Black twink fucks white twink in locker room Gorgeous teacher Cameron

Black twink fucks white twink in locker room Gorgeous teacher Cameron
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Chapter 1 Knock, Knock. The sound of knocking at the door awakens the slumbering beauty from the hotel bed. " Coming" she calls as she sleepily rises from the bed, even in her dreamy state she is a vision of loveliness. Her beautiful brown hair messed from sleeping frames her angelic face, a face which has and always will melt the hearts of all who take in its beauty.

" Hurry up Stacy!" a voice calls from beyond the door. Stacy slowly opens the door and a ravishing redhead quickly enters the room and embraces her. " Jenny!! What are you doing here?" Stacy asks still unable to fully wake from her slumber. " What do you think I am doing here!!" As Jenny replies an evil grin begins to form across her face.

The glint in her eyes lets Stacy know straight away that Jenny is here for carnal pleasure!!!!! The two lovers begin to kiss. Lightly at first, but as their passion overwhelms them it becomes more heated more sexually fueled.

Stacy begins to run her hands through Jenny's hair, lightly tugging at it which increases Jenny's excitement. The lovers move towards the bed, kissing passionately still as their hands begin to explore the beautiful curves of each other.

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By the time they reach the bed they are feverishly tugging at each others clothing trying to get the other one naked. By the time they reach the bed both Stacy and Jenny are wearing little more then their lingerie.

Stacy slowly unclasps Jenny's bra exposing her pert breasts. "Suck them please!!!" Jenny almost begs as she pulls away from the kiss and juts her breasts out towards Stacy.


Stacy slowly snakes her tongue down Jenny's neck, teasing her in a way that makes her squirm and moan with pleasure. By the time Stacy finally reaches her nipples Jenny is beginning to breath heavy as she feels an orgasm already begin to well up inside of her. All of a sudden Jenny pushes Stacy away causing her to land on her back on the bed. " Now it's your turn!" She explains as she hooks her finger in the waist band of Stacy's underwear.

Without hesitation Stacy lifts her butt off the bed allowing Jenny to easily remove her underwear. Stacy slowly begins to spread her legs but Jenny is impatient, quickly forcing her legs open and diving into her nether regions. "Ooooh!!! That is GOOD!!" Stacy moans as her lovers expert tongue begins to delve into her pussy. Jenny slowly slides her tongue over Stacy's pussy, teasing her with every tongue stroke. Stacy begins to feel the familiar tingle of an orgasm well up inside her body.

As the redhead begins to lick and suck her clit Stacy loses herself to her carnal instincts. " I'M CUMMING!!!!" Stacy screams as she grabs a handful of Jenny's hair and forces her head further into her crotch. Wave after wave of bliss engulf the beautiful brunettes body as her orgasm reaches its crescendo. " Now it's my turn!!" Jenny announces a wicked gleam in her eyes.

Stacy looks at her lovers face thinking how sexy she looks with her face smeared in love juices. Jenny sensually crawls up onto the bed and lies beside Stacy.

The two embrace and begin to kiss passionately, Stacy tasting her own love juices and enjoying the taste immensely. Stacy breaks away fro the embrace and begins to kiss her way down Jenny's body. She lingers at the breasts sucking and nibbling gently on her lovers nipples.

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Her tongue begins to trail its way down to Jenny's crotch seemingly with a mind of its own. Stacy pauses as a strange aroma fills her nostrils, it is not the usually smell of Jenny's pussy, it is more musky and less sweet smelling. This different sent intrigues her, yet at the some time highly arouses her for some unknown reason. As she reaches the crotch of Jenny's panties she notices it is sticky rather then just damp and the smell is now even more intense. Peeling off Jenny's panties Stacy finds herself longing to dive in and savor her lovers pussy juices.

As Stacy's tongues delves into the folds of Jenny's juicy pussy she is greeted by a strange taste and texture she has never experienced before. It was unlike anything she had tasted before it had a masking taste, much like the scent which had drawn her here and a thick sticky texture which for some strange reason was driving her hormones wild.

Stacy devoured it, sucking on Jenny's pussy try to get more all the while feeling an orgasm beginning to build within her. " So you like the taste of a creampie?" Jenny asked with a chuckle.

Stacy quickly lifted her head as the realization took hold that she was eating a guys cum. This was something new to Stacy, she had never been with a man sexual before yet now she found herself with a mouthful of cum she had just sucked out of her lovers pussy.

"WHAT!!!!" Stacy yelled feeling betrayed by the trick Jenny had played on her. But before Jenny could even respond Stacy was once again enjoying this new found delicacy. For the first time in her life Stacy was fantasizing about what it would be like to experience her first cock.

Chapter2 Stacy awake from her slumber sweating. It was the same dream she had been having every night now for almost a week.

It was always the same!!!! She was alone in a dark room, her body being caressed by unseen hands, unsure of who they belonged to or even how many just knowing the wondrous sexual pleasure they were giving her. She would reach out and try to grab them, but she was always unable.

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Finally her hand would manage to grab something, a rock hard cock the instantly began to cum coating her whole body with a seemingly endless supply. This was always when Stacy woke, covered in sweat and finding herself incredibly horny. As her fingers traced lines about her body trying to emulate the feelings in her dream she would curse Jenny.

The dream had started the night that Jenny had tricked her into eating a creampie and tasting a guys seed for the first time. " I will do it!!!" Stacy cried out to no-one as her fingers aroused her to a body convulsing orgasm. It was the same ever night, Stacy would tell herself that tomorrow night she would go out and find a guy to fuck but as yet she had not built up the courage. After her orgasm subsided Stacy drifted back into slumber still telling herself that tomorrow would be the day!!!!!!!

The next day was the usual grind at work. Stacy spent the whole day thinking about how she could find a man, not realizing that she would actually not need to try hard at all. You see people have always been extremely attracted to Stacy, and why wouldn't they be she was a goddess that was unfortunately blind to her own beauty.

After work Stacy rushed home and showered and got herself dressed to go out while she still had the courage. There was a local club that she would sometimes frequent, enjoying the music and atmosphere.

It was only a small club and Stacy knew that being a Thursday night it would not be very crowded, hopefully crowded enough though that she could find someone she may find attractive. As Stacy seated herself at the bar she found that she was instantly sizing up the potential talent in the club. As she slowly sipped away at her drink Stacy thought to herself that this may have been a fruitless exercise. Every man that she could see seemed to be wrong for her.

To short, to tall, to fat, to skinny she felt somewhat awful judging men like this but tonight would be special for her so she knew that she must be picky. Men did definitely show interest in her though, before she had finished her first drink Stacy had been propositioned by countless men.

" Here you go" Stacy turned to see the barman hand her another drink, somewhat puzzled as she had not ordered one. " It is from the guy at the end of the bar" the barman laughed as he went to serve another customer mumbling something about" that old pick up move" Stacy looked towards the end of the bar and was horrified!

Standing there was the fattest ugliest man she had ever laid eyes on. 'Just my luck!' Stacy thought as she was hoping it may have been the person she was looking for.

Then it happened the guy whom she thought had purchased her the drink left the bar holding a couple of drinks reveal the person who the drink was actually from. He was about six foot tall with long dirty blonde brownish hair. Stacy thought he looked somewhat out of place in there as he was dressed in a fitted pin stripe suit with a jacket that come down to about mid thigh.

He turned to look at Stacy giving her a smile and toasting his glass in her direction, Stacy found herself extremely glad she had gone out tonight. " Hi there" Her mystery man said as he walked over and sat beside her at the bar. Stacy looked into his hazel-blue eyes and felt her pussy begin to tingle and moisten, something a guy had never managed to do before. " Hi I'm Sta." Before she could finish her name the mystery man held his finger to her lips, his touch sending a shiver down her spine.

" No names!" he said before adding " Names just seem to get in the way of the connection" Smiling he grabbed Stacy's hand and held it tight just staring into her eyes.

They both sat like this, holding each others hands losing themselves in the others eyes. To Stacy it seemed like an eternity before either of them spoke. Stacy found herself speaking, though the words did not actually register in her brain until after she had spoken them.

" Lets get out of here!" The words shocked her, she could not believe that she had spoken them.

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To her sheer delight the stranger smiled at her and rose from his bar stool neither let go of her had or breaking eye contact. As they entered the door of the hotel room their passion took over. Before the door was even closed they were looked in an embrace, kissing with such fire and roar emotion that Stacy felt her knees weaken.

His hands slowly caressed Stacy's back in such a way that it sent electric tingles surging through her body. 'Wow" Stacy thought as their entanglement ensued 'If I had of known guys could be like this I may have tried this earlier' These thoughts were soon cut short as their kiss was broken, the mystery man leaning into her ear and whispering "Brad" It took a moment for Stacy to realize that this was his name and she quickly replied "Stacy" It was at that moment Brad effortlessly lifted Stacy into his arms and slowly walked with her to the bed.

As Brad lay Stacy on top of the mattress she found herself suddenly afraid, could she go through with this or was it just a very bad mistake. As though he had read her mind Brad lay down beside her and embraced Stacy. He did not try to fawn all over her or even kiss her he merely looked into her eyes and smiled, instantly comforting her.

" Is there something the matter?" Stacy was shocked by Brad's kind words. She knew then there would be no turning back.

She pushed him onto his back and straddled his waist, quickly pulling her blouse over her head exposing her breasts clad in a very sexy and revealing purple lace bra. Brad could no longer control his animal urges, the sight of this half naked goddess straddling him was just to much to bear. He grabbed Stacy, almost forcefully and pulled her in close to him and kissed her with a passion he himself did not know he contained. He clawed at her bra strap now desperate to have this woman, to become one with her if only for a fleeting moment.

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" STOP!" Stacy almost shouted as she pulled away from the kiss. Brad froze instantly afraid this goddess would leave.

Stacy rose from the bed and turned to Brad with a cheeky smile saying " How about a little show?" Brad lay back mesmerized as Stacy began to do a seductive strip tease for him. Slowly Stacy pulled off her skirt, finally appreciating the power that her beauty gave her over men. She undid the straps holding up her stockings, slowly peeling them of her lush legs one at a time.

She looked over at Brad who was feverishly clawing at his on clothes trying to remove them while still keeping a close eye on her sensual display. Stacy undid her suspender belt letting it drop to the floor and just stood there smiling at Brad who had stripped down to his pants. Stacy stared at his semi naked body and was thankful to find herself aroused rather then repulsed.

Brad began to peel off his pants thinking himself the luckiest man alive as he stared at the gorgeous brunette clad only in matching purple lace lingerie. They both just stared at each other then, Brad waiting in anticipation to see Stacy naked.

While Stacy on the other hand was very nervous, almost afraid at seeing her first hard cock in the flesh, hoping that it would not be one of the monster cocks that some of her friends have spoken about. It had now turned into somewhat of a stand off with both Stacy and Brad to busy waiting for the other one to remove there clothing that they were no longer thinking of removing there own. It was Brad who broke the deadlock, slowly peeling off his boxers while his eyes still remained fixed on Stacy.

Stacy gasped as she saw his cock it was about six or seven inches, thankfully not a monster but it did have a rather wicked upwards curve that made Stacy's pussy juices flow with anticipation. Stacy now began to shed the last of her clothing.

Brad's cock began oozing pre-cum as Stacy undid her bra and threw it to the floor. Brad was so mesmerized with that sight of those wondrous orbs that he almost missed the unveiling of her pussy. As Stacy removed her panties she threw herself on the bed now longing to touch Brad's cock. The pair lay side by side and began to kiss, their hands roaming the others body.

Stacy snaked her hand down Brad's body till her hand was finally wrapped around his cock. She was surprised by the fell of it, it was so hard and hot yet still soft and fleshy. As she began to stroke and fondle it in her hand Brad took his opportunity to play with and suck her boobs. Stacy noticed he was much rougher with her boobs and seemed to be concentrating on what felt good for him.

It was still extremely pleasurable just somehow different to what she was used to. Brad was the one who initiated the next move pushing Stacy onto her back and kissing his way down her body. It was just as Brad's tongue began to fumble around her pussy that Stacy realized why his attention to her boobs and now her pussy felt different, it was because he would never know how it feels unlike her previous partners.

These thoughts quickly dissipated from Stacy's mind as she began to feel her pussy tingling.

She was so horny now, drawing ever closer to an orgasm. When Brad slowly slipped a couple of fingers between her lips and into her pussy, his tongue dancing on her clit Stacy felt her whole being ripple. She grabbed two handfuls of Brad's hair forcing his face harder into her pussy as her orgasm consumed her. "Oooh Yes! That's it!! Keep doing that!! PLEASE!!!!!" Stacy screamed these words at Brad as her juices began to flow out like a stream all over Brad's fingers and waiting tongue.

Brad did not need to be asked though, this woman was truly a goddess and he was savoring the nectar of the gods. He lapped up Stacy's juices, devouring them, unable to get enough to satisfy his carnal thirst. As Stacy's orgasm subsided she released her grip on Brad's hair. " Now it's your turn" she said with a wicked smile anticipating giving her first head job to a guy. Brad kissed his way reluctantly back up Stacy's body and slide his arms underneath her, pulling their bodies close together and the pair again began to kiss.

It was Stacy who now took charge, rolling Brad onto his back licking her way down his body till his cock was mere inches away from her face. She wrapped her hand around his cock sliding it slowly up and down the shaft causing Brad to let out an audible moan.

Stacy licked the tip of it, tasting his pre-cum and loving the taste. Slowly she opened her mouth, engulf only the head of his cock and flicking her tongue around it. Little by little Stacy eased her head down, sucking on Brad's cock as it snaked it's way into her hungry mouth.

" That feels fantastic!!" Brad moaned and Stacy felt instant pride, her first time sucking cock and the guy was loving it. But Stacy also had to be honest with herself, she was loving it more then she ever would have imagined.

As her mouth went to work on Brad her hand began to roam, nestling itself between her legs. Stacy began playing with her pussy and soon noticed that she was picking up speed as another orgasm began to unfurl.

Stacy started to quiver as the orgasm surged out from her pussy like a wild fire. Frantically she pawed at her pussy all the while picking up speed on Brad's cock.

"If you keep going like that I'm am going to cum in your mouth" Brad almost grunted, this woman had brought him to new heights of sexual pleasure tonight. It was at this point Stacy had the realization that she had not thought about anything beyond sucking cock.

Did she want to fuck him? This was a question Stacy had not considered until now. While pondering this thought another orgasm destroyed her reasoning as it obliterated her body with pure bliss. " I'm going to CUM!!!" Brad screamed the end of his sentence as he thrust his hips forward, forcing more of his cock into her mouth.

Stacy began to suck harder then, she was able so savor the taste of the first spurt but when it was quickly followed by a second then third she knew she must gulp it down or risk choking. Stacy swallowed hard as the fourth, fifth and then sixth spurt came rushing out.

Her head was swimming by now and although she had barely been able to keep up she was still hungry for more. Chapter 3 Brad lay there drained looking down his body at the goddess who had just given him the most intense orgasm of his life. As he stared at her beautiful face he noticed two things: firstly the wild gleam in her eyes and secondly a small amount of cum dripping down from her full succulent lips.

Stacy looked up at Brad, feeling more sexually aroused now then she could ever recall. Slowly she crawled up the length of his body, there eyes constant locked in a gaze that could only be described as electric.

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The consumed each other in a passionate kiss their bodies intertwining, melding into a singularity. This was the first time Brad had ever tasted his own cum, or any ones for that matter. He did not pull away from the kiss though, because being brutally honest with himself he had to admit he liked the taste.

His cock had began to grow again, it now felt harder then ever before as it pressed firmly into Stacy's stomach. He wanted so badly to slide his cock into the folds of her delicious pussy feeling its radiant heat on his balls.

Stacy could feel Brad's cock pressing against her stomach as they kissed. It felt so hard, almost akin to steel though it radiated his body heat.

' I need to feel it inside me!!' Stacy thought to herself ' I want him to fuck me'. Stacy broke away from the kiss, lifting herself from the waist up off Brad's chest.

As she reached down to grasp his cock their eyes remained locked, neither of them breathing as the anticipation of what was about to transpire was the only thought within their minds. Brad felt Stacy's hand encircle his raging manhood, felt the pre-cum ooze from it's tip the instant she touched it. As Stacy lifted her delectable ass of his crouch and guide his member towards her moist pussy Brad couldn't help but think ' If this is only a dream please don't ever let me wake'.

Stacy began to tremble, she was now unsure if this was truly what she wanted or just some latent animalistic urge within her guiding her actions. She brushed the head of his cock along her slit causing her to tremble even more.

It was then she realized that she was trembling with anticipation, now longing to feel herself impaled upon his shaft. Stacy positioned Brad's cock at her opening, hesitated for what seemed an eternity to both parties before pushing down with such gusto that she engulfed the entire length instantly. As Stacy pushed down on Brad's cock it took all his self control not to orgasm. Her pussy felt like a warm satin glove, enveloping him in such a way it was pure bliss.

He reached around behind her grabbing a handful of each as cheek as he began to slowly pump his shaft in and out of her heavenly pussy. Stacy could feel an orgasm building, it started as soon as Brad's cock was inside her. Her pussy was convulsing, a constant rippling and tingling within her pussy driving her wild.


" Suck my tits!!" She almost demanded forcing them into Brad's face. As he began to suck her nipples Stacy lost all self control and began writhing around on his cock, she came so forcefully that they both were swamp by her nectar.

She collapsed on him them, her body felt spent as her orgasm slowly subsided. Brad quickly wrapped his arms around the magnificent woman laying almost lifeless on his chest. With one quick push he turned the tables, rolling over so it was now Stacy lying on her back on the bed. He leaned forward and kissed her passionately, his tongue exploring her mouth as he began to trust forward with his hips. He was lost now, all notions of pure bliss had left his thoughts to be replaced by the urge to procreate.

Stacy began to breathe heavy, her ample bosoms bouncing around freely with every thrust. Stacy could feel the tingling again, the prelude to another orgasm.

As Brad picked up the pass, slamming his cock so hard and fast into her pussy she thought she would burst the realization finally dawned on her. ' I LOVE COCK' she screamed in her mind wrapping both her arms and legs around Brad's body. "Fuck me harder!!!!" Stacy screamed at Brad, now raising her hips to meet every thrust.

"FUCK ME YOU BASTARD" She screamed as her orgasm took full flight. She dug her nails into his back and began to scream, her whole body jolting and jumping as she experienced the most mind blowing orgasm she could ever recall. Stacy's screams spurred Brad on, giving him a drive which he never new he had.

He pumped away for all he was worth, her pussy juices spurting all over his cock and balls causing him to lose any control he may of still had. The woman who had earlier been a goddess sent from heaven, now in his minds eye was little more then the ultimate sex toy. Stacy began to feel a tenderness within her pussy now as Brad began to violently pump away at her.

His pace had dramatically increased and the thrusts were becoming harder and harder. "Fuck me harder!!" Stacy demanded shocking herself. As Brad's pace increased to a level that made Stacy think that she would soon pass out she again began to orgasm. Violently she shook and trembled, to her this was nirvana.

Brad began to feel the tightness in his balls as Stacy continued to orgasm. " I'M ABOUT TO CUM!!!!!!!!" He yelled quickly pulling his cock from her pussy and rising to his knees.

At this declaration Stacy dove forward engulfing his cock into her mouth. As she sucked away, her hand pumping up and down the length of his shaft Brad let out an almighty groan. Stacy was in heaven as shot after shot of Brad's hot cum sprayed the back of her throat, the taste heightened by her own pussy juices coating his cock. It was as she sucked out the last of his cum and Brad collapsed onto the bed that Stacy heard a familiar noise. As Brad lay exhausted Stacy searched through her bag till she found the source of the noise her mobile phone.


Stacy was surprised to see several missed calls and messages all from Jenny. The last of the messages reading ' What the hell are you doing????' It was at that point an idea came to Stacy. She quickly took a picture of Brad laying there naked and covered in sweat and sent it to Jenny accompanied by a single word, 'THIS'. Almost instantly she received a message back from Jenny asking 'Where are you????????' .