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Jesse Adams in vintage porn clip
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It was supposed to be a trip home that would make me forget. All we had to do was drive home from Seattle where we attended college at the University of Washington. It was around a 4 hour drive that had a few detours thanks to the storm that had just passed through. My best friend Lily was accompanying me on this trip. She had been my greatest confidant and I needed her here to help me through all the shit I was about to go through. I had to explain to my parents why I was suddenly single from a man I had been dating for years.

They thought of him as their son already. Unfortunately he couldn't accept my wishes to stay a virgin until we were married, so he left me. Lily knew everything and was there for me through it all. She was a little crazy and man hungrybut understood my need to keep that part of me. More cock for her I guess. Lily grew up in the city away from all the country life. She was tan, blue eyed, long blonde hair and a body to kill for. We were polar opposites actually.

I was average 5'5 with long brown hair and brown eyes. Lily always said she was raised in the city and always refused to come home with me, but she's the one who actually requested to come to the little mountain town, away from civilization this time.

She was my defense team of sorts. We had been traveling for some time now, and it was getting darker out. Lily wasn't the best driver, but honestly, I was too tired to care. As soon as I drifted off to sleep I heard a thump sound and then screeching breaks. Then all was silent. I awoke to Lily moaning and groaning. Opening my eyes I saw It was still dark out and raining like crazy.

I couldn't have been out for more than a few minutes. Lily gentle shook me out of my inner ramblings, she looked fine, besides a bruise on her forehead. "You're bleeding" she said shakily, pointing to my forehead. I put my hand up and immediately felt the sting "Ow.shit that hurts" I whispered. It was a small cut but it was there none the less. We both exited the car to do see the damage.

It wasn't that bad, just a few dings in the exterior. Unfortunately we had 2 flat tires. We weren't going anywhere tonight. "You're freezing Jess" Lily remarked before pulling me along the road into the darkness that surrounded us. "Where are we going? We need to wait for the police." My mind was finally catching up to the severity of the situation. I didn't have a cell, an Lily's phone had died 2 hours into the trip.

Blonde remember? "Look Jess, We haven't seen a car since the accident, nor has there been one for the past hour before it." She was right, like always. We needed to find shelter and warmth before we got sick. We walked for awhile before coming across anything that could help us. It was a rusted old mailbox, nothing anyone would have seen had they not been looking for help.

It seemed the house was buried deep in the woods, so it would be a long walk. "Do you think this is a good idea? What if they are axe murderers?" I complained. I didn't want to die, nor did I want to be raped or tortured. Lily stopped and looked at me through wide eyes "Or they could have a warm shower and a fucking dryer. I don't want to freeze too death. We need to at least see." Lily sounded pissed, which was never good. When she put her mind to something there was no changing it.

Lucky Me. The house was beautiful It had 2 stories above the ground. It was painted white, but it was slightly chipping away. It barely had any lights on. It seemed as if it were candle light instead of electricity, by the flickers we saw. Lily warily raised her hand to knock on the door. The sound made me squeak in fear, this was NOT going to end well.

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Instead of an Igor like character opening the door, a young blonde man who appeared in his twenties opened the door. "Can I help you?" He asked. His voice was smooth and his eyes shown a bright blue. He had wavy blonde with highlights in the right places.

Lily seemed a little tongue tied so I put on my friendliest smile and said "Our car unfortunately has a few flat tires and we just needed to use your phone so I could call my parents to give us a lift." He nodded his head and went to open his mouth to say something, but someone seemed to beat him to it. "Dude, let them in its probably cold as hell out there." A tall athletic built man with brown eyes opened the door wider and smiled at us.

He, like his friend, was beautiful and had a sort of powerful air about him. Lily made a squeak beside me, drawing all of our attention. This stranger was exactly her type, boy was he in trouble. We were ushered in quickly to the living room, or what would have been a living room had there been any real furniture. It seemed to just have a fireplace and large couch. No other furniture was present in the room, nor were there any paintings.

"My names James and this is my brother Elliot" the blonde man stated, as we looked around the room. "I'm Lily and this is Jessica, We're from the University of Washington" Lily stuttered out, while starring longingly at Elliot. I cleared my throat trying to get everyone's attention, which caused the two men to look over quickly, almost as a blur, at me. "I don't mean to be rude but do you have a phone I could use, we don't want to be a bother." James smirked at my obvious discomfort and stated in a tone that sort of sounded Irish "Sorry, no electricity, the storm threw it out unfortunately." He didn't look like he held any remorse, he almost seemed creepy.

"We could allow you ladies to spend the night if you wish, we may not be the best company though" Elliot piped up. He seemed to still be in a stare off with Lily, I really didn't want to be left alone with creepy James while Lily got her rocks off.

"Do you have a dryer or anything? We are soaked to the bone." Lily was no help. She just wanted to get naked with that big guy and leave me alone. Horny bitch. Elliot held up a finger indicating to wait here and ran quickly up the stairs. When he came back down moments later he had two plush robes in his hands. "This is all I have that's female friendly, sorry ladies" He shrugged and gave us an innocent smile.

He seemed nice, and Lily sure had stars in her eyes for him. James on the other hand gave off the aura of a jerk. He rolled his eyes and pointed to the bathroom "You can dress in there." he stated, before sitting down on the floor in front of the fire.

We quickly undressed in the bathroom, eager to get out of the wet clothing and into a nice warm robe. "I want to fuck Elliot. You don't mind right? I know he's not really your type." I looked at her appalled by her thought of leaving me alone. I reached over and flicked her nipple with my nails. "OW BITCH" She cried grabbing onto her breast.

"Don't you fucking dare think about leaving me with Creeper Harpo." I seethed. She nodded but it looked like she really didn't give a shit. When we came back out both men were in a heated discussion "…No the brunettes for Will.

I smelled her, She's pure." That stopped me. Pure? Smelled? Lily cleared her throat a little bit indicating we had entered he room. Elliot was the only one who smiled and went to Lily's side like a good little lapdog.

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James just turned his attention back to the fire, not giving a shit if we were here or not. "Are there others here?" I asked, I needed to know who this 'Will' was and why I was for him.

"They will be here later tonight. It's two more of my brothers, they are cleaning a mess up right now." He turned to look me up and down but not before stopping to look at my forehead where my cut was, and licking his lips. Very disturbing. I just nodded my head and sat down by myself.

Lily was sitting close to Elliot and flirting like a total Ho. He didn't seem to mind, and help his hand on her thigh the whole time.

James came over with some blankets and covers, and informed me I could rest on the couch If I was getting tired.

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I willingly crawled over to it and passed out. It had been a long ass day. I woke up to Lily groaning like the last time in the car, except this time it wasn't one of pain. I cracked my eyes open only to see Elliot leaning back on the floor next me while Lily bounced with wild abandon on his cock. It reminded me of the stories of Aphrodite and Ares love affair. The strong god of war taking the blonde goddess of beauty.

Lily stared into Elliot's eyes as she rode his cock, It seemed as if she was in a trance. Elliot let out a groan and leaned forwardwhat I saw next would give me nightmares for the rest of the night. His incisors grew long and sharp, as if they belonged to a snake, before sinking into my best friends breast. Lily didn't even scream, just whimpered a little. Elliot seemed to be in pure bliss as he gulped down blood from Lily. He retracted his fangs and I watched as they shrunk back to normal size.

The only sign they existed was the amount of blood around his mouth and my friends chest. When he withdrew from her I noticed her sigh and lay back. He whispered for her to push it out and she did just that. A massive amount of cum leaked from her body and down onto the floor below her. A growl seemed to erupt from Elliot as he watched it. My eyes closed after that and I fell back to a fitful sleep. I dreamt of orgasms, vampires, and blood. As I opened my eyes I noticed I was no longer on the comfy couch, I was on a floor.

A cold slate surrounded by bars. A cell. "What the fuck??" I yelled at only to hear a sinister laugh in return. James stepped out of the shadows and ran his cold pale fingers over the bars. "Hello Mary" He crouched down to sneer. "I'm Jessica, not Mary" I replied in a shaky voice. What the hell is wrong with this asshole? "Oh, I know It's a nickname I gave you. Like the Virgin Mary" he giggled in almost a psychotic sounding voice.

He knew I was a virgin. But how could he have known, We hadn't had sex, and Lily wouldn't have told him. I didn't feel sore, so he hadn't been inside me to know. "H. How. What?" He just glared at my question s and stood up. "Your blood smells sweet, like a virgins." He stated it as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. Like everyone had different smells to their blood. "I would love to fuc-" He started but stopped as another man came into the room.

He was blonde like James but seemed more refined and dignified. Less Psychotic. "That one is Will's if you touch her he will fucking kill you. You know the rules" he growled. There was that name again. Will.


I started to shake a little at the mention of the creature. " I wasn't going to do it Cam" James sneered at Cams retreating form. Cam headed into a small room on my left and came back with a body of a thin woman with auburn hair that hung in curls, slung over his shoulder. She looked a little older than me but not much. Her eyes held a dull lifeless quality to them, indicating she was in fact dead. I almost threw up in the corner but held it back.

I refused to do anything in front of these assholes. "Shame she couldn't last longer, she was a screamer" Cam quipped as if it wasn't a human being he had murdered. He ran his hand over her ass, feeling it through the silky material.

He winked at me as he headed up the stairs "Wills here, don't let him see you down here with her" he yelled before he closed the door, sealing me in with the psycho.

I moved back as far as I could on the cold sticky ground, trying to escape James' sight. The door opened at the top of the stairs signaling someone was coming down.

Before I heard footsteps I heard growling and hissing. Then James was throws mid air against the basement wall with a crunch sound. I screamed loudly trying to get closer to the wall. After a few more sounds that sounded more like animals than human beings, I heard the door slam shut. I peeked out trying to see who was in the room with me. As my eyes adjusted I saw a gorgeous man kneeling outside my cell. He had dark eyes that were almost black and dark hair that seemed to stick out everywhere.

Maybe it was his style or maybe it was from the fight he was just in. A part of me wanted to run my fingers through it, the other part wanted to just run. He looked around my age, and wore expensive looking clothing. The part that actually attracted me the most was the look on his face. He wasn't crazy, or murderous, but normal. He looked sorry and upset.

"Will…?" I asked. Please god let this be who I was destined for. He nodded his head and then cocked it to the side.

"You need to do me a favor" He asked in a velvet soft voice. I nodded and scooted closer to hear him better. "Don't look at them. Don't give them the time of day. They want to break you, they want to make you insane. I can't stop them. So please don't make eye contact or piss them off." He pleaded. He looked so sad and lost "I promise" My voice was hoarse but he heard me correctly because his whole face lit up.

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"I will get you out of here, I will free you I just need some time." Finally. I had someone willing to help me. He stuck his hand slowly through the bars and ran his index finger over my hand. The feelings of lust made their appearance for the first time in my life. He seemed to hear my heart beating faster because he gave me a small smile.

"I have to go, but I will be back soon. Remember what I said" and then he was gone. A few hours later I was drifting off to sleep again, when two pairs of footsteps came down the stairs. I looked up to see Lily and Elliot standing there. "LILY" I screamed and ran over to my best friend.

She was still alive and looked well. The only problem was she was in an absolute daze. Elliot smiled at me and winked. "Let's play a game Jess." He had to be out of his mind. A game???

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"Your friend here has gotten boring. So It's time to dispose of her." He paused, waiting for my reaction. Dispose?

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Kill. They were going to kill her. As soon as I looked over at him wide eyed he laughed. "Right, so now that you get the picture, let's talk about the rules of the game" He let go of Lily and looked over at me again.

"You keep your hands on these two bars" He moved my hands to the bars he wanted "and your friends death becomes painless." I was shaking with tears running down my cheeks "please don't do this" I whispered. He rolled his eyes at me and took off Lily's robe, leaving her naked in front of me.

"Right now she feels nothing. Sort of a vampire trick, we can put you in a trance like state." I nodded remembering the night I caught them fucking on the floor.

He moved Lily's hair to one side and gave her a little love bite on the shoulder. She remained completely still. He licked the wound and started to run his hands over her body. Slowly at first until he got to her nipples. He took one of his index fingers and ran it over her breast, leaving a small trail of blood as his nail broke the skin. I let out a whimper for my friend and Elliot turned to glare at me for my noise.

It was my only warning. He started to lick the blood, getting harder the more he drank. Finally he let go and licked his way down her stomach to her pussy. He latched onto her clit giving it a slight tug before shoving his tongue completely inside her. As if on cue, the trance he had Lily under broke and she was moaning and grinding against his face, oblivious of me standing there watching.

As her Orgasm came she screamed out Elliot's name and slouched against the bars. As quickly as it was taken away, the trance was back and Elliot was hard as a rock.

He lifted her up like a rag doll and entered her from behind. He grabbed onto her neck and appeared to be choking her. I screamed at watching my friend turn a purple color and tried to grab her. Elliot noticed my hands were off the bars and took the trance off of Lily, Allowing her to feel him choke her. I had lost the game.

He looked into my eyes with her wide eyes full of fear as she grasped and clawed at his hands. Finally she slumped over and Elliot pulled out, cumming on her body.


I laid there crying trying to reach my friends body. Wishing we would have never made this trip and hoping this was all a nightmare. Elliot grabbed her hair and drug her lifeless body up the stairs, slamming it roughly. That was the last time I saw my friend.

A few hours later I heard the basement door open, but I was too depressed and numb to care. Will wasn't going to get me out of here, no one was. I would die in this hell hole with all these monsters.

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James came down the stairs with a feisty little thing with jet black hair and grey eyes. He threw her into the cage and stepped back, locking it. "Here Mary, I brought you a friend to play with until Will comes for you." with that he was out the door. The girl turned to look at me and glared. "Why the fuck aren't you trying to break out. We need to fucking get out of here." I looked up from the floor and softly replied "You can't get out.

You will die here like the others." Apparently my response wasn't what she wanted to hear, because she started screaming and yelling at the top of her lungs. I tried to tell her to be quiet, I didn't want them to come down here. But she wouldn't stop. "I am Vivian Cooper. My Daddy will buy AND sell your asses if you DON'T let me out of here!!!!!!!" I stared at her alarmed. She obviously had a death wish. The large basement door slammed open and then shut.

I knew this wasn't going to go over well, so I pushed myself as far as I could into the wall. James came down the stairs one step at a time, prolonging the suspense. I tried to do as Will said and keep my head down, and not make eye contact. His boots stopped outside our cell and the sound of the key turning in the lock sent shivers up my spine.

I looked up briefly to see what was going on. Vivian had her hands on her tan hips and was tapping her foot impatiently, while James had a wicked homicidal maniac grin plastered on his face. I whimpered and his head whipped into my direction. "You don't like your friend Mary? She is a bit mouthy." This seemed to piss off the debutant further as she stepped closer to him "Listen asshole, my father is wealthy and probably has every police officer in the state looking for me.

They will find me." She seemed so sure of herself, like it was going to happen no matter what. James let out a small chuckle before grabbing her hair forcefully. "Is that so?" He got closer to her mouth before pushing his lips hard against hers. She screamed into his mouth and tried to get away, only to have James grip tighten on her hair. "They can't find you if your body isn't here" he whispered against her throat, his eyes still on mine. I cringed and turned my head, willing myself to listen to Will's advice.

This seemed to anger James even more. I heard him tell Vivian, "Since I can't touch the little bitch over there, I might as well live through you." The sound of clothes ripping and Vivian screaming filled the air.

Pieces of clothing rolled and fluttered over to land next to me. I knew what was going to happen, and I was so scared to hear it and see it happening in front of me again. The sound of grunts and wet slapping flesh against flesh sounded in my ears, and like a train wreck you can't help but look over. James had Vivian on her back, stripped naked.

He was pounding into her tiny body with the speed only someone inhuman could possess. She was crying and screaming at me to help her.


James was chanting and yelling out at me "Yea Mary, fucking help her." and then did the worst thing I've ever seen. He flipped her over onto her stomach and rammed his cock into her ass dry. The screams of pain from Vivians mouth made me cry out for her. He grabbed onto her hair and pulled her up slightly. The poor girl had tears running down her face and dirt caked on it from the dusty floor. Cam came down stairs to see what all the noise was about, only to see James and Vivian fucking on the ground beside me.

"Have room for one more?" he asked as he started stripping down. James nodded and rolled them over so he was under Vivian.

Cam wasted no time in shoving his cold hard cock in her pussy. She cried out and screamed begging them to stop. As Cam pounded her harder James neared his orgasm, wanting to share a drink with his brother he pulled Vivian's hair back, exposing her neck to both of them. Cam and James both bit into her, Cumming simultaneously. As the girl was drained dry, James pulled out and mixed his cum with Vivian's blood.

He came over to me and smacked me hard against the face with the mixture. The nausea I had been fighting became too hard to control and I threw up all over the ground beside me.

"Clean this shit up" James ordered to Cam before disappearing up the stairs. Cam smiled at me and although it wasn't as sick as James' it was eerie. He smacked the body of the girl with his cock once before shoving his flaccid cock into her mouth. "when Will's done with you, I will fuck every hole in your body, Mark my words." He winked and carried the poor girls lifeless body up the stairs. Later that night as I slept, I heard someone come into the cell with me. Afraid it was Cam, Elliot or James I shook quietly.

As I felt a cold hand touch my shoulder I screamed and opened my eyes. In front of me was my savior, Will. He leaned down to whisper in my ear "It's time to go . I've already called the police, they will meet you in the cabin not far from here." I cried out from joy and wrapped my arms around this neck "Thank you so much" I whispered.

As I was letting goI realized my body was again jolted with this feeling of lust. I wanted nothing more than to be taken by this man on this disgusting floor where many women have met their fate. He licked his lips and closed his eyes, appearing to concentrate on something. It wasn't until I looked down did I notice his cock standing hard against his dress pants. I rubbed my hand over it, feeling how hard it was beneath me.

He moaned softly and rested his head against my shoulder. "Harder, Please." He whimpered out. I shoved my hand into his pants and freed his erection. It was huge, at least 10 inches in length. I stroked him harder and faster, feeling the way it twitched and the skin moved under my hand. He grunted a few times and I felt cold sticky fluid cover my hand. I felt like I needed to lick it, and brought my hand to my mouth.

Will watched me through hooded eyes as I licked my hand clean. We both realized we needed to get out of there before the others came looking for us.

He gathered me in his arms and ran with me up the stairs and into the abandoned house that I saw the first night I was here. I silently cried for my friend and the two other girls who passed away in front of me. I also cried for the many others who died here as well. Will kept a hold of me as he ran through the cold mountain air and forests.

It all flew by so fast that we made it to the small cabin in a matter of minutes. "The police will be here soon" he whispered as he turned to leave. I grabbed his arm and brought him close to me. The lust surrounding us was almost too much to bare. I needed him like I've never needed anyone before. He brought his lips to mine, pulling me against him. I knew right there, I wanted to give my virginity to him.

He was my rescuer and there was something about him that pulled me in. I broke our kiss and pulled off my shirt, hoping he got the hint. He pulled off his own shirt and unbuttoned his pants. Moaning at the sight of his body I pulled off the remained of my clothing as well, leaving us both stark naked in front of each other.

"You're sure about this.?" He asked as his eyes skimmed my naked body. I nodded and bit my lip hoping it appeared seductive. As soon as I did a wicked grin pulled at his face.

No longer did he look like the sad man who stole my heartbut the creature he truly was. A vampire. I backed up until I hit the writing desk in the one roomed cabin. My body fell back on top of it, exposing me to him. He smirked at my klutzy behavior and slowly came over to me. I watched as he loomed over me, his body almost on top of mine. "Did you know, a virgins blood is the sweetest blood there is? That our mates must be virgins in order to complete the ritual?" I shook my head 'no' as he kissed down my stiff body.

I felt his head between my thighs as he licked my clit I jerked up towards his face. "You will be a beautiful killer my pet" he whispered against my pussy lips.

I cried out as he bit into my thigh, drinking blood from the spot he found. As he licked and sucked up my body he aligned himself against me. I felt the head of his cock at my entrance and his teeth at my throat.

"Welcome to your new life" he whispered as he thrust his huge cock inside of me and bit into my neck. As his cock left my soaking pussy he sucked a gulp of blood into his mouth Then he would shove it as far as it could go back inside me.

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This continued for awhile, pleasure and pain over and over. I started to feel weaker and knew I was dying. Will wouldn't allow that to happen, He slit his own wrist and poured blood into my mouth. He stilled his thrusts and came inside me the exact moment I swallowed. Securing me as his mate for all eternity.