Classy milf is spooned hardcore

Classy milf is spooned hardcore
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This is the 3rd and final chapter in this story. It closely resembles an actual experience, I changed a few details to help with the plot. I slept like a rock and didn't wake up until I heard mom call me to breakfast. I normally got up and went downstairs to watch TV for a while before mom and dad were up, but not today.

Today I was still tired and it took me a few minutes to fully wake up. I didn't put any clothes on, I went downstairs naked. I yawned, "Morning mom." Mom asked me if I was feeling ok.

I told her I was fine just sleepy. I ate just as any other day, it wasn't unusual for me to go without clothes. I was still young and we were a open family in that respect. Dad came in and kissed mom and whispered something in her ear, she giggled.

Dad came over and kissed me good morning. He sat at his place at the table and told mom and I what he was going to be doing today. I didn't really listen, I was thinking about my new sexual feelings I had experienced the day before. I must have been thinking about it a bit too much because my little penis was sticking straight up and proud. I tried to hide it but, dad saw. He told me to go put some clothes on because that was some boner I had.

I ran out of the room sideways to hide my bouncing dick and took the stairs 2 at a time. When I came back down fully dressed he had already left for work and mom was getting ready to go run some errands. She looked me over and asked if I wanted to go with her to the store and bank. I asked her if I could stay home and watch TV. She said that was fine, and I was not to leave the block. I sat down in front of the couch and turned the TV on to the morning cartoons.

I watched a few shows before I heard a knock on the door. It was Suzy and her two sisters, Jess and Robin. Suzy was wearing a light pink dress with little designs stitched on to it.

Jess was wearing a pair of jeans and a white tee shirt. Her sister Robin was wearing a purple skirt that went almost to her knees. Her shirt was light purple and was a little big on her. Jess asked, "Can we come in?" I told them they could and opened the door all the way up. They came in and sat down on the couch.

The house is laid out in that the living room is right next to the door and then there is a stair way leading up to my room and next to that, one leading down to my parents room. We sat and watched the TV for a few minutes not saying anything. Then Suzy got up and came and sat next to me. She kissed me on the cheek and giggled. I tried to kiss her back but she moved away. I guess she was just having fun. Jess told me she had told Robin about what we had done the day before and that she wanted Robin to try it as well.

I said ok. Then I asked if she wanted to do it right now. Jess said she did but their house was off limits as their parents were home. She asked if we could do it here. I told her mom and dad were gone so it would be ok. Robin looked nervous so Jess told me to just kiss her first. I got up and leaded over to her and kissed her lightly on her lips. She didn't kiss me back at all. I looked at Jess and she motioned for me to kiss her again.

I leaded over again and kissed her again. She moved her lips a little this time and I didn't pull away, I stretched the kiss a little longer. She didn't seam to really want to kiss me. I asked her if she wanted to kiss me. She nodded her head. I told her to try and open her mouth a little and copy the motions I did.

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This time when I kissed her she kissed me back and even after I ran my tongue into her mouth she did the same. I tasted her breakfast, sweet on her tongue. It tasted like waffles and syrup. I continued to kiss her for a few seconds more.

The longer I went the more she was getting comfortable with kissing and she seamed to be getting really into it. I pulled away from her and she brought her arm up and hugged me close.

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I kissed her again, I used my tongue more and explored her mouth. Her teeth and the roof of her mouth, around her tongue. She pushed my tongue out of her mouth and ran her tongue around my tongue, then over my teeth. Jess broke up our kiss and gave me a peck on the check. She then stood up and asked if there was a bed around. I pointed downstairs and we all got up and walked down the stairs. I went first and Suzy was behind me.

When I was half way down I looked up and saw that Suzy wasn't wearing anything under her dress. I tried to put my head under to dress but she moved and sort of fell on me. We continued down and went through the door at the bottom of the stairs. Suzy ran around me and jumped on to the bed. My mom and dad's bed was a king sized water bed and Suzy was rolling around on it making waves. I got on the bed and Jess sat on the edge and took off her shoes.

Robin sat on the floor and pulled her shoes off as well. I watched Suzy roll around on the bed and as she rolled her dress came up and I could see to pink private parts. My dick was firm and stretching against my underwear. Jess helped Robin get undressed. I was watching Suzy, she was having fun with the water, making waves and jumping around. She rolled over to me and laid her head next to me. I laid down next to her and kissed her on her lips.

She kissed me back but before we got another kiss I saw Robin getting on the bed. Robin was very shy and was trying to hold her hands over her small breasts. I watched as she crawled over to us and laid down next to me.

Jess had Suzy roll away and told her that this was Robin's time. I turned my focus on Robin. She was prettier than Jess, at least to me. She had dark blonde hair and a slightly round face. Her skin looked soft and smooth. It was a little darker than her sisters. She had a noticeable bathing suit tan line on her back and around her butt. She was very thin, not rail thin, just no baby fat at all. She looked like she could be in ballet or gymnastics.

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Jess told her to move her hands away from her chest and let me see her titties. She didn't want to, but after a few seconds she did and I got a nice view of her nipples and very small mounds. Her areolas were almost invisible. She had her legs squeezed together so all I could see of her pussy was that she didn't have any hair at all, just more smooth skin.

Jess told me that Robin was pretty scared and we needed to get her ready first. My job would be to kiss her, on the lips, her neck, boobs and then her lips and ears and wherever else I wanted to. Jess would kiss her private parts and clit. I ran my hands over her stomach and up her side around her boobs.

I circled around them and back down. I kneeled over her with a knee on each side of her and my butt resting on her pubic area. I then used both hands, starting at the sides of her face I lightly traced her outline and then across her shoulders and downward.

I circled my hands around her small boobs and with each pass got a little closer to her nipples. By the time I got to them I rolled one in each hand and they were hard and she ended pulling me down so she could kiss me. I scooted my body up so I was directly over her mouth. I was smaller than Robin so I was able to lay on her and kiss her lips and still have room for Jess to work lower. Robin kissed me, her lips were tight at first and I gently moved my tongue over them. I felt her stick her tongue out a little and I pulled mine back and waited for her to advance.

She slowly entered my mouth with her tongue and I massaged her tongue with mine and let her feel around. She kept her eyes open and I was looking into her eyes. They were brown and I could tell she was starting to enjoy kissing. I pushed her tongue out of my mouth and ran mine into her mouth.

Then she pushed me out and we went back and forth until she took a gasp of air and jerked her head away. I turned around and saw the top of Jess's head, it was moving slightly and I could tell she was doing a great job on her sister Robin.

As Robin kept moving her head around I started kissing her neck and worked down to her nipples. I sucked one into my mouth. I didn't suck to hard, but put my lips on her areolas and pulled her nipple in.

I kept pressure on it and it slowly extended towards the back of my throat. I rolled it around on my tongue. Robin was now moving up and down and lifting me up each time. My dick rubbed on her skin each time so I pressed upwards with my body creating more friction. Jess stopped and told me Robin was ready. I moved my body downwards until my dick was hanging between her legs. I used one hand to hold myself up and the other to guide my dick down to where her opening was.

I could feel the wetness and ran the tip of my cock up and down, over her clit and then almost into her opening. I went up and down a couple more times.

Jess came over and whispered into my ear, "Push it in hard." When I got to the bottom again I used the bed and my free arm to shove my dick into her. It slipped into her pussy and I bottomed out. She yelled out and grabbed me so I couldn't pull out. I held my dick inside her and felt her flex her muscles around my cock. I twitched my dick back. We held that position for almost a minute.

Jess finally told me to start moving. I pulled my dick out and pushed to back in. Robin didn't move at all but it didn't seam to hurt her either. I pulled out again and pushed back in faster.


Out and then back all the way in. I paused each time all the in and noticed that she wasn't too tight but just about right, like a comfortable glove.

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Robin smiled and pulled me up to give me a kiss. It forced my dick downward and then out and across her clit. She gasped in my mouth. My dick was pointing downward and still between her legs. I moved back down and used the stiffness of my dick to find her hole again.

I pushed in and then when I came out I again moved the shaft of my dick over her clit. She gasped again. I went in and out like that until Robin started arching her back and thrashing her head back and forth.

I felt her muscles tense up and she fell back to the bed making the water slosh. She spasmed for a few more seconds then let her body relax. Suzy came over and pulled my off her older sister.

I rolled onto my back.


Suzy locked her eyes on my cock and zeroed her mouth around it. She worked her tongue up and down the shaft, licking up her sisters juices. She licked my balls and sucked on them each one at a time, taking them inside her mouth and swirling her tongue around.

When she had cleaned me off Jess laid down on her back and had Suzy lay facing her legs on top of her. Jess pulled Suzy up until she had her legs spread around her head and her pussy was sitting in front of her face. She used her tongue to lick Suzy's clit. She lifted Suzy up and showed me that each time she licked her clit it got a little more swollen. Jess set Suzy back down and told me to get on top and we would both work to give Suzy the best orgasm she had felt yet. I got on and put my arms down on the bed to take some of the weight off.

We were stacked three high with Jess laying on her back Suzy was on her stomach facing Jess's feet. I was on top of Suzy facing the same way. I felt Jess take my dick in her hands and guide it into Suzy's pussy.

It went in and I held it there for a few seconds. I could feel Jess's breath and hair on my balls. I slowly drew out and then pushed back into her. I used Suzy's slightly plump butt to rock back and forth. In and out and then back in. Jess must have been working Suzy's clit hard because it wasn't long until Suzy's muscles started clenching around my cock.

I kept going and Jess did as well. Suzy tried to tell us something but it got lost in her sister stomach. I felt the slickness spread down to my legs and then on to Jess's face and forehead. Suzy had been shaking for over 3 minutes before she screamed and pushed onto the bed. She was rocking back and forth on her sister's belly and pushing her pussy into her sisters face.

She sat up and was forced kneel to stay in her. She kept her pussy glued to Jess. She took her hands and put them on Jess's boobs and rocked forward and back, grinding her hips into her sister face.

I didn't move and every time Suzy came back I felt my cock slide up her slippery hole. I didn't know how much of that Jess was going to allow but Suzy kept going and her eyes were shut tight, her face was moving from expressions of pain to joy.

She kept rocking and seamed to get to the edge, her face was expressionless and she looked like she was lost far away. Suzy held that expression for a second then moved forward, off her sisters face. Jess gasped for breath and took a dozen deep breaths. When she had regained color on her skin I leaned down and kissed her upside-down. I tasted Suzy's sweet pussy on her lips and face. It was dripping down her chin and up to her forehead. She kissed my lightly back and than I stood up and rolled Suzy off of Jess.

I crawled on to her and didn't even hesitate or ask permission. I just stuffed my hard dick into her soaking wet hole. I rammed in all the way, slamming my body against her pubic bone.

I felt her slide her body down to meet mine, and I used that momentum to turn my thrust around and pull out. I thrust my dick back in. Her lightly cover of hair was scratching my dick and it felt even better than either Suzy or Robin. She was tight and a kept slamming into her. I increased the speed of my thrusts until I collapsed in orgasm.

My dick was hyper sensitive when I pulled it out and rolled on to my back. I stared at the ceiling for a whole minutes as my breathing slowed back to normal. I looked over at Robin and she seamed to be asleep.

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Suzy was lay on her back and looked lost her her thoughts. Jess leaned over and gave me a kiss. I kissed her back as best as I could. She seamed to be trying to devour my lips and tongue. She raised her head and told me I needed to finish her off before I was done for the day.

Jess laid down and raised her legs to expose her pussy for me. I got in between and asked her what she wanted. "Get to an orgasm." I decided to lick her with my tongue for a while.


I got down and used my hand to spread her vertical lips. I laid down to get a better angle and licked from below her pussy hole up to her clit. I could feel her clit under my tongue pulsating with each beat of her heart. I sucked it into my mouth and used my bottom teeth to pin it against my gum on top. I nibbled and assaulted her nub as best as I could. I used my hand to push my index finger into her pussy and rubbed circles trough the roof of her hole.

Since my fingers were small I decided to try 2. Then 3. I felt her stretch out a little and so I continued to suck her clit and slowly added my pinky into her. I was able to get deeper into her now and use my fingers to stroke her walls. She told me to use my whole hand.

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I pulled my fingers out and made my hand as small and round as I could and pushed it back into her slick, hot pussy. My first 3 fingers went in ok and then the pinky. I bent my thumb and wiggled it it. I was able to go in to the base of my wrist.

I twisted my hand and felt her clamp her muscles around my hand. I moved my hand out about an inch and then back in. I felt an almost end to her canal and a hard spot at the end. I wiggled my fingers around in her and she jerked her body around on my hand. I kept my hand in her and leaned back down to suck on her clit.

As I flicked it with my tongue she yelled for me to twist my hand and suck harder. I tried and my hand ended up slipping a few inches out. I pushed it back in and then pulled it out until only the tips of my fingers were in her. I forced my hand back into her. I kept sucking her clit and fucking my hand in and out of her a couple more time until she started shaking and spasming in orgasm. I sucked her clit and kept my hand inside her.

I brought my other hand and pushed my middle finger into her butt hole. I got a rhythm going, with sucking and pushing in and out until she couldn't take it any more. Jess rolled away and my hands slipped out. I flexed my fingers and jaw. My jaw felt like it had been punched it was so sore. Jess laid there for a couple seconds recovering, then she got up to go to the bathroom.

When she returned she got both of her sisters and they got dressed. She made them use a washcloth to get the smell off their skin. I remade the bed and smoothed the sheets as best as I could. I didn't think mom and dad would be able to tell we had been having sex in their bed. I ran up the stairs and we went out the front door. It had felt like we had been downstairs for hours but it looked like there was lots day left and we spent the rest of the day playing games and having fun.

The End This was the start of what was going to end in a few days when we got caught naked in the girls' house. I was kicked out and we were not to speak for a year. We found a few times to be together but never like those first few times.

It was 3 years before I was allowed back into their house. By then we had grown up quite a bit and Jess had a real boyfriend. There is a story about what happened next but I want to write about a new plot so I think this is the end. Thanks for reading.