Sweet Brunette Girl Rubs Her Pussy

Sweet Brunette Girl Rubs Her Pussy
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Hi, I'm Damien. I'm about five foot two, relatively well developed with shortish blonde hair, and blue eyes. I was looking after my sister Sasha for three days, as our parents had gone to Birmingham.


I had to cook and clean, but that was no problem. I was walking to Sasha's school to pick her up, and got to the gate in a little over ten minutes. I could see her and her friends playing outside. I enjoyed watching her playing "it" in the sunlight, seeing her waist long blond hair fan-out around her and her green eyes sparkle in the sunlight.

I watched her for about a minute before walking through the gate and waiting for her to see me. She saw me quickly, and skipped up to me with a grin on her face.

"Hey Damie, will you wait while I get my stuff?" she asked. "Sure, Sash." I replied. She grinned again, and hurried to the cloakroom to get her bag. We left, and decided to get a drink from the store on our way back. We got a can of coke each, and waited in the small queue.

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As we waited, I noticed my sister's gaze drift to the "ADULT" section of the magazines and newspapers. There was some pretty dirty stuff up there, and I wanted to get her attention away from it as quickly as possible.

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"Hey Sash, want anything else?" I asked, in an attempt to pull her out of her daydream. She looked at me with a startled air, and said "Unh. no thanks." I noticed that after that, she stopped looking at the porn. When we got home, Sasha ran up to her room, while I went down to the basement to give my punchbag a headache.

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After skinning my knuckles for about twenty minutes, I went back upstairs for a snack and a shower. I went into the kitchen to raid the fridge, then went into the washroom to get a towel and get rid of my dirty clothes. I went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. While I waited for the water to get warm, I thought about Sasha looking at the porn magazines. I hoped that it was just curiosity, and that she wasn't "active" or getting false information about sex. I got into the shower, still pondering, and washed myself.

While I was in the shower, I thought that I heard a creaking sound, but ignored it. The water was in my eyes, so that I didn't see Sasha until she tapped my shoulder.


I turned around and stare at her. She giggled, then "SASHA!!" I yelled. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING??!!" She tripped backwards, suddenly scared, and I caught her, feeling her soft flesh press against my hands. I almost threw her out. "GET DRY, AND GET OUT!!!" I shouted, and closed the curtain behind her.

I was shaking with something that I guess was shock, and I could hear Sasha sobbing as she left. I felt really guilty for yelling at her, but wouldn't anyone have done the same? I got out, dried off, and went upstairs to change.

All the while, I could hear Sasha crying in the next room. I shouldn't have shouted at her.

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Eventually, I went to her room and knocked. "Hey, Sash?" I called. "Can I come in?" I got a rather cold "Yes." In reply. I entered my little sister's room, and saw her curled-up under her blanket. "Mind if I sit here?" I asked, sitting at the foot of her bed."Actually, could you sit here?" asked Sasha, patting the top of her bed, nearer to her. I obliged, and placed my hand on her blanket. "Look, I'm really sorry that I yelled at you, but you can't do things like that: I'm your brother, not your boyfriend." Sasha looked up at me, then hugged me.

I lifted her up, and hugged her back. She moved over to sit on my lap, and stared shifting-around to get more comfortable, or at least, that's what I thought. "I'm really sorry, Damie." she said, and rested her head on my chest.

Now, her shifting-around was giving me an erection, and I was hoping desperately that she wouldn't notice. Also, my sister's blanket was slipping down, and exposing the top of her chest. I realised that she hadn't got dressed. Now, my sister had me in such a position that if I let her go, she would fall onto a wooden crate on her bedroom floor.

"Hey, Sash? Maybe you should get off me now." I told her, and tried to get up, but she held onto my neck and rolled over, so that she was effectively pinning me to her bed. She felt my erection beneath her, and giggled.

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"Is that for me?" she asked. "Is what for you?" I asked. "You know exactly what!" she replied. I was getting a little desperate now: I could easily have gotten her off me, but I didn't want to.

My little sister leant-in and brushed her lips against mine. As she did so, my cock twitched. Sasha giggled, and sank down, towards my jeans. She unzipped them, and pulled my boxers down. My erection sprang-out, and Sasha put her hand lightly on it, grinning a grin that most people would get locked in a room with soft walls for.

"Sash!" I said "I don't think-Omygod!" that was as far as I got because my sister had pushed her head a far over my cock as it would go. She gagged a little as it hit the back of her throat, and pulled back just a little. She then started pumping back and forth with her head. The feeling of her mouth around my cock was amazing, and I could feel that ache that you get in the muddle of your shaft just before you cum.



I'm going to cum!!" I shouted, and then I did: spewing at least five jets into my sister's mouth. To her credit, Sasha tried to swallow it all, but most of it just oozed around my cock and out of her mouth, dribbling down her chin and chest. She swallowed the last mouthful, and worked at my shaft some more, cleaning it, before she let it come out of her mouth.

I gaped as she sat up, and rubbed all of the cum on her neck and chest in, and she then leant over to kiss me, hard and passionately. I could still taste myself on her.