Black man gets his concupiscent rod rubbed and stroked

Black man gets his concupiscent rod rubbed and stroked
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-*WARNING! There is vore involved in this piece of literature. Please read at your own caution!* And now, enjoy- * "Lana!" A masculine voice called out in the worn down, aging control center belonging to a middle aged, gray bearded and balding man with a more presentable attire of old war veteran.

Various rusting medals of wars long past rested on his chest, with badges representing a title that used to have meaning. The jagged scar crossing his jaw and left cheek and the crow's feet adorning his once handsome features spoke of only foreboding and grimace.

"Yes sir!" Came Lana, a beautiful blonde haired freedom fighter that jogged across the expanse of the metalic, aging floor plates. Her exuberant attitude was only a match for her incredibly endowed cleavage, as it stretched her worn and oil-stained white shirt, which was near the edge of breaking and revealing more than necessary.

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As a personal precaution, she always made sure to unbutton several buttons to allow "breathing" room, which unfortunately for the rest of the male staff, showed the tops and dividing line of her cleavage. The aging military commander gave a raised brow, as he humored her by asking, "Do you need another size larger, soldier?" "Not at all sir," Lana gave a cute, know-it-all smirk with her succulent pink limps on her strong jaw and plump cheeks, emphasizing by propping her hands on her curvy, toned hips that were only covered by incredibly short jean shorts.

"I'm actually quite comfortable in this attire." "Yes well, with myself as an exception I think most of the men in this operation are quite," he made a once over across the control room, scowling at a couple of young rookies who were caught looking a little too long before looking back tiredly at Lana, "distracted." "I really think its more of their problem controlling their natural urges, with all due respect, Sir," Lana retorted, shuffling her white soot covered tennis shoes with just as grimy socks fit into them.

"Don't make it sound like its entirely their fault, Lana," the Commander sighed, before rubbing his eyes tiredly, his rough calloused hands felt almost comforting to himself trying to argue about uniform ethics. "Honestly sir," Lana crossed her arms across her hourglass waist, her navel and lower back exposed due to the nature of her upper torso's garments, "what did you call me here for?

I know it wasn't for reprimanding me for my choice of clothes." "Yes well, I did want you to do something for me," the Commander nodded, waving her over to a monitor with various controls and switches, but more specifically a beige colored keyboard resided in front of it, "nearly several hours ago, we sent some men to do some regular patrols to check on the perimeter locks and ventilation systems, mundane routine inspection at best.

However while we sent three men in, one of them disappeared-" "And naturally you picked me to go find his sorry ass, right?" Lana picked up on where the Commander was telling her.

She visually saw three ordinary men dressed in ragtag combat clothes with bandoleers stocked with ammo, grenades and the like. Despite how wet behind the ears their maneuvers and mannerisms were, they looked like they could handle any unknown threat with ease.

"Blunt, but yes, Lana," the Commander fast-forwarded all the footage to the point when they were leaving the area to make their reports. Only two of them exited the area and met back at the lobby, with the last one left behind in a dark series of corridors and what looked to be near a meat locker, "one of our rookies, Daniel Weathers, went MIA within the corridors on the Northeast area of this base, near the freezers.

Despite how much we regulate this base, every once in awhile we do get infestations, potential saboteurs, and other possible threats, so just-" "Keep my guard up, I know," Lana sighed as she raised herself up from the console, stretching her back int a almost U-shape as her breasts bobbed and jiggled underneath her stretched near transparent shirt, before standing at attention, "I'll haul his ass back and kill anything that might be chewing on his boots." The commander gave a crisp salute, to which she returned dutifully, before giving her a nod, saying, "Good hunting and Godspeed." _ BLAM!


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BLAM! "Dammit, Weathers!" Lana growled as she finished pumping several rounds into something that looked like a rat, though she couldn't be sure, that was just about to bite her foot off if it wasn't for her quick reflexes, "you're really slacking if you missed all this crap and vermin lying around!" She huffed, walking forward with her handgun primed and ready to shoot anything else that wasn't whimpering or human.

Her chest bobbed with each step she took as she turned her blonde locks with her gaze from left to right as she entered a dark section of the corridors. With barely any light save for some flickering halogen bulbs that had been smashed long since before the inspection, Lana believed that Daniel must've fallen into a hole or something with how bad the lighting was. "Ugh!" She placed a free hand onto her nose, covering her nostrils as best as she could as a noticeable stench crossed between rotten flesh, curdled milk, and surprisingly sweet fruit which made her immediately think of fruit cakes, causing her to gag.

The stench seemed to be pretty common in the deserted corridors, as stains and vermin were found almost every other 3 meters. She almost regretted not bringing a flamethrower or something that would burn all the crap she saw around her.

This continued for the next 20 minutes as she combed the dark corridors, her chest jiggling with her suave, confident steps as her voluptuous curvy hips moved in sync with her well defined and toned hourglass waist. Every time she encountered another mutated pest or fungi, her gun rounds briefly illuminated the dark corridors with flashes of blue and red light as gore sprayed over the floors, walls, and even ceiling.

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With each pull of the trigger, her large cleavage bounced within the recoil of her high caliber handgun. However, Lana still saw no sign of Daniel Weathers or any sign of him leaving or being eaten by something.

As she closed towards the meat locker, she then began smelling a.strangely enticing scent altogether. As she saw what looked like a separately dim-lit corridor head past the perimeter, she caught whiff of the scent again, and felt almost unknowingly pulled in the direction of the mysterious corridor. As she stepped warily through the corridor, she suddenly saw what looked like a shoe left behind on the floor, just beyond a open storage compound.

She bent down and began scaling it with her smooth hands, briefly picking up a web-like sticky residue that had a slimy texture to it.

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It was warm to the touch and made her hand tingle strangely, feeling herself breathe in and out the eery air that had slowly become intoxicating within the corridor's exit. She shook her head, snapping out of her reverie briefly before wiping the webbing onto her shirt, staining it indefinitely making her swear lowly to herself. "Weathers, I swear I'll make you clean this with your tongue once I pull you out of whatever crap you fell into!" She raised her gun, flicking on the blue-tinted flashlight as she began sweeping the area for her missing comrade.

Each of the boxes were about 5 meters by 4 meters in length and diameter, all of them metallic and rusted over years of abandonment and aging. Most of them had weird Bio-hazard symbols on them, the words spelled in foreign languages long forgotten, so any warnings that would've alerted her to the approaching danger would've been without merit.

She walked towards what looked like the center of the storage compound, finding what looked like Daniel Weather's uniform and backpack. Strangely enough she also happened to find his- "-Damn underwear?!" She swore slightly, not wanting to embarrass herself inside the vast room as she realized that nearly all of his clothes were purposely and consensually stripped off, along with signs of sticky resin that looked the same as the shoe from earlier.

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As she felt the residue web around her hands again, she felt an even stronger tingling, that traveled up her arms and into her brain. This caused a slight dulling of her awareness and discernment within her cognitive functions. Her eyes became less dilated and more hazy, her cheeks began to take a rosy color as the rest of her body.

Almost robotically responding to these new hormonal changes, she began grasping at her large breasts over top her nigh transparent. "W-Why.does this feel so good.on my skin?" She asked herself aloud, squeezing her breasts through her now transparent white shirt, giving the impression of a pair of large marshmallows as she squeezed and kneaded them, the residue seemingly spreading and dissolving her shirt in the process.


All she knew as she kept massaging her cleavage is that she wanted more, and that her gear along with her garments, were in the way! In an effort to relieve her sexually alleviated self, she tore off the dissolving shirt with one go, tossing her bandoleer and weapons aside as she began to strip right in the unusually warm storage depot, even undoing the braid to let her long blonde hair cascade across her back and shoulders.

She then went on a quest for more of the aphrodisiac resin, finding small splotches of it here and there before she suddenly found a steep puddle of it. It wasn't as webbed up past the surface, as it felt like electric, warm slime while when spread out it took on the composition of a glue-type webbing, though had no problem to spread around and stretch.

She dipped her hand into the transparent resin, lifting her hand out as she attempted to ball her fist to hold it. However as she did gather a glop handful, the surface of the resin stretched in a almost alien-like webbing along with her hand. Giggling almost drunkenly from the unusually "hot" air and sensations already traveling through her body from the earlier taste test of the residue, she was ready for a full on oil bath with this stuff. She then risque lathered the majority of it on her rather large breasts, slathering it and smoothing it out.

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After just a few hand strokes, her cleavage took on a glistening, wet, and sticky appearance as little strands of webbing connected each other across her chest and dripped downwards. The feelings emitted from this were.staggering to Lana. She almost fell flat onto her butt ox from how hot her body was feeling, her labia already leaking juices and moistened her vagina as she felt extremely worked up. She laid down onto her back, the slick floor also emitting a strange heat as she began kneading and rubbing her hands across her breasts, squeezing her nipples which caused her to moan loudly, echoing throughout the vast seemingly empty chamber.

"T-T-This fe-feels so good," she panted and heaved heavily as she dipped her feet and legs into the puddle, the warm feelings heightened even higher than before, making her slide the sticky resin hands down her navel, rubbing it in circles before delightfully accessing her soaking wet slit.

She began to usher a thin glob onto it, sliding it in and around her labia. "Uwah, ah ah.AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMAGAAAAAAAAAWD!"At that moment, she felt an electrifying sensation so incredible, that anything she used to call an orgasm would've been abysmal in comparison.

Her eyes rolled to the back of her head, her back arched upwards into a bow, and she moaned loudly as she cummed her juices all over her hand, slit, and onto the pool of resin.


As she fell back onto the floor, her whole body was noticeably flushed and covered with the thick goo webbing, becoming surprisingly sticky and held her fast to the floor. She tried to move, but her euphoric state didn't allow her to feel panic like she should've been or urgency to move.

No.her afterglow was so intense, it felt like she was still having an orgasm. "I don't want to move anywhere," she muttered unintelligibly, Lana was ignorant to the slight dripping that had begun around her body, that came directly above her. As she heard the splashes of resin land around her, her eyes hazily opened and began to focus on some kind of growth on the ceiling, previously hidden in the dark and unregistered eyes.

It was very vast in diameter as it encompassed almost the entirety of the storage depot's ceiling, having what looked like a rosy pink and peach coloration across its body. Its appearance looked like a hybrid of a plant and a human internal organ, as it breathed noticeably with every convulsing pulse across its slimy, thick body.

At the center of it, a small inwardly curved and wrinkled hole, presumably where the head or mouth resided, but now had protruded like an erection above her. The now unmistakeably large mouth opened up like a flower, sticky resin continued to rained down onto Lana and around her body as well as stretch from each "petal" of its mouth, burbling over top of her.

As her eyes widened from the sight she was taking in, she now urgently tried to free herself both from the unnervingly sticky and warm residue that's glued her effectively to the floor as well as limit her movements. That, and the mind-numbing haze that's halved her effectiveness of resistance, as her euphoric state kept her enthralled with the residual orgasm she was still riding on.

"I-I go-gotta.move," she began to forcefully utter out, as she peeled an arm off her belly and chest, followed by a thick amount of webbing produced by the thick goop she lathered across her body. It was the same all over, as every way she turned or moved, thick strands of webbing would follow, disallowing her to move from the spot directly beneath the slathering maw of the giant flesh-plant/fungus above her.

As she began to lose hope, something else began to descend from the pulsating, burbling flower. A dark red, knotted rope or a tongue of sorts began to slide down at a fairly rapid pace towards her.

Lana knew from her time in enviro-combat simulations that the plant was going to use the tongue/rope as a tether before hauling her up, towards its mouth. It didn't take a genius to figure out the true intentions of the monstrosity above her, as she quickly tried to renew her struggle.

Unfortunately, her current state of mind and her body disallowed her to prevent the goop covered, tongue reached her midriff. Gasping and breathing in soft pants, she felt a renewal of arousal as the tongue began to lather more copious amounts of resin on her chest and abdomen, causing her to practically glow inside with euphoric bliss.

"Mmmmmmmmm," she mewled before the tongue briefly slid around each breast, alternating with soft to hard squeezes, making her blush hotly and moan outwards, "fuuuuck!

Nnngh! I.mnh! Don't care.uhf! If you're going to.ha! Eat me.mmm! Just.nmgh! Don't stop! AHHH!" As the tongue began lovemaking with her body, properly soaking her the thick confides of the arousing resin and goo, it moved down and began to slide, grind, and tease her labia and clit.

This made her raise her now inhumanly webbed and slime lathered limbs up halfway, her face was one of the few things that wasn't so lathered as she let out a loud moan, "Oooooooh! Ahhhhhh! Fuck me! Mmmm!" She began writhing within her gooey prison, praying to whatever god or saint that had blessed her with this godly creature to continue pleasuring her more.

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Almost as if it read her mind, the tongue withdrew from the sticky, lathered pussy, before plunging its thick, knotted body into her pussy. This act alone of feeling something so large and encompassing would've knocked the breath out of her, but combined with the thoroughly lubed tongue of incredibly arousing goo on it, she began to howl and moan loudly with ecstasy. "Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!" Within moments, her pussy constricted as tightly as she thought possibly around her lover's prehensile appendage, cumming on and around it. As her labia sent the taste of her pussy's juices onto the tongue, causing a ominous burble and moan up above from the plant.

Collapsing back in another long-going afterglow of the euphoric bliss yet again, she post-coital felt depressed as the tongue slowly withdrew from her pussy, hoping it would keep going at it. However, the lube it used or rather slathered inside her seemed to churn within her belly and tunnel, leaking only slightly and letting it web up inside her. It felt almost too much as the warm goo webbing within her kept her body hot and warm, her pussy barely leaked anything from her last orgasm.

She suddenly saw the knotted tongue slowly slide around her hourglass waist, her numbed mind unable to comprehend what was happening as she reveled within the joyous ecstasy she was feeling. As the knotted tongue made its fourth pass around her waist, she was effectively cradled within the caress of the tongue of her lover, slowly raising her up from her bodily webbed cradle. As it pulled her up, the webbing extended along with her back, surprisingly dissolving after she was lifted up a couple meters up, leaving the outline her body made on the floor as well as a little hair unbeknownst to her.

As she rose three meters in her horizontal position, her glistening goo-webbed body shined from some of the reflective cargo canister material, giving her a almost erotic and appealing sight, as the beautiful woman was tethered upwards. The tongue did something incredible she didn't expect, as much as she could expect in her mind-numbed incapacitated state. The tongue's edge curled around, raising up like a snake before plunging onto her navel. Lana's eyes opened with a hazy look to them, moaning as she felt something penetrate her navel and enter her womb and stomach, further spewing what felt like warm liquid within her.

This continued to churn her, and her stomach began to expand and further up send the liquid up her throat in a delightful feel of ecstasy, rushing out her mouth and lips, the sticky resin began to web around her mouth and jaw, leaving only her nose for breathing. The hungry maw of the slick, glistening flesh-like plant continued to rain down spittle, and it began to further slather onto her the closer she approached it.

As she felt herself penetrated in the most intimate delightful way while churning and gurgling with the fluids that made her feel like fucking all she could, she absentmindedly noticed she was nearly a few meters away from the flower-like mouth.

She could hear it breathing, burbling and gurgling in almost the same manner as she did as she approached it inevitably. "Nnnnnngh," was the only thing she could mutter through her constant burbling of the sticky, webbed fluids flowing through and out delightfully her body, her previously tanned and fair complexion now turned to a rosy pink and red complexion as well as a shiny wet slathered and webbed appearance.

Aside the unusual protrusion cradling and tethering her upwards, she looked incredibly erotic writhing within her webbed and tongue-slathered confines. When she was merely a meter away, the pink mist breath that had caught her off guard from the beginning was now intoxicating, causing her eyes to become even more hazy and rolled up to the back of her head. With the belly fucking and warm fluids flowing throughout, she felt like she could have another orgasm before even being swallowed.

She suddenly felt the tongue rocking her body to a more vertical position, the fluids remained intact and dripped only slightly off as the tongue continued to pump in and out of her navel, as she continued to burble out liquid while only the whites of her eyes were visible.

The flower's tongue then pulled her once, then twice until her blonde haired head got caught on a incredibly tight, yet wonderfully comfortable flesh-like tunnel to what she could only guess was the throat of the creature. The tongue didn't even need to pull anymore, as she felt it grab a hold of her head and squeeze her body with convulsions that made it feel like the most erotic massage of her life.

As wet glistening flesh rolled up, down, and around her body, she was pulled up and further into the throat of her lover. Her breasts mashed incredibly tight against her chest, but somehow managed to fit through and her hourglass waist only made it easier to access her voluptuous hips and ass.

Soon, her legs began to disappear into the folds of the maw, as the "petals" slowly closed over and withdrew back into the mass of flesh it had protruded from, the throat continued to swallow Lana further into the flesh body towards its destination. All Lana could feel within her numbed mind was the amazing ecstasy, hot sensations brimming underneath her skin, the slime slathering and massaging both on the surface of her body and inside her, continually causing her to spew and gurgle the web resin.

While all this was transpiring, she had a faint pink glow emanating from her eyes and a numbed smile spread across her open mouthed face. She felt totally surrendered to the beast as she rode it all the way up.

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Mysteriously the throat led her to a vast goo-slathered tissue opening, that expanded above the ceiling. The throat was a tube that had protruded into the "floor" of the massive cavern out the maw.

It then would place its "meal" into a opened flower, and then the petals would enclose around it before retreating into the walls and ceiling of the tissue-covered cavern. That is what happened to Lana. As she was suddenly expelled from the floor of the stomach, she was then tethered by the tongue once more onto a open wide flower, which quickly wrapped her thin tendrils that latched onto her breasts, nipples, ears, ass and anus, clit and vagina, even her mouth was probed and kissed, as the thick "tongue" detached from her navel, only to let several more tendrils penetrate it and feed more goo into it.

She moaned and gurgled as the flower's petals wrapped comfortably around her, and she slowly sunk with it into the flesh cavern, surrendering to eternal bliss and eventual absorption of the creature.

'The Commander is going to be sooooo pissed when he finds out,' she humorously thought as she let herself surrender to the sensations altogether and close her mind off to the outside world. That was the last of Lana as we knew her, though it wouldn't be the end of her new life, surrendered into total ecstasy and pleasure.

She couldn't ask for a better way to go. To be continued.