Came after school has not yet managed to lift the heels as being ottrahala

Came after school has not yet managed to lift the heels as being ottrahala
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"I am French and bilingual, though I have lived here for many years. I work as a psychologist and I like being licked and teased. And I am multi-orgasmic." "I love an articulate lady who can define her tastes and preferences," I smiled.

I was tempted to ask if she was bisexual but left that for perhaps another day. Before we had sex for the first time I told her that day over lunch I had been thinking about her in the shower that morning. "And it was very good masturbating while I was fantasizing about you. Very, very good." "Was it now, glad you enjoyed it, was I helpful?" she teased as the look on her face and broad smile suggested her sexual mores might be well outside the conventional box.

Later that afternoon as we petted like teenagers on the couch she told me she wasn't ready to have sex with me yet. "I need to get to know you better first." Undeterred I undid her blouse, no bra, smallish tits but very erect nipples.

As I licked them with the tip of my tongue, then the gap in between Francoise was moaning with absolute pleasure. The very next day she was stark naked with her legs over my shoulders moaning in ecstasy as I was learning just how much she liked being licked and teased as I licked along her very wet cunt lips. Then a little later, "I told you I like being licked and teased. Especially sitting on my man's face with his tongue on my clit. And with his hands cupping my arse. And manipulating my arse so his tongue is sliding along my cunt." I was learning very quickly she was multi-orgasmic, very seriously multi-orgasmic with many, many erogenous zones.

"Tease me, make it last, tease me, love the way you are licking me, love it. "I am to pleasure and be pleasured. "One more orgasm and you can fuck me, make it really good for me." And what a sensational first fuck it was as she implored me over and over, "Fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt." As our relationship developed I tried many things to pleasure her. I went through a number of stages in shaving her every week. Firstly just a trim. Then a mohawk with a long thin strip.

Then a brazillian, all of which she enjoyed receiving. After a few weeks she returned the favour by shaving my pubic area completely bald. "That is fucking magic, very special, love it," she groaned when I inserted a vibrator in her while licking her clit for the first time. After a few weeks I was beginning to wonder if oral sex with Francoise was a one-way thing, as I had never received a blow job.

Then one lazy Sunday afternoon after we had a spa together and were naked drying each other off she asked me to hold her hands while I stood in front of a wall length mirror as she sat on a chair. "You know what I am going to do to you, don't you?

"You should have asked and I would have given you a blow job long ago. The only contact we have is holding hands and the tip of her tongue on my now very erect cock. "You are well hung, anyone ever tell you that? And very thick. "I like to think I am good at this, very good in fact," she gloats as she licks and kisses the sides of my cock, while still holding my hands.

Then the underside as she releases one hand and scratches my balls. Her technique is incredibly good and very teasing as she uses her tongue and lips in combination.

I can feel a really good orgasm building, very slowly, this is too good to rush. "That is fucking magic baby, you are so good, so fucking good," I moan as she stands up and tongue kisses me. "I can stop if you want me to.

Or I can show you how really good I am at this. Tell me which you want?" Without saying a word I sit her down again and direct her head and mouth to my throbbing erection. I watch and marvel at her technique as she rubs her thumb and middle finger along my cock while she is sucking and licking just the tip of it.

Ever so slowly she has me up to the brink of orgasm. Then she increases the pressure with thumb and middle finger and sucks very hard. "That was exquisite baby, absolutely exquisite," I mutter as I watch her swallow with a smug smile. As our relationship developed further I learnt that Francoise enjoys blindfolds, handcuffs, fitting my cock ring for me, silk scarves, silk gloves, mutual kegel exercises, teasing me with nothing under her mink coat, using a vacuum pump on me (it has a scale on it in inches and centimetres, eight and half inches was her benchmark for me), French ticklers, vibrators, my massage table, being tied up, some mild BDSM, telephone sex, sixty-nines (soixante-neuf), cross dressing and not least wild sex in the back of a stretch limo cruising downtown while we could see out but people couldn't see in.

On one occasion after I had pleasured her she started tongue kissing me and asked me to masturbate for her. "You told me you masturbated in the shower fantasising about me.

Do it for me now, I want to watch, don't hold back." "Love you tongue kissing me baby while you watch me masturbate, I am stimulated at both ends. Your tongue is magic. "I'm getting close baby, very close." "I know, I can tell. Want me to finish you off with my hand? I place my hand lightly on hers and enjoy her very heavy milking motion on my cock while she is still tongue kissing me. "Watch me cum, watch," I groan in absolute ecstasy as she smiles, very pleased with herself. "Your birthday next week baby, what would you like me to give you?" "Something that won't cost you anything and something that will give me lots of pleasure, and something that I think will give you pleasure while you are pleasing me." "That's all a bit cryptic, please explain." "A golden shower with all the bells and whistles." "Wow, I like a challenge, so I shall.

Let's say two on Sunday." At one-thirty Sunday Francois is slightly agitated as I watch her drinking large amounts of water. "I haven't quite worked out how I am going to deliver your golden shower, though I am looking forward to it.

Any suggestions?" "I can lay on my back in the sauna room, then you can kneel over me, with your hands on your hips and your cunt just above my cock, then a long and slow release. "Before you do I will shave you as I do every Sunday." "The way you shave me is wonderful foreplay.

That shaving cream feels and smells good. And the way you apply it with your fingers is rather nice, especially with a full bladder.

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"And the feel of the razor in your hand on the sides of my cunt as you leave me with a just a thin pubic strip has me rather excited." As I wash her off with the hand held shower-head I turn it to a very fine needle spray and direct it up and down her cunt lips.

Francois face is very tense as she is obviously enjoying the sensation. I watch her squat over me with her hands on her hips as she holds my gaze while teasing her cunt lips with one finger, a look of carnal pleasure on her face.

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"Count to five for me baby and enjoy, I love to please my man and I have a very full bladder just for you. Lets see if this gives you an erection for me, you already have three-quarters of one. "One, two, three, four, I have been hanging out and wanting to watch you do this for days, are you ready? Five." "Happy birthday baby, I love to please." I watch fascinated as she starts squirting very slowly over my cock as it becomes rock hard almost instantly from the sensation of her warm, coloured fluid and naked body.

"Happy birthday baby, I love to please, did you enjoy that?" she tells me after what seemed like a continual stream for three or four minutes as she washes me with the shower head. "You have a really good erection now. Masturbate for me while I use my vibrator. Let's see who can hold out the longest.

Watching Francois pleasure herself with the vibrator is very exciting as she teases the full length of her cunt lips with it, then slowly inserts it into her cunt. Often when I am licking Francoise to orgasm I tease her by telling her there is another man watching. "He has the biggest cock you have ever seen and he wants you to suck it for him." "That's one of my long held fantasies, a second man. I would really enjoy that." "Your birthday in a few weeks baby.

Would you like me to organise another man for your pleasure? "Why not? As long as he is around thirty, a visual turn on for me, and well hung. "If I make it happen can I watch? I have just the man in mind for you, or maybe us. Raf and I used to go to the same gym. He used to love flaunting himself." "Would you really like to watch?" she teases. "You have waited a long time for this baby," I tell Francoise on the day.

"Another man is going to give you your long-time fantasy. You can suck his huge cock while I watch after he licks you to orgasm." When Raf arrives Francoise is standing in front of a large mirror, with beautiful, relaxing choral music playing. She is standing very confidently with her legs apart, naked except for high heels, a crotch-less almost non-existent g-string and her favourite perfume with her hands on her hips.

"Hello Raf, I am to pleasure and be pleasured. Are you excited to meet me?" Francoise teases as she helps him undress very quickly. Loafers, shirt and trousers, no underwear and his already erect cock is even bigger than I remember.

He obviously is excited to meet Francoise as she smiles, "Love your cock, magnificent.


"And I love your arse, can I kiss and lick it?" Almost instantly he is kneeling behind her with his hands on her hips while he kisses and licks her arse cheeks. Francoise high heels and g-string accentuate her arse cheeks as he alternates from one side to the other. "I find that very exciting, watching another man kiss your arse baby. I am envious, When I first met you I was attracted by your gorgeous arse. "I made a pact to myself that I would kiss it after I had you for the first time.

And I did! Now I am watching another man kiss your arse as fore-play." Raf takes his hands off her hips, the only contact he has now is his lips and tongue on her arse. "I want to bring you to orgasm while I lick and kiss your arse. Would you like that Francoise?" He moves one arm between her legs, and I watch as he teases her vagina with the tip of one finger while he keeps licking and kissing her arse cheeks.

"Like that Francoise?

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I can stop if you want me to. You are very accommodating and very wet on my finger. I want to make your body sing." To tease Francoise he stops. Instead he teases her nipples with the tips of two fingers while still kissing her arse. I watch as her nipples react immediately. "Which do you prefer," Raf asks rhetorically as he teases her nipples with one finger and teases her clit from the front with the other hand, while still licking and kissing her arse cheeks "I am very turned on watching another man pleasure you baby.

Watching Raf kissing and licking your gorgeous arse cheeks has given me a roaring erection." "I want to bite your arse cheeks, I am your pleasure machine Francoise," Raf mutters as he looks up and sees me naked toying with my erection. I fantasise what Raf might do with it for my pleasure with Francoise watching.

But first I want him to pleasure Francoise, take her over the edge. Now he is teasing the full length of her cunt lips with one finger.

Teasing, teasing, ever so slowly in sync with the music "Your man told me you like being teased. Is this what you had in mind? Is this what you meant?" he asks in between kissing and licking her arse cheeks.

Francoise breathing is getting heavier. "I can feel you tensing.

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I want to bite your arse," Raf tells Francoise. "Hard enough to leave an impression and heighten your orgasm. Anything to give you special pleasure and receive it back in turn." The music is moving to a crescendo and so is Francoise as I watch Raf bite her arse hard enough for Francoise to groan, "Wow that hurts, but I like it. "You are a brilliant performer Raf, fucking brilliant," Francoise is almost screaming as he has her laying at forty-five degrees on the couch, lifting her with his hands under her arse as he teases and licks her cunt lips and clit with his tongue.

I can sense and feel the sexual tension and expectation from both of them now as I watch him dig his fingernails into Francoise arse cheeks as she gasps and moans with pleasure.

Her breathing is very heavy and her face contorted as she moans, shakes and shudders with a long orgasm. "My turn to please and pleasure you now Raf. I want to blow you while my man watches. Look at the way he is playing with his erection. Not as long as you but thicker," she tells both men as she feels the weight of Raf's cock in her hand.

Raf is eying me very intently. "I always fantasised about you at the gym. I have always wanted to blow your cock, how about today?" he asks soto voice.

Francoise is carefully positioning Raf in a chair so she can kneel in front of him and suck his throbbing erection.


"This was your idea baby, so watch and enjoy my birthday present," she smirks as she points his cock vertically with one hand as she licks his balls, then all along his cock. I am feeling a mixture of jealousy, envy, sexual pleasure and pure lust as my lady takes his hands so their only other contact is her lips on his cock.

My cock is rock hard and begging for relief as I tease it with my finger tips, very turned on by watching Francoise blow a longer cock than mine. She takes just a one or two inches of his erection between her lips then teases by releasing and starting again.

I am so turned on from teasing my cock while Raf licks Francoise that I start masturbating to bring relief. Francoise is so busy with Raf's erection that she is unaware of what I am doing while I watch her increase her tempo on his erection.

Raf has a huge smile on his face as he enjoys watching his erection slide in and out of Francoise lips. He is also watching me masturbate as he groans over and over, "So good, so fucking good, so good." He beckons me over to him, "I want you now, right now," so loudly that Francoise looks up in surprise as he has my balls in his hand and guides my erection between his lips.

"Wow, awesome a real three-way," Francoise murmurs, "This really is something special. You knew this would happen didn't you? "You love being licked Francois, you should try another woman, a woman understands those nuances that a man ever could," I tell her a few days later as she nears orgasm while I lick along her cunt lips. "I would love to watch another woman pleasure you.

Lots of women would love to pleasure you." In the afterglow of four orgasms on my tongue she is sitting on my cock while I sit in a chair cupping her glorious arse cheeks as we experience tantric sex and kiss with the tips of our tongues, Francoise confides in me, "You have asked me before if I am bisexual and I told you definitely not.

Though when I watched those lesbian video clips with you I might just be tempted. Those blond porn stars were really getting off on each other and seducing each other. The way they tongue kissed for ages first while naked really got me interested. That was after you showed me clips of them with men. They were most definitely bisexual. And it made me wet. "You are stimulating the bi-curious in me, especially after I watched another man blow you.

Do you have anyone in mind? What would be the scenario? Would you like to masturbate while you watch another woman pleasure me? "I would like to watch a dominating woman lick you, then she could sit on your face while you licked her. "I really am warming to the idea, it could be very exciting," she smiles thirty minutes later as we orgasm together.

A few weeks later we are in the honeymoon suite of five-star hotel. Mirror decoration on all the walls of the bedroom, including the ceiling and even the living area. "Happy birthday Francoise, today I have a new experience for you, I want to watch while you expand your sexual horizons. As far as I know you have never had a lesbian experience.

Are you excited at the idea? "I am but I don't know what you have organised for me, or is it us?" "Monique is a Spanish lady who comes into my business, she has often said she fancies you. From what she told me she is very seriously bisexual, a bit older than us though.

"I organised a contra deal for her to be here today. That must be her now," I tell Francoise as I open the door. Monique looks stunning, high heels, terrific suntan, long brunette hair and a obviously a very voluptuous size 12 body under her short, tight dress. "Happy birthday Francoise, you do know why am here? I want to pleasure you like you have never been pleasured before. "Let me undress you. Not much to take off is there, just your silk dressing gown. Love your body, and the way you shave is awesome.

"Now undress me. I like your man watching, I love an audience, he can undress for us as well." Monique has an all over suntan, fabulous legs with very well formed thighs and large very firm tits and the most sensational, breathtaking, big and very firm arse I have ever seen hanging out of a tiny white g-string. "Take it off for me Francoise and kiss my arse." Francoise has it off in a flash and I watch as she is obviously enjoying kissing her arse while Monique wiggles it as she cups it with her hands and digs her nails in while I ogle her closely shaved cunt in a mirror.

Monique turns around and lightly forces Francoise to stand upright against a wall mirror. They have their hands all over each other and are tongue kissing and teasing each others nipples like there is no tomorrow. I have a roaring erection from watching, especially the turn on from Monique's sensational big, and very firm arse.

After what must be five minutes Monique sits Francoise on the couch and kneels in front of her, opens her legs and resumes tongue kissing her. I can barely keep my eyes off her arse as she licks Francoise nipples, each in turn, then licks her way down her stomach to just above her cunt lips. "You are a very exciting lady, and I can see your man is enjoying us," Francoise murmurs.

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"And you Monique, I am very wet for you." Less than a minute after Monique's lips and tongue make contact with Francoise cunt lips she is almost screaming with pleasure as she tenses, shudders and orgasms as I have never seen her do previously.

As Francoise nears her fourth orgasm I kneel on the couch so I can lick her nipples and tongue kiss her while Monique is flicking her tongue along her cunt lips. I also take the opportunity to run a hand over Monique's arse. "That is so fucking good baby, I owe you. I should have tried this long ago.

"I am going to squirt, so fucking good, watch me squirt, so fucking good," she is almost screaming as Monique and I watch in awe. "Never ever seen you squirt like that before," I tell her as I wipe her with a warm wet towel. "Stay where you are but lay back, your turn to please me," Monique tells Francoise as she positions herself so her cunt lips are directly above her lips.

I watch in awe as Monique rotates her big arse as my lover licks her with her arms wrapped around her thighs to heighten their mutual pleasure. Monique is looking sideways at me, "Huge erection baby, can I have it later? Like my arse? Want it later?" "Not sure that I can hold out for later. "You have the most sensational big and very firm arse I have ever seen, it gave me an instant erection," I mutter as I grasp her arse cheeks in my hands as I kneel between Francoise legs and lick her very wet cunt.

"Like that baby? Double pleasure for you," I whisper to Francoise as she makes purring noises. "Your lady is very good. Are you sure she hasn't done this before? "Like my arse? Want it later?" Monique asks again as I ogle it while licking Francoise. "Tell me, I need to know. "Yes I do, very much, magnificent, but not sure that I can hold out any longer," I groan as slide my throbbing erection into Francoise and position myself so I can kiss Monique's brilliant arse while Francoise is licking her.

Almost immediately I have a huge shuddering orgasm. "I still owe you," Monique tells us in the afterglow as we wind down in the combination sauna and shower. Your contra deal was very generous. We have unfinished business." Monique and Francoise have their hands all over each other again like teenagers as they tongue kiss. "Would you like to watch your man lick me to orgasm as part of your birthday celebration?

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"I could lick you and pleasure you at the same time. "Then I could lick you Francoise while your man has my arse. "Perhaps you would like to watch me squirt? I enjoy squirting for an audience," she teases as she moves and sits opposite us. I can see that she has piqued Francoise interest, and mine especially. Monique's facial expression confirms she is very much enjoying the moment as we watch her tease her cunt lips with the tips of her index fingers as she holds our gaze.

"You two have really turned me on today. I want to make this a very memorable birthday for you. "Come and tongue kiss me Francoise, and watch what my fingers are doing if you can. "Like watching your lady tongue kissing me while I am teasing myself to a squirt orgasm? Your erection tells me you do. "So good baby, so good, I am close, so close, watch me squirt, love you watching, watch me," and we do as she tenses, groans and squirts a huge stream for must be three feet over the sauna floor.

"Wow, you really are something," Francoise whispers to her as they continue tongue kissing. We both watch her shower and I smile with pleasure and anticipation as Monique invites Francoise into the shower with her. "Wash my big arse for me, your man wants it, and he can have it shortly. I can see he is very turned on watching you wash me. "Are you okay with that? "After we dry off I want you to lay on the bed on your back with your legs open.

"Then I want to watch your man lick your nipples while you watch in the ceiling mirror.


"Then I want to lay between your legs and lick you to new highs of pleasure while he is licking your nipples. Double pleasure for you, and you can watch and enjoy my big arse in the ceiling mirror.

"And after two orgasms on my tongue I want your man to lick and kiss my arse while you watch in the ceiling mirror, while I am still licking you. "And I want him to fuck me from behind while I am still licking you." Her arse really is magnificent I muse as I fondle, lick and kiss her arse cheeks. She can't speak as she is busy licking Francoise but I can hear her purring with pleasure as she supports herself on her elbows and knees.

"Wow, that really is something. I am watching my man fucking your sensational big arse while you are licking me to new pleasures," Francois groans. "Don't stop, the noise as he slaps into you is magic." "Glad you like it, fuck me even harder and make more noise," Monique moans in a guttural voice.

"Harder baby, fuck me harder, harder. "Cum with me baby, cum, cum, cum. "Now, now, now," and three of us did simultaneously. In the afterglow all three of us agreed our afternoon would be very hard act to follow.