed it; very few women had been able to do that. When they fucked he was surprised again, she fucked back with more enthusiasm than any woman he had ever fucked, even the horniest porn stars had never fucked him like that.

She obviously liked what she was doing. She surprised him a third time when he pulled his spent cock from her beautiful pussy and she started licking it and his balls clean. Barnes didn't say a word. He stood and began dressing, when they came out of the dressing room he led her to a small table in the corner of the room where he had left his briefcase.

Andrea noticed that Amanda was fucking the three men, she had the black man's cock buried in her throat. Barnes opened his briefcase and pulled out a contract. "This is our standard contract it has blanks to fill in for the amount of money and the length of the contract. My proposal is for you to make six movies; we'll make one movie a week for six weeks, I'll pay you Ten thousand per movie. Does that sound OK." Andrea almost fainted, but she quickly regained her composure.

"Yes, that sounds fine. When do we start?" she whispered, because he had been whispering. "The reason I'm making a six movie contract is because I don't know if you can act. If it turns out you can, I'll give you a long term contract with a lot more money." Andrea knew she could act, she was in a lot off plays in high school, her and Jim had played Romeo and Juliet. She was voted the girl most likely to become an actress.

Barnes filled in the blanks on the contract and he and Andrea signed it, he gave her a copy and returned his copy to his briefcase and closed it. "That was a wonderful fuck we had just now, I was a little surprised you could swallow the whole thing." "I'm used to a big cock, my husbands is a little bigger than yours." She whispered smiling. "Bigger?" "Yes, but not much, for all intents and purposes they are about the same size.

I think his might be a little longer and yours a little thicker. I enjoyed the fuck very much." "Don't be surprised if I call you sometimes I would love to have some more of that sweet pussy of yours." "I have an Idea, why don't you come for dinner tonight we could fuck some more, I want you to meet my husband, and I'm sure my daughter would love to try out your cock." "Your daughter?" "Yeah, that's her over there." "That's your daughter?" "Yes, she's a pretty little slut isn't she?" Dave watched Amanda swallowing the big black cock and the two others banging her pussy and asshole.

"I'll say, damn look at her go, I would love to fuck her." "You'll get your chance tonight if you come for dinner." "What about your husband?" "Yeah, well that's going to be a problem." "Is your husband jealous?" "No the problem is keeping Mandy off of his cock long enough for you to fuck her." Andrea giggled. Dave grinned and told her he would come. She gave him her address, and told him to be there at seven. They watched Amanda finish off the three men, then she came over and hugged her Mom.

Andrea introduced her to Dave. "Hey you're the one with the big cock, aren't you." "Yes Mandy I am." "Did you fuck him Mom?" "Yes baby I did." "Is it as big as Daddy's?" "Almost, I guess about the same." "Oh wow, can I fuck him Mom?" "He's coming to dinner tonight, mainly just to fuck you." "Oh goodie!" She said clapping her hands and running to the dressing room.

While they were waiting Andrea wanted to prepare Dave for what was surely to happen after dinner that evening. "Listen Dave, I don't want you to be too shocked tonight by what might happen, my family is pretty open about sex and nudity. Amanda will jump in your lap and fuck you in a crowded room, she might be the most uninhibited little girl in the world, so don't be surprised at anything she does." While she was dressing Amanda had an idea.

When she came out of the dressing room she ran over to Vince, she hugged and kissed him then whispered in his ear. "I'll drink piss too, Mr. Vince. Could you make a movie about that?" Vince picked her up and swung her around. "I'm sure I can you little slut, God I love you." That evening when Jim came home, Andrea was waiting for him; she was so excited she could hardly contain herself.

She showed him the contract, and he became excited too, when he heard about Dave coming for dinner he became very excited. Andrea called the whole family together. "Everyone knows Mr. Barnes will be here in a few minutes for dinner.

The main reason he's coming is to fuck Mandy and I, so don't do anything different than you always do. I want him to see our family like it is when he's not here. If any of you can think of a sexy way to surprise him, do it." Dave arrived promptly at seven. After dinner Timmy left to get Carol, saying they were going for a walk and would be back later.

Amanda and Jim went upstairs to change and Andrea and Dave went into the living room. Jim came down in his robe and sat on the couch next to Dave. Amanda came down as naked as a plucked chicken.

She crawled into Dave's lap and kissed him. "Can we fuck now Mr. Dave? I want to suck your big Cock then fuck it." she said. She helped Dave remove his pants, his cock was already hard, Amanda went to her knees between his legs and put his cock down her throat, Dave groaned.

She stroked it in and out of her throat a few times, then she climbed on his lap and slid her pussy down on it to his balls, she began to bounce up and down on it. Andrea pulled Jim's robe open, being sure Dave saw Jim's cock, before she took it in her mouth. When Jim came she opened her mouth and showed Dave his cum before she swallowed it.

When Dave came Amanda rolled off of his cock and cleaned it with her tongue. While Amanda cleaned Dave's cock, Andrea licked the cum from her little pussy. "I'm going to fuck Daddy now, Mom." Amanda said, and crawled over Dave to her Daddy's lap." Dave was surprised to see that Jim's cock was just as hard as ever. "Does he always stay hard like this?" he asked Andrea.

"Yes, always for the second time, sometimes he can go three or four times before it gets soft." "Do you think he could get it up in a room full of people?" "He does it all the time." Andrea told him about the orgies they went too. After Amanda finished fucking her dad, and finished cleaning his cock, she cuddled up on Dave's lap and wiggled her ass on his soft cock. "Jim would you be interested in making porno movies?

Dave asked. "Yes as a matter of fact, I would." "Why don't you come down to my studio tomorrow for a screen test. If you work out I'll give you a contract like Andrea's." "I'll be there." Jim said smiling. Dave fucked Amanda again; later Andrea was sitting on his cock as he lay on the floor, when Timmy and Carol came in. She introduced him to Carol without missing a stroke. The kids went upstairs together, as if nothing had happened. After Dave left and Amanda went to bed, Jim and Andrea, talked about what they were going to do with all of the money they were going to get.

The next morning after her and Bill fucked, Andrea told him she was quitting. At first he was upset, but when she told him she would come by two or three times a week and make love to him he felt better Andrea got home before the kid's were out of school and Jim came in shortly after that, with a big smile on his face and a contract in his hand. They jumped up and down and danced around the kitchen. Andrea wanted to hear all about his screen test. "When I got there, there must have been about twelve people, setting up camera's and getting thing's ready.

There were two women naked on a bed, I recognized them both, I've seen them in fuck movies before, they're not big stars, but they appear in a lot of movies in supporting roles. I was very nervous, Dave introduced me to the two women, and they started filming. By the time the two women got my clothes off and started talking to each other about my cock, I felt better, and my cock got harder than its been in a long time.

I was supposed to fuck both the women and come on their faces. I fucked them one at a time and shot a big load on each of them. When they saw my cock was still hard they took turns sucking it until I shot another load on both of their faces. That's when they stopped filming, Dave was very excited, he didn't say much but he had the contract ready before I knew it.

The two women I fucked were hanging all over me; they both gave me their phone numbers and told me to call them anytime. Dave told me he usually didn't pay new performers, the kind of money he was paying us, and that the bigger stars earned fifteen thousand per movie.


He said he was taking a chance on us because he felt we were going to be two of the biggest stars in the business." Andrea was ecstatic, she called Jerry and Cindy and ask them to come to celebrate with them.

It turned out that Andrea and Jim were both very good at acting, and their first six movies were hits. They didn't make a movie together because, Dave didn't like for husbands and wives to appear in a movie together. At the end of six weeks they signed a new five-year contract, they were to get fifteen thousand per movie with a minimum of twenty movies per year. They had another celebration. At the end of their first year Andrea had made twenty-six movies and Jim twenty-four.

About a year after they signed the first contract with Vince, he showed up at their door one evening. They weren't surprised to see him because he often stopped by to join in their after dinner games. But this time he said he was there on business. Amanda came down just as he was sitting down, she went over and kissed him.

Vince pulled her onto his lap and held her. "I have to talk to your Mom and Dad sweetie, so just cuddle with me for a while." "OK Mr. Vince." She said and put her face in his neck. "I have to tell you what's happened with you daughters tapes. It's really unbelievable; she's become one of the biggest stars there is in Europe, Asia and Japan, the demand for her tapes are ten times what any of the other tapes I've ever made.

I think she is the first to become a kiddy porn star, at least I've never heard of one. She even has fan clubs in all of those places. I'm making a fortune off of her. Normally we don't use children older than twelve, but in her case since she has such a following she will last a lot longer. I want to tear up the old contract and make a new one that will go to her sixteenth birthday. The big porn producers will be after her by then, I'm sure Dave will pay her handsomely.

I feel a little guilty about paying her two thousand per tape, I want her to have a percentage, I want her to have ten percent of the take from every thing she does. That should amount to between eight and ten thousand per tape. I know you two have been putting her money in your bank account, and with the amounts your making its pretty well covered. When you start depositing the amounts were talking about, the feds are going to be down on you quick.

You should open her a Swiss bank account and mail the money every week. By the time she's sixteen she'll be filthy rich, and won't really need a job.

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I'm sure she'll continue working, because she loves to be filmed fucking. You both know how much I love her, and I want to do right by her." "I love you too Mr. Vince." Amanda said and kissed him. Vince pulled the contract from his coat pocket and handed it to Jim.

After Jim and Andrea signed the contract, the four of them just enjoyed one and other. Jim and Andrea bought the old house from his friend and hired a contractor that quickly restored it to its original condition. At thirteen Amanda was as beautiful as her mother.

She had large firm breast and a figure that would stop traffic. One day while filming Vince's son Mike, stopped by to see his father, Amanda hadn't seen him since that day in the Ice cream store when he and Vince fucked her. When he saw Amanda he just stared at her naked body, he watched the filming and when she came out of the dressing room, he introduced himself.

"I know who you are, we've met before." She said. "We have? When was that?" "You and your dad fucked me in the back room of the ice cream store.

Remember? "You're that little girl? Of course I remember, you've changed quite a bit since then. I didn't recognize you." "Do you like how I've changed?" "Yes very much, I was wondering if I could drive you home." "Sure you can, but only on one condition." She giggled.

"What's the condition." "When we get to my house you have to come in and fuck me." she said. When they got to her house, she introduced him to Andrea and Jim; then she pulled him upstairs to her room. After they fucked, she asked him to stay for dinner. After dinner, Amanda went upstairs and left him seated on the couch next to Andrea, Jim came down wearing a robe and sat next to him.

Then Amanda came down wearing nothing and crawled on to her Daddy's lap and started fucking him. Mike couldn't believe his eyes, Then Andrea started rubbing his cock through his pants, before he knew what was happening he found himself on the floor with Andrea riding up and down his on hard cock. Mike spent the night in Amanda's bed. Amanda and Mike were in love, they were inseparable; Vince was really happy with the situation, and even though he was seven years older than her.

Andrea and Jim gave their blessing. Andrea and Jim were quite famous, people often came up to them and ask for an autograph. Once when Jim was sitting in a restaurant, having a cup of coffee, three young ladies, Jim guessed them to be in their early twenty's, came up to him and ask for an autograph.

They didn't offer him anything to sign. "What do you want me to sign?" he asked, puzzled. "I want you to take that big white pen of yours that shoots that white ink, and sign way up in my cunt." The first girl said. "I want you to use it to sign deep in my throat." Said another.

"And I want you to sign as deep in my ass as you can." The last girl said with a giggle. Jim took them to a motel and gave them their autographs. When Timmy and Carol graduated from high school, they were married. Carol wanted to spend their wedding night in Timmy's bed, where they had enjoyed each other for so many years. Later that evening when they were having their little family orgy, Amanda was fucking her Dad and Andrea was sucking Mike's cock.

Timmy and Carol came down the stairs nude and joined them; this was Carol's first time, and Jim fucked her for the first time. When they finished fucking, she hugged Jim's neck and kissed him. "I love your big cock Dad, you can bet I'll be back plenty of times for more of that." She said smiling. The next day they left for a honeymoon in Europe, the trip was a wedding present from Andrea and Jim. Shortly after they returned, they left for college; they came home often and were always at the family evening parties when they were home.

When Amanda was sixteen, her popularity was still so high, that Vince had them sign another contract, which would expire on her eighteenth birthday. At eighteen she had several million dollars in her Swiss bank account, but she still signed a contract with Dave, within a year she was an even bigger star than her mother.

When she was twenty her and Mike were married. Janie was her maid of honor. They had a big wedding and after the reception, they had a private party at home, Carol and Timmy, aunt Cindy and uncle Jerry were there, Janie, Greg, Marty, Marsha and Polly were also there.

They invited many of their co-workers, this was Amanda's first big orgy, to start thing off, her Daddy, Mr. Vince and Dave fucked her on the coffee table. All three of them fucked her at once, because that was still her favorite thing. The End.