Gay movie of Jamie Fucks the Cum out of Emo guy Fane

Gay movie of Jamie Fucks the Cum out of Emo guy Fane
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Once I got the suit off, my focus moved to my wife and daughter.

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The two most beautiful women in my life were walking my way. I saw the same determination and sincerity in their eyes that I saw in Jen's yesterday. I began to wonder if my dick would live thru the experience. Chris was the first to get in the tub. She moved over to me and lifted her body on to my lap facing me.

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She kissed my lightly on the lips. Jen moved in next to me and rested her hand on my thigh.

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I got another twinge in my cock and groin. Chris started. "So I hear you want to talk about this?' "We'll yeah, sort of." I responded. "Go ahead." Chris said. "Why me?

What Jen and I did was totally immoral." I said. Chris looked at me then at Jen. She leaned over to Jen passionately kissing her.


"Simple.Jen wanted to have sex with someone but she wanted it to be good. Not in the back seat of some car in the woods.

We talked about where to get it. We discussed several options like her friends dads or their brothers.

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We decided against that because it wasn't going to be a loving situation. Just raw sex." "Besides" Jen said, "I couldn't decide who I would want in me for my first time." Chris added, "We talked about it for about a year. We got her an exam and put her on the pill so she didn't need to worry about that.

We started talking about you about a month ago. I was a little surprised when she mentioned you." My penis was totally erect now. "Why did you decide to let her do me?" I asked. Chris looked up at me and gave me a very passionate kiss.

"Jen and I have been lovers for a year now. That's what kept her satisfied. It added a new dimension to my life as well. I decided that you should share in the emotion and love that I was enjoying. That's how it started." "Dad," Jen said, "I pushed Mom in to it. She was reluctant at first.

She thought the same way you did. That it was wrong and immoral." I asked "How did the two of you become lovers. but you can't be lovers.shit?" Jen again responded, "Remember when I told you Mom got my cherry. The orgasm I experience that day was wonderful.

We kept going to the tub while you were at work or skiing. It just became a regular thing. I'm not even sure you can call us lovers. We just like to have good sex together. We've been doing it two or three times a week." "How can you have that much sex with Jen and then the sex with me? Was I not enough for you?" I argued. "My sexual relations with Jen have not taken away from ours. In fact I think it helped me. When I kiss you or suck you off, I think about eating Jen and that just arouses me even more.

And yes. you are enough for me. Sex with Jen is different. You both afford me different options in my sex life." Chris answered. "That's why I said ok to you and Jen. I wanted you to share what I've been enjoying for the last year.

" I felt Jen's hand move closer to my erection.

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She reached down to grab it when she realized it was firmly planted in her mom's pussy. She explored both of us while we looked intently at each other. Jen moved to my face and kissed my lips. She then moved to her mom and kissed her passionately. This just about made me cum. They both could tell that I was getting very excited. Jen moved off the tub bench next to me and moved in the water behind her mom. I felt Jen's hand brush the base of my cock then her mother's cunt.

I felt her hand move away from here pussy. A few seconds later I felt Chris raise up with a moan. I reached around to feel what Jen was doing.

Jen had slipped two fingers into her moms asshole. I was only moments before I felt her other hand massaging my balls. I would be surprised if there was any cum left but Jen's massaging of my balls was very exciting. Chris began to slowly ride up and down my dick. She reached her arms around my neck and stared in to my eyes.

There was a little tear in her eye.

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Chris's thrust became stronger with each movement. No way I could cum before or after her. I was just too dry. But the movement felt good on my dick. I hadn't realized that Jen was no longer messaging my balls. She was now moving her free hand up and down my inner thighs. Chris continued to moan and ride my cock. I could tell she was about to cum. I matched her thrust for thrust. As I was waiting for my beautiful wife sitting on my cock with my daughters fingers up her ass to cum, my attention was diverted to the finger that was searching for my asshole.

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Almost immediately, two fingers were up my ass, stroking in and out. I reacted immediately. I felt a wad of sperm start moving from my balls to my dick. Chris sensed it too and began riding harder and harder on my cock. Chris and I hugged each other very tightly and came at the same time, moaning in each other ears.

"Oh honey I love you so much." I said. "I love you too." she responded. We continued to rock back and forth until our orgasms were spent. Then we continued to hold each other. Jen still had her fingers in both our asses. Chris carefully got of my lap and sat next to me. Even during that move Chris continued to keep her fingers in our assholes. She looked at both of us with a smile on her face and said "Pretty compromising positions wouldn't you say." We all laughed.

Jen gave one last flip with her fingers and exited our asses. Moving in between her mother and me she gave me a light kiss on the lips. This kiss was different, it was very sensual. She put one arm in the small of my back the other underneath my legs and used the waters buoyancy to raise me closure to her face. When my limp dick surfaced, she wrapped her mouth it and began sucking. She kissed by balls and rain her face thru my wet pubic hair. I was starting to get another erection.

It was starting to be painful. Each erection seemed bigger than the last. Jen placed me gently on the bench pulling her arms out. She reached up to my face and cupped my head in her hands. She kissed me passionately. "I love you." she said. "Oh, I love you." I replied.

Jen then turned to her mother with the same sensual kiss she gave me. "Sit on the edge of the tub Mom." Chris followed her instructions Jen began licking her mother's pussy, darting her tongue between her glorious lips. I could see her going deeper in Chris's cunt licking my cum from her deep cavity.

When she was finish Jen moved to her mom to kiss her as she did me. I moved off the tub bench into a position behind Jen. I began to rub each one of her perfect butt cheeks.

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I ran a finger into her butt crack tenderly rubbing her asshole. She reacted with a moan as she continued to eat her mother's pussy. Chris was pressing Jen's head deeper into her pussy. I moved closer to Jen so my limp rod rested in her ass crack.

One hand reached around to finger Jen's slit. The other moved to fondle her breast. I was surprised when my cock started to get erect again.


Once it was hard enough, I entered by daughter's pussy. My cock became fully erect when it slid in the tight spot. I heard Jen moan again then felt her vagina muscles grab and massage my incestuous cock. I watched Chris as I humped Jen from behind. Her face told me that she was about to cum as Jen cleaned her pussy. Soon the thrust I was making in Jen matched the thrust that Jen was making with her tongue into Chris.

Chris laid her head back and began to moan loudly. "Oh Honey that feels so good. Keep it up. Oh I'm going to come again. Oh my god!" Chris exclaimed. She pulled Jen closer to her as her orgasm reached it peek. Jen continued to eat her pussy until Chris slowly slid back into the tub unable to hold herself on the edge. Jen continued to let me fuck her from behind. She stood up slightly as I continued to thrust. Her hips were gyrating at each thrust I made.

Once Chris was back in the water, she began to rub Jen's tits, then moved in to suck her nipples. She moved from one nipple to the next and back. Jen began gyrating her hips harder and harder on my dick. Her vagina was grabbing my cock harder each time it went deep into her pussy. Chris realized Jen was about to cum. She moved her head from sucking her tits to kissing her lips passionately. Jen began to moan. Her mouth was open and breathing hard over Chris's lips.

Chris's tongue darted into Jen's mouth in rhythm with Jen's orgasm. Jen shrieked at the intensity of her orgasm. I continue pumping my dick into my daughter until she was thru. My cock was sensitive in her but I knew I wouldn't cum again. I slipped my dick out of my daughter standing up in the tub.

Jen turned around looking into my eyes. "Aren't you going to cum again daddy?" she asked. "I don't think so honey. I don't have anything left in me." "Do you mind if I try?" Jen asked. "Feel free." I replied. Jen immediately took my cock in her mouth, began to deep throat me and fondle my balls. Chris stood next to me and began kissing me passionately as she pinched my nipples. My cock began to get hard with excitement. How could I not feel the intensity. Jen released my balls and moved her finger to my ass.

Since her mom had taught her this trick I knew that my orgasm was only minutes away. Jen gently placed her finger on my asshole and began inserting. Once she was sure where her finger was she pushed the entire finger in my ass. My mind was swimming in a field of pleasure. This made a couple thrust in and out of my ass. A second finger joined the first. I was about to cum. I broke the kiss with Chris. I looked down at Jen as she pulled my dick from her mouth but continued to stroke me. She placed her head in front of my tool with her mouth open anticipating the explosion I was about to provide.

She didn't have to wait long. After all the orgasms this weekend I was still able to provide another. I shot my wad into Jen's mouth watching it land on her tongue. Chris was watching Jen as well laying her hand on her hair. Once I was spent again, Jen stood up to kiss Chris and share my cum. We stood there for a few minutes hugging each other tightly. When the hug broke, I looked around the tub to see floating islands of cum on the water's surface.

I looked at them and said "I hope tub filter can clean up this soup."