Jerking you off in these knee highs is so hot JOI

Jerking you off in these knee highs is so hot JOI
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Sarah walked into second period band like any other day but today she had a mission. Only the three percussionists were in there but more students were coming in. Sarah walked over to the three drummers and said hi. There were mumble hi's back. Then as Sarah wanted to do today, she slid her hand into Caleb's back pocket. He was a little surprised and shot a quick glance as her but she returned the glance with a seductive look. He knew what she wanted.

The other drummers had gone back to do whatever they wanted. Sarah and Caleb walked over to the band room door on one side and locked the door.

They began to push people out of the other door on the opposite side. She locked the door when everyone was out. Then they started to pile instrument cases on the doors to look like they were locked in. After that was done, she turned to him took two steps and kissed him possessively on the lips. He returned his side of the lip-lock. Against his lips, she whispered "Take it off" Tugging at his shirt. He quickly threw it off. She was a little mesmerized by his abs.

She kissed him again. They began to lean toward floor. He layed down first and she was on top of him. He already had kicked off his shoes and socks; she had done the same. She took her shirt off to reveal her cami that was underneath. Since they were vamps, they could hear each other's blood pump through their veins.

She kept kissing him. Then she moved down to kiss him neck. He let a small moan go in reply. She looked in his eyes, they were spirit intertwined.

He nodded because he saw the question in her eyes. She began to move down to kiss his pecks. He liked this. She took her fingernail and made a small cut on his upper chest. A small scarlet line began to appear. They knew that this would be a sensational pleasure maker. They had read it in the fledging handbook. She began to lick the cut she had made.

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He began to moan very seductively. He started to take her cami off. Well her boobs were kind of small but they were boobs so he didn't argue. He started sit up; she knew what he wanted now. He unzipped his jeans and pulled them down just under his dick. Through his striped boxers, she saw his boner as hard as a rock. She took her chance and got his dick through that hole in his boxers.

She took his dick and wrapped her mouth around it. He leaned back against the wall; the pleasure was trembling through his body. After she got him ready for what was to come, he took his jeans and boxers off and she took her shorts and panties off.

He layed back down on the floor. She layed on top again and started to take his dick into her. She began to bounce up and down. He moaned even louder than before. Her moans were in time with his.

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He moved his hips to intense her pleasure. They got up with, him still inside her, and stood up. He was rocking his hips, in and out. In and out. She backed him against the wall.

Now she could show him what she could do. He just leaned his head back and moaned. She was doing all the work now. He could tell she was doing the stop-start move she had learned about. Right before he came, she would stop till he could hold himself back, then would start again.

When he wanted to come, he took her hips and gently thrusted in and out. And he gently came to climax. When his breath deepened, she knew he had came. He pulled out and layed on the chilled floor again. She layed to the side of him, resting her head under his neck. Her finger was tracing little circles on his abs.

After they covered up the evidence, they unlocked the door and came out. All the sixth graders stared at them as they left. They walked down the hallway when she slid her hand in his back pocket again and he did the same to her. They had reached Sarah's fourth period class.

She kissed him and he walked on to go to his fourth period class. Weird glances were passed as she entered the class room. She had to talk her way out of being late, which worked thankfully. There was only five minutes left in class. She was amazed that Caleb had lasted that long with all the foreplay and everything.

After fourth was done with, she met up with Caleb again. They were just talking while heading to lunch or so it seemed. They were making more plans. About five minutes into lunch, both of them got a pass and left to go the bathroom.

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Then they met up and quickly headed to the girls' locker room. She had made sure no one would be the gym so Caleb could slip into the locker room.

She went into the locker room to make sure no students or teachers were in there. She returned and grabbed his hand to pull him in the room.

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He followed with a cocky grin on his face. They quickly ducked in the shower part of the locker room. They found a spacious room and went in. They began with the kissing again. All the passion was in that kiss. He flipped his shirt off and brought his jeans and boxers just below his dick like he had done before. She pulled off her shorts and panties. She looked at him and she whisper asked if she should take off her shirt.

He said no. The kissing resumed again.

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Neck kissing began. Small moans replied the kisses. She stood on the small bench that was in the small shower area that they claimed and propped one leg on the wall, revealing herself to him.


He took one leg and propped it up on the bench she was standing on and pushed himself into her. Muffled moans came from her as his dick slid in and out. She tried to not be loud so the moans of pleasure sounded like whimpers.

He pumped harder and harder. She almost let out the biggest moan but suppressed it.


This time they only had a short time. They quickly changed positions to doggy style. He grabbed her hips and pumped more and more. He came faster this time she guessed because they only had a few minutes. She felt him go rigid and she knew he had come. She leaned back so the curves of her body met his. A few kisses later, they had gotten their clothes back on and fixed their hair. They walked out she went first, Caleb followed but at a distance so no one would suspect anything.

The rest of the school day was boring because they had no more classes together. As she got home, her phone had rung. It was Caleb. Strangely, he asked for her address. So she told him thinking nothing of it. She also told him she was getting tired because he had worn her out today and needed a nap.

They stopped their conversation as she fell asleep.

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She didn't dream. She awoke a few hours later to the noise of small rocks tapping against the window in her room. With his cocky grin, Caleb was standing on her driveway waving up as she looked out the window. He climbed through the window with his vamp skill. She kissed him and was wondering why he was here. He said that when he asked for her address he wanted to come over and tired her out some more.

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He told his parents he was staying over at his friends house and would be back tomorrow after school. She was still a little sore from earlier in the day. He looked at her with that cocky grin of his and told her he would be gentle. They undressed and slid under her fluffiest blanket. She had locked the door just in case her mom came home early.

He took his dick that was already hard and pressed it into her. They watched TV as they were spooning. He only made small movements.

And they gently fell asleep like this. They woke up to the sound of her alarm. Both of them got dressed and slid out the door.


Careful not to wake up her mom who still didn't know he was here. They walked up the road that she lived on. They did their signature hand-in-the-back-pocket walk. They sat up at the top of the hill waiting for the bus and they just talked.

After they got to school, they made their relationship public. He was now boyfriend and she was now girlfriend, nothing more nothing less. They still had their little sex sessions between and in classes through out the year.