Brunette babe gets eaten out by her taxi driver

Brunette babe gets eaten out by her taxi driver
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He was walking up to her house nervous as he had ever been in his life. She was gorgous he had been waiting a year to hold her in his arms, things just didnt go his way in life. Finally after being away for a long time he can meet her in person and he wants to just run up to her picking her up by the waist in a hug and burying his mouth on hers.

He was perplexed though, because he didnt know how she would respond to that, so he decided for the lesser of two evils, pick up her dog and give her a normal hug. It made him furious that he didnt have the strength of mind just to show her how he felt towards her.

Though he knew at the end of the day it didnt matter, she didnt want him as bad as he wanted her nor would she feel the same from the kiss he wanted. Despite knowing this he can only hope that he will get five minutes to see how she truly feels. After hugging her he gives her body a full inventory and it is everything he remembers from the webcam.

He wants to pull her top off right there but cant her roommate is there and he knows how sensitive she is about this stuff. Finally after alot of awkward moments she kisses him and it feels great, he wants more but knows she will get pissed if he asks so he refrains.

They decided to go to a movie, getting there was a little complex but they eventually made it. He notices how comfortable and fun it is watching a movie with her, the whole time still hoping for just five minutes for her to put everyone else out of her mind, and give him his one chance to prove his feelings to her.

Finally they walk out of the theator smiling and he is starting to think he is about to get his chance to see what it would be like to have her full affection. while walking to the car it is really dard and he notices her breathing hard, and he can smell the familiar scent of arousal coming off of her, and it turns him on so bad that if he didnt more then lust after her he would have tried right there.

Half-way to the car she begins glancing longingly at him and realizes something is wrong he had been paying close attention to her all night and now he seemed to be staring into the shadows hard.

They come to a stop, and he says that something is wrong and out of place.

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Slowly she begins to hear a drum beat, and realizes it is his heart pounding in his chest with worry and fear. She begins freaking out because she knows he is not the kind of guy that gets scared.

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Finally she sees it a gleam of lack of light in the shadows deeper then the normal darkness. He shifts his weight leaning so that he is between her and this darkness when she hears words being spoken and begins making them out.

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(UNKNOWN)you shouldnt have come back old friend this world is not your home. (JOHN)it is my home as long as they accept me (UNKNOWN)i dont accept your presance and now i have power that you could never understand (JOHN)i dont need power to beat you i never have (UNKNOWN)you have no idea That is when she hears the sound of scraping metal and feels herself flying backwards having been flung away from the area.

She manages to somehow land in some soft bushes and then she sees the creature. It was eight feet tall was as wide as three Johns with arms as big around as her. He just rippled with power and awe began filling her, until she realized that the only thing between this beast and her was John and by comparison even his massive muscles didnt come close to matching up.

Then the first blow is thrown by John, whether or not because he was afraid or because he knew that was his only chance, or even that was just his style. She couldnt tell but the thunderclap from the punch hurt her ears and cause the vehicles around them to rock with the force of the hit. The big man barely moved showing it was a bad sign for John. That is when she truly became worried as his opponent slamned his spiked fist into his abdomen the shearing pain ripped through him and he knew he would not survive the fight.

His thoughts turned to the girl in his charge and how powerless she was to even him let alone this monster and he began fighting with a new resolve his next swing seemed to harden in the air adding power to it and somehow he punched even faster then he expected.

Nor his opponent expected as he did not get the chance to dodge or brace for the hit like last time. The behemoth went flying through the air and landed on a large expensive hummer crumpling the entire suv. Before the creature could get off the ground from under the vehicle John was on it and every blow was a thunderclap so load you could see the sound waves in the air.

Soon Johng was moving so fast that he didnt realize what he was doing and each hit was breaking a bone in the creatures body. He could feel his insides becoming harder and realized that not only is adrenaline affecting him but something else is changing in him as well.

Soon the fight was over with the monster dead and John standing there dripping blood from his fists. Jennifer became so enamored with what he had done and the odds he had defeated she ran over and threw her arms around him, and then realized that throught the entire fight that John had not even sustained a bruise.


She didnt care though what he did standing up to that thing like that was heroic and that is all she cared about right now with her arms around him. Then she noticed he was crying so wanting to comfort him she began kissing his mouth and got an immediate response from his eager mouth. Soon they were back at her house in her room his shirt was off and she was running her hands over his hard muscular body while looking him in the eyes as he took her top off.

He leaned in for a kiss and she eagerly took his mouth to hers. She was falling for him and he had already fallen for her. His mouth moves to her neck and he begins kissing her while she removes his pants and pulls him closer to him so that his erection was pressed firmly against her smooth skin. His lips were soft to her and she felt a heat running through her body as his left hand found its way to her large breast and began kneading it ever so softly.

his right hand worked its way down her back as he squeezed a large portion of her ass. She could feel the power he had inside of him and was getting turned on even more by the tenderness he was showing her.

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She knew that in the morning she told the guy she was with it was over that she would cry.but she would be coming back to this. His lips began a downward journey she didnt care to stop as she was loving the attention he was paying her every inch not skipping any of the unimportant areas to reach the gold.


Going slowly he was down by her belly and woking slowly to her wet slit that wanted him inside but would be patient for him to drive himself in. he began slowly licking the outside of her lips moving over her clit down until he had his tongue buried deep inside of her pussy. She began moaning a little bit because of how good it felt to have a tongue that deep inside of her. His hands sought out hers while he was doing this and he slowly lowered her to her bed.

After eating her out for what seemed like an eternity he slowly began kissing his way back up to her mouth.

Once he made it to her mouth and was making out with her she slid her hands down over his body and grabbed his rock hard dick. She began sliding it up and down her slit playing with her clit while she made out with him. Then she began using her other hand to pull him closer by grabbing his ass. Realizing what she wanted he started leaning into her and began feeling her warm wet tunnel wrap around his hard erection until he had the entire length inside of her. He put his hand on her hip and slowly pulled out until he was barely inside of her and then he slammed into her again.

He slowly pulled his lips off of her and leaned back and pulled out and thrust back into her, watching her large chest bounce with the thrust as he began going faster he could hear her breathing change and could tell she was getting close to her first orgasm. He slowly leaned further back and grabbed the other side of her hip and lifter her as in the air, thrusting into her and looking her in the eyes.

She was loving every moment of it as wet as she was the feeling of him being inside of her made her feel amazing. He began thrusting harder and she began digging her fingers into his skin wishing she had nails to dig in with. They kept going not even caring about the time and her pussy began tightening as she neared a big orgasm. He was learning how to tell that she came her pussy would try to cut circulation off from his dick.

He told her he was about to cum and she looked him in the eyes and told him that she wasnt on the pill but would trust him no matter what he did.

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He kept thrusting and he could tell she was reaching another climax faster then the others as his dick began jumping insider her getting larger to dump his load deep inside of her. Finally he slid forward all the way till his balls were crushed against her amazing ass and he had his hands wrapped around her shoulders and his lips were locked in him as he began filling her up with the largest load in his life.

He could feel it almost fill her and some of it leaking out on his balls. The kiss they shared at that time was amazing, both freshly orgasmed and relaxing.

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He decided not to pull out and clean up right then but instead just held her while his deflating dick stayed inside of her and that is how they fell asleep that night