Babe in high heels fucks

Babe in high heels fucks
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Tanya hated closing the bar. She had to stay until four in the morning and take out all the garbage from the night. She moped all the beer covered bar floors and wiped the counters. After working at the bar for 8 months she thought she would have a bit more seniority. She gathered the garbage bags and took the last 4 outside into the dark back alley.

She could never see out there and complained to management about wanting some lighting. As she threw the last bag onto the enormous pile she was pushed from behind.

Someone or something really heavy squished her down onto the pile of bags. Her face pressed deeply into a smelly bags which reeked of stale beer and nacho chips. She could feel strong large hands holding her ankles and shoulders down. They pressed her so hard into the bags of garbage that she could not move.

He bare knees hurt as they were pressed into the wet pavement. A slight rain dampened her back. She knew more than one person was taking part in her soon to be assault. More hands reached quickly and sloppily up her short white cowgirl style dress.

Her flimsy light dress rose above her tight firm tanned ass. Hands grasped at her lacy panties and ripped quickly them down her smooth legs. They stopped at her bent knees and were effortlessly torn off her quivering scared body. They landed beside her face. Tanya attempted a scream but her face was pressed into the smelly plastic garbage bags. She almost could not breathe and with every gasping breath in sucked and suctioned part of a bag.

She had to slow her scared breaths down or risk suffocation. It was quiet at this time of night. No one probably would hear here cries for help as the bar district was deserted by now. She knew the person right behind her was fumbling and grabbing at something.

Then she heard the metal sound of a belt buckle being undone. The zipper next. She could tell the persons pants or shorts dropped to the ground.

The tell tale sound of a buckle hit pavement behind her. She knew a cock was being released to enter her from behind. Ass or pussy she thought&hellip. Tanya kicked and tried to move to prevent the inevitable.

She was too small and overpowered by an unknown number of assailants. Her small five foot three inch foot 110 pound frame was no match for the horny drunk assholes that were going to fuck her. Her kicking and futile struggles made her well worn faded brown cowboy boots come off.


Her bare feet now were pressed against the cold wet pavement by a heavy person or persons standing on them. She was face down still.

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She could not see who was behind her. She wondered what they looked like. She felt the tip of a pre cum covered cock start stabbing at her asshole area. It could not get in. She had the tightest firmest ass of any bartender at the establishment.

It would take some work. The pre cum cock head slid down between her legs. She could not squeeze them together. She had a nice spread from behind. Her cunt welcomed a cock just from her sexy natural shape between her legs. A rough hand reached around the front of her and spread her pussy lips.

The hands were rough and dry. In the cock jammed. It was big. The enormous size hurt her and made her cry out as it punched to the back of her inside walls. A hand wrapped around her long thick curly blond hair and reefed her head back and up into the air.

Tanya thought to herself as she was in great pain and this monster was going to snap her in half. As he thrust his enormous cock in and out of her the beer cans in the garage bags crunched as she was pressed deeper into the pile of garbage with every thrust.

She could not help but whimper or cry out from the pain and discomfort. People still grasped her wrists tightly and held them stretched out to her sides with her hands reefed up into the air. Little did Tanya realize was that she had pissed these bar patrons off earlier in the evening. Tanya was a bit of a tease. She was gorgeous and had a bit of an attitude.

Earlier in the night one of the men had asked her for her phone number after tipping her twenty dollars for a round of drinks. Tanya told him to grow up and walked away all sexily. She got her money. She owed him nothing. Now was his time to give her a tip back.

The group of guys formulated a plan as they watched her serve people all night and walk around the bar. Tanya could be a model from her looks. Her brown tanned flawless skin did not have a wrinkle on it from being out in the sun constantly. Her full lips and whiter than white teeth made her look sexy when she smiled or even sneered. That mouth needed a workout.

The dress fit her like a glove and lazily swayed just between her knees and crotch area showing off firm thighs. A mysteriously hard ass stayed hidden under the dress.

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Her large tits could use a good pinch, bite or sucking also. Tanya felt the guy blow his hot warm baby juice up into her. He pumped furiously as he released his seed and pulled on her hair so hard from the excitement of cuming that he ripped out a small handful. Tanya cried out in pain. She felt his cum mixed with her juices drip down the inside of her legs. She was flipped around roughly.

She could not see a thing that would help her identify these guys.


Only dark black shadows. A bright alley light shone towards her blinding her from seeing anything. She only made out at least 3 silhouettes. A large male who towered over her grabbed her by neck.

His mammoth hands easily surrounded it. These hands could snap her neck easily without any effort if needed. She was lifted off her feet and slammed against the hard brick wall in the alley. The man then tore her dress down the front. It hung off her.

He fumbled with one hand and undid his zipper of his pants.

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He pushed his cock inside her. Tanya was suspended against the wall, feet off the ground and held by her neck. She blacked out a few times from lack of oxygen as the man bashed his cock into her already cum filled pussy.

His other hand grabbed and squeezed her tits. This guy was mean. He hurt her by squeezing and thrusting into her so hard her back received rubbing burns from ridding up and down the wet brick wall.

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Tanya felt his cock engorging with blood and the semen ready to blast into her. His wretched beer smelling breath exhaled and blew excitedly onto her face as he became ready. As he came he smacked her across her right cheek. He called her a slut and a bitch. The smack dazed her and rung her bell momentarily.

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When she came too she felt and heard him grunting like an animal as his demon seed was milked from his cock by her tight pussy. Tanya had never been fucked by two guys in a row, let alone so roughly. Something sick and twisted deep inside her made her a little excited about this.

She thought to herself as the ordeal continued…was she a little fucked in the head? She was dropped to the ground and landed in the bags of garbage. Her legs by now were soft and wiggly. The males she could tell were high fiving each other and happy. She saw her chance and got up quickly and ran for the street. She made it two steps when she fell flat on her face. She came to and tasted dirty alley water and blood.

Her lip had been cut when she slammed her face into the pavement. How did she fall she thought to herself? Her legs were grabbed and she was pulled back further into the alley. She was pulled up to her knees and her hair yanked upwards like the bridals of a horse. A warm wet cock head jammed into her mouth and pressed to the back of her throat.

The circumference was so large she could not bite down or make a sound. In and out it pressed nearly gagging her with every inward thrust. Her hips were then grabbed and her luscious little firm ass was hoisted effortlessly into the air. Spit dripped onto her ass crack. She then felt the head of a cock breach her puckered little asshole. It was strong and hard. It felt like a metal rod being inserted into her. The hard cock held her up off the ground. It penetrated her deeply.

She could not cry out as the enormous cock destroyed her mouth leaving no room for sounds. It was if the two men worked in unison. They withdrew at the same time and then fucked each orifice together pounding her little body from each end as if to squish her together.

The thrusts pulsed through her body causing pain. Her hair now a wet mess lay stringy and dirty hanging over her face to the ground.

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They pounded her like this for ten minutes and then Tanya felt the pulsing veins in her mouth. Cum gushed down her forced open throat. Warm and vile tasting. The man as he came grabbed her hair and forced her little face as far onto his cock as he could.

Her make up now smeared all over her face. Excess cum poured down the sides of her mouth. He withdrew and her head fell to he ground. Her neck sore and kinked could now hold her head up.

She rested on her scratched and beaten elbows. The man behind her worked her asshole over for another five minutes. He held her under her legs and pumped her like a rock drill. The pain seared like a hot fire rod. He tried vain to stretch and destroy her tight hole. As he did this a couple other guys unzipped their pants and stood over Tanya. She felt warm salty piss cascading off her face and in her hair.

These guys were sick and demented fuckers. They had not only abused her body but now but to add insult to injury they treated her like an animal. It was a control thing.

Tanya cried as the piss cascaded through her hair and down her face. The rear man blew his load and shrieked with pleasure. Tanya had also had enough stimulation and came quietly. Her little body convulsed and shook. The men grabbed her and threw her into the garbage bags and then ran off.

She lay there cold, wet and destroyed crying and whimpering for the next hour. Eventually she stumbled to her car and dove home.