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Disco With Huge Cock DancingBear
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My husband, Bill, was the coach for the local high school football team. He also happens to be one of the most influential coaches when it comes to making recommendations for scholarships and other things that high school football plays work so hard to secure when looking to continue their football career in college.

Being the coach's wife also meant that I was around a lot of hot, young football studs. The boys would come over on a regular basis, either for tips from my husband or just to hang out and get in Bill's good graces. I have to admit that I did enjoy seeing all those muscular boys.

I never saw so many six-pack abs and tight bubble butts in my life. They were even hotter in their uniforms, which i got to see when I went to the games with my husband.

He'd be down on the field, of course, and I'd be there in the stands cheering on the team. It was a nice arrangement and it gave me plenty to fantasize about. Yes, there were times when Bill would be fucking me and my mind would drift off all those muscular boys and those amazing asses and bulging biceps. One time, I was looking for my husband after a game and I walked right into the locker room.

The game just ended, so I didn't think the guys would be naked already. I was certainly in for a surprise. I went into the locker room and saw plenty of cock and ass.

I did find my husband too, but I was honestly amazed that the boys made no attempt to hide anything. This one young man named Dylan - I knew his name because he was one of the ones who always came over our house for advice from Coach Bill, as he was affectionately known - was exceptionally impressive. He had a huge piece of meat swinging between his legs that looked more like a third leg even though it was still soft.

The twins, Mark and Jacob, were definitely alike in every way from what I saw. Then, I glanced over into the shower area and saw a row of young men with semi-hard to hard cocks with water dripping off their muscular football player bodies.

It was a sight to behold. A few days later, Bill was attending some meeting at the high school and I was home alone. There was a knock on the door.

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"Hey, Mrs. H," the young man at the door said when I answered it. "Dylan, nice to see you," I said while inviting the 17-year-old stud inside. "My husband isn't here right now," I said. "I know, I came to see you," Dylan said as he came inside the living room. He looked hot wearing grey sweatpants and a t-shirt. "Have a seat," I said was I went to get Dylan a bottle of water.

"I was wondering if you could do me a favor," Dylan said while sipping the water I handed him.


"What kind of a favor," I asked. "Maybe you could put in a good word," Dylan said while sitting back on the couch and spreading his legs. "I'm not sure I'm all that influential, but I'll see what I can do," I said.

"Maybe I can do a little something for you," Dylan said while leaning in towards me. "Dylan," was all I could manage to say before I noticed a bulge springing to life in his sweatpants. "This isn't really appropriate," I attempted to protest.

"I heard you showed Mark and Jacob a good time and they secured a football scholarship a few days later," Dylan said. I was surprised that he knew about that. I didn't intend to let Mark and Jacob fuck me, but they kept insisting that I could urge my husband to put in a good word for them. As a joke I told them that I would use my influence if they gave me a good fuck. Before I knew it, the twin football studs were in my bedroom with their huge cocks buried inside of me.

I was amazed at their stamina. They both came four times each while my husband was spending the day helping his brother put a new deck on his house.

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When Bill got home, I casually mentioned that Mark and Jacob asked me to put in a good word to him. Obviously, i left out the part about how about the mind-blowing sex.

"I could go to the principal and report you," Dylan said as he took off his t-shirt. I tried to fight the urge, but I was mesmerized by the sight of Dylan's pecs and six-pack abs as he stood up and eased his sweatpants down to reveal a well-stuffed pair of light grey briefs with a black waistband. I knew he wouldn't really say anything, but there was pang of doubt though.

Even though Dylan was 16 years old and that was the age of consent, I knew it wouldn't look good if it came out that I was fucking guys on the football team in exchange for using my influence with my husband.

"You're not going to say anything," I asked. "Nope, not if you do your part. Plus you get a hot fuck out of it," Dylan said while patting his engorged cock through his briefs. "How do I know it's worth it," I said. "Let's see what you say in a minute," Dylan said. With a smile he pulled his briefs down and off.

His huge cock smacked against his rock hard abs and hoovered right in front of my face. I automatically took his swollen mushroom head into my mouth as Dylan let out a gasp.

"Do we have a deal babe," Dylan said as he closed his eyes while I started easing his monster cock down my throat. All I could do was nod since my mouth was full of cock. It wasn't long before Dylan had manged to get me upstairs to the bedroom. His 9 1/2 inch cock (I measured it with a tape measure I found in a sewing kit I had out on the table downstairs) was slamming in and out of me with so much force that the bed was literally banging against the wall.

I was surprised that he was still going after nearly an hour. We were both dripping with sweat when Dylan finally shot a huge load of warm cum inside of me. After taking a minute to catch his breath, Dylan went downstairs to get his clothes. I slipped on a robe and followed him. "So, we have a deal," Dylan asked with a smile with his hand on the front door knob. "Yes, I'll do what I can," I said as Dylan left.

When Bill came home later, I casually mentioned Dylan. He told me that he had planned to recommend him for a scholarship anyway. I couldn't believe it, that boy used me. I did find myself thinking about Dylan later that night though when Bill was fucking me. I had a little fantasy in my head that Dylan and Bill were fucking me together. Just thinking about that made me scream as Bill filled me up with his hot cum.

It's not that I don't love Bill. I'm 30 and he's 24. He's only been the coach of the high school football team for a few years now. He took over for his father, who had been coach for more than 30 years before he passed away.

I met Bill when he was sixteen.


Being the coach's son, he had a lot of perks, including being selected as the quarterback. His father was one of the most influential coaches in the state and maybe even the entire country. One word from him and a high school football player was pretty much guaranteed a football scholarship. It was pretty much accepted that Bill inherited his father's connections.

To be perfectly honest, Bill did learn how to use his father's connections to make things happen for a lot of the high school boys wanting to get a football scholarship. I'm not expert on football, but there seems to be a lot of talent on that team. As for how I got into the act, it all started when Bill made a comment that if anybody could influence him, it would be me. It wasn't long before the young men on the team started sucking up to me. It started a few years ago when the quarterback was trying to secure a scholarship and Bill was on the fence about recommending him.

Luke came over one day and volunteered to help me clean out the garage. It was one of those Saturday projects that always gets put off, but I finally decided to get it over and done with. Luke asked if he could help. He did all the heavy lifting and we got the work done in no time. I invited him in to get something to eat. Bill was out for the day on a fishing trip with his brother. It wasn't long before Luke changed the subject to football and asked if I could influence Bill or at least nudge him into recommending him for a full football scholarship.

I told him that I didn't know if I should do that and that's when he took off his t-shirt and started grabbing the rapidly growing bulge in his sweatpants. I actually got kinda angry at him for trying to take advantage of me like that, but it wasn't long before we were up on Bill's bed and he was balls deep inside of me.

He was about to cum and he pulled out for a second. I was begging him to put that big fucker back in and finish the job when he made me promise to ask Bill about the scholarship. I reached down and squeezed his huge, thick cock and managed to nod a yes before he shoved his monster back in and finished the deed. He did eventually get the scholarship and apparently word spread that a good fuck could convince me to use my influence with Bill.

It wasn't like the sex with Bill wasn't great. He has about 9 inches of meat between his legs and it's really thick. I found that out when we first fucked when he was a senior in high school.

Bill has incredible stamina and can go for hours. So, it's not like I'm not getting any. It's just there is something fascinating about a young man with a huge cock. It seemed like there were a lot of big boys on the football team.

I can't remember one that was under eight inches. The biggest was about 11 inches.

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Bill is actually pretty wild in bed. He pounds it so deep and always goes at least two rounds. On our wedding night, he went seven times. Last year, I had just been fucked by this tight end on the team with about 9 inches of thick dick and I was so horny that when Bill came home about an hour later I dragged him upstairs and we had hours of hot sex. He came buckets inside of me. I have to admit that part of the reason why I did that was in case the young stud I fucked before had knocked me up, but he didn't.

He did end up with a recommendation from Bill though and he's now in college on a football scholarship. A few weeks later, I was working in the garden in the back when Dustin Connors, another boy from the high school football team, walked over to me.

"Hey, how's it going Mrs. H," the young man said. "Fine, I'm just getting the garden ready for fall.

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I hardly have time with all the football games and stuff that go on this time of year." "Yeah, I know I play," Dustin said with a laugh as he stood there in baggy jeans and a t-shirt. "Can we talk for a sec," Dustin said. "Sure," I said as Dustin extended his hand to help me up. We walked into the house and I invited Dustin to sit down at the kitchen table.

It was a warm fall day so he didn't have a jacket on. He sat at the kitchen table with his legs spread, which most guys tend to do. I gave him a bottle of water. "Do you want a sandwich or something," I asked.

"No, but thanks," Dustin said before asking me if I could put in a good word to my husband about a scholarship. "I'm not sure that's really my place," I said.

"Was it your place to fuck Mark and Jacob and Dylan," Dustin said as his demeanor quickly changed. "How did you.," I started to ask. "Guys talk," Dustin said as he pulled off his t-shirt and started unbuckling his belt and fiddling with the button and zipper on his jeans. "Just because I might have done something with them doesn't mean that I do that all the time," I tried to protest.

"Come on, I guarantee I will make you fuckin scream. All you have to do is put in a good word for me and we're even," Dustin said as he let his baggy jeans fall to the floor. It was hard to argue with him standing there in his tight white jockstrap. He was even thicker than Dylan and his balls were enormous "I guess I could.," I started to say as Dustin pulled his jockstrap down and off, which made his huge cock swing back and forth between his legs.

It wasn't long before we were on the living room couch. My legs were wrapped around Dustin's muscular back as he drove his huge cock in and out with such force that it seemed like the couch was going to collapse to the floor any second.

He kept up the frantic pace until he finally spewed his creamy load inside of me. I was so caught up in the moment that I didn't notice that Dustin had placed his phone on the coffee table and captured the whole thing. After he came a second time, I was catching my breath when I noticed the phone on the table. "What the fuck," I asked.

"Just a little incentive for you to do your part," Dustin said while stuffing his cock back into his jockstrap. "You're not going to show that to anyone," I asked with panic in my voice. "Nope. Not as long as you do what you said you would," Dustin said while getting dressed and sliding his phone into his pocket. "Besides, there's plenty more for you if you follow through," Dustin said while grabbing his cock through his jeans as he left.

About a week later, the twins - Mark and Jacob - came over on a Friday night. Bill was at an away game with the girl's softball team. He was taking over for a few weeks for Coach Stevens. I answered the door and told them Bill wasn't home.

"We didn't come to see Coach," Mark said. "We came to see you," Jacob added. "Look, what happened that one time was a one-time thing," I said while trying to ease them towards the door. I turned to open the door and Mark grabbed my hand and said "I don't think so." "Don't tell us you don't like young cock," Jacob said while adjusting the rapidly growing bulge in his baggy jeans.

"If you don't want these cocks, that's fine," Mark said while unfastening his belt and letting his baggy jeans drop to reveal white briefs with an obscene bulge.

"I never intended to get into all this," I said while starring at the head of Mark's cock peeking above the waistband of his briefs. "Maybe so, but you gotta admit we all get something out of it," Mark said. "Yeah, we get set up for college with scholarships and shit and you get laid by two hot studs," Jacob said while sliding his zipper down and letting his jeans drop. "Don't tell me that the twins thing isn't fuckin hot," Mark said while pulling his briefs off and letting his throbbing cock smack against his rock hard abs.

I didn't say a word as I got down on my knees and wrapped my lips around the swollen mushroom head that was in front of my face. Jacob rubbed the huge bulge in his briefs as I eased Mark's equally enormous member down my throat. I was so busy sucking Mark's dick that I didn't notice that Jacob had his phone out and was capturing video of me going down on his brother.

"What the fuck are you doing." I said to Jacob as Mark's cum spewed down my throat and over my lips. "Just a little insurance," Jacob said with a smile as he pushed the head of his cock against my lips. "I can't guarantee that you will get scholarships," I said.

"I can put in a good word for you guys, that's about it." "We'll work out the details later," Jacob said. "Now, suck." Jacob eased his cock down my throat. As I was gagging on his throbbing monster, I lost sight of Mark. I concentrated on the task at hand. Just then, I felt Mark's cock ease into my dripping wet pussy from behind. I couldn't even gasp as Jacob continued to shove his cock down my throat.

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The twins kept up their pace with one fucking my mouth and the other fucking my twat. The boys glanced at each other and developed a steady rhythm.

After what seemed like an eternity, the boys erupted at the same time. Cum was flowing out of my mouth and deep within my pussy at the same time as Mark and Jacob grunted and moaned with each thrust. "You're gonna do what we fuckin say or your husband is gonna see how much you love young dick," Jacob said while stuffing his cock back into his briefs as he pulled up his baggy jeans.

"That's right," was all Mark could say while catching his breath and stuffing his still-hard cock back into his briefs and looking for where he threw his jeans. While Mark finished getting dressed, Jacob showed me the video of the fun we just had on his phone.

He even had a close-up shot of cum dripping out of my mouth. I didn't know what to say. I tried to think of an argument I could make to defend myself, but i couldn't think of anything as Jacob got ready to leave. Mark, on the other hand, had other plans. "Go on home bro," Mark said with his rock hard cock hanging out of his unbuttoned jeans, "I gotta take care of something." Jacob just smiled and left as Mark demanded that I get on my knees and suck him off one more time. I don't know what came over me.

I was hypnotized by this young stud's huge cock. I wrapped my lips around his throbbing mushroom head and frantically licked it. I glanced up and saw that his phone wasn't even in sight. He wasn't doing this for more blackmail, he was just horny.

I wrapped my fingers around his thick shaft and started pumping my fist up and down until Mark's balls were literally bouncing off my clenched fist.

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This drove Mark wild as his cock grew harder. I felt the throbbing of his cock as I started easing my mouth down this thick cock. I got about halfway down and stopped.

Mark just looked down at me and grabbed the back of my head. I looked back up at him and reached up with both hands and grabbed his balls and squeezed them and massaged them as I held back my gag reflexes and sucked my way down his huge cock. Sweat was dripping from Mark's entire body when he looked down and noticed that I had his entire shaft down my throat with his balls pressed firmly against my lips.

My hands had shifted to his tight, round bubble butt as I kept sucking. I could tell by the contorted look on Mark's face that he was about to blow any second.

I pressed my tongue firmly against the underside of his shaft and this was enough to force his release. With a loud moan, Mark blasted a huge load of hot cum down my throat. Stream after stream flowed out of his throbbing cock as I wrapped my lips tighter around his head.

He was amazed that I swallowed every drop of his jizz. When his cock finally stopped twitching, I eased my way back up to his head and licked the remaining cum off of his piss slit. "Holy shit," was all Mark could say as his cock finally started to soften. During this moment, Mark seemed different. He wasn't even thinking about how he could blackmail me or how he could use what I just did against me. He was completely in the moment. He was hard and horny and wanted some hot head and he got what he wanted - and so do I.

I didn't come out and say it, but I was a willing participant this time. He wasn't forcing his cock down my throat, I was totally focused on giving this young man the best fuckin head he ever had. Judging by the look on his face, I think I accomplished this goal. After zipping up his jeans and adjusting his cock, Mark left. "See ya later," was all he said.

Later that evening, Bill came home. It wasn't long before we were in bed together. The long trip had made Bill really horny. He was ramming his cock in and out of me with enough force to make the headboard bang against the wall.

The entire time Bill was fucking me I kept thinking about how I was going to convince him to use his influence to make sure that Mark and Jacob get recommendations, not to mention Dustin. At least it wasn't the entire football team.yet. Just then, Bill's seed flowed inside of me as he let out a loud moan.

I had already had half a dozen orgasms as Bill continued to pump and go for round two. There was no stopping him. After five rounds, he finally fell asleep and there went my chance to discuss the matter with him that night. A few weeks went by and nothing happened. Bill was back to coaching and the boys didn't make any more demands about me using my influence with Bill. I thought that it was all over and maybe it had all been a game with them or just a way to get laid by a hot older woman.

On Saturday morning, Bill had left to help his brother with one of those weekend projects that guys get involved with. I think it had something to do with cars. I tuned out after that, so I'm not really sure. I was at home alone and kept busy with laundry and doing some cleaning around the house. I was just taking some clothes out of the dryer when there was a knock on the door.


I put the bushel down and went to open the door. Standing in front of me was both Mark and Jacob. "Talk to your hubby," Jacob said with a smile. "Yeah, I did," I said in an effort to keep them from pressing the issue. "What did he say," Mark asked. "He said he's think about it," I said while trying to wrap up the conversation.

"Yeah, well we think you need to be more persuasive," Jacob said with a naughty smile as he adjusted himself in his jeans. "I think you need to go," I said as my eyes involuntarily darted down to the growing bulge in his jeans. Mark was sporting an equally impressive bulge as the boys walked inside of the living room and closed the door. I knew exactly what they had in mind.

I did wonder how they knew Bill left. I didn't have time to figure it out as Jacob pulled his tight muscle shirt over his head and quickly unbuckled his jeans and let them fall down. The bulge in his jockstrap was enormous. "Ready," Jacob said to his brother who was in the process of taking his phone out to video tape our little fuck session.

Mark just nodded as Jacob pulled yanked my jeans and panties down. I let out a gasp as Jacob shoved his entire cock inside of my dripping wet pussy. He showed no mercy as he fucked me even harder than Bill had done when he came home that night. I was dripping with sweat by the time he finally blew his load inside of me.

"Holy shit," was all Mark could say as he held the phone in his hands to capture every moment of the fuck. Cum was still flowing out of Jacob's head as he slipped his throbbing cock out of me. Without saying a word, I got on top of Jacob and rode him hard.

Even he was surprised as I impaled myself on his huge cock over and over. I kept up a steady pace until Jacob's face was contorted and it was clear that he was going to blow.

I slammed myself down hard onto his balls as he blew another load up inside of me. "Give me that," Jacob said while grabbing the phone from Mark. It didn't take long for Mark to get out of his jeans and t-shirt. He had on a pair of yellow boxers with smiley faces all over them. His throbbing cock was poking out of the piss slit as I reached up and yanked them down so fast that his cock smacked against his rock hard abs. With lust in his eyes, Mark just buried his cock inside of me. He had this look of determination on his face as he fucked me.

Even Jacob said "damn" as Mark pounded me over and over before wrapping his arms around me and picking me up. "Damn bro," Jacob said as Mark fucked me standing up as I wrapped my legs around him for support. Mark keep up the steady pace as I grabbed onto his ass. Mark didn't even seem to care that Jacob was there or that he was capturing everything we were doing on his phone. Even Jacob was shocked when Mark guided me over to the kitchen table and laid me down on it.

I put my legs up on his strong, muscular shoulders as Mark pulled me close and shoved his rigid dick back inside of me. I raised my head enough to catch a glimpse of Mark's round, muscular ass bucking as he fucked me right there on the kitchen table.

With a look of total satisfaction on his face, Mark rammed his cock in one more time before blowing his seed deep inside of me. After a few streams, he pulled his cock out and shot the rest over my stomach and tits.

As Mark was catching his breath, Jacob told me that he had everything on his phone and that he would send it to Bill if he didn't get hear that he had the scholarship locked up by the end of next week.

He said the same went for Mark, who seemed to be more focused on me than his brother. After we all got dressed, the boys left.

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I had some serious thinking to do. How was I going to convince Bill to ensure that Mark and Jacob get their scholarship or whatever other assurances they want?