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Futa Naked In School Winning the Futa Vote Chapter Two: Denice's Naughty Favors By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Denice Jenning's Week, Tuesday "Yes, yes, yes!" I moaned as Tanisha rammed her futa-dick in and out of my pussy.

The African-American futa had me pinned against the hallway's wall. She was fucking her big, Black girl-cock in and out of my cunt.

My naked body pressed against her clothed flesh. She'd only hiked her skirt and shoved down her panties to fuck me. I felt her round breasts through her top, her nipples hard. "Damn, you got a hot, tight cunt!" she moaned, thrusting into me harder, faster. "Uh-huh," I groaned. This was one wild way to start the school day. But I was in the Program. It was okay. "Just don't stop. I'm almost there. I'm going to cum on your dick." She kissed me hard on the mouth. I quivered against her, kissing the Black futa back with passion.

I clutched her, my pale body pressed tight against her. The rough texture of the wall caressed my back and rump. She buried hard and deep into my cunt, driving me wild with her passion. Her girth stretched me open. She had the biggest dick I'd ever enjoyed. My body shuddered with her very plunge. My fingernails clawed at her blouse as my pleasure swelled and swelled in me.

I whimpered, my eyes fluttering. She buried her cock to the hilt in me, her pubic mound grinding against my clit. That wonderful spark of pleasure ignited a fire in me. My pussy convulsed as the bliss burned through my nethers and out into my body. I came on her dick. "Yes, yes, yes!" I gasped, breaking her kiss. "Oh, Tanisha, yes! Cum in me!" She drew back through my convulsing flesh, stimulating more rapture to burn through my body.

The fires of my ecstasy raged across my mind, stars bursting across my vision. She slammed her girl-dick to the hilt in me. Her futa-cum spurted into my depths. Thanks to the shot, I couldn't get pregnant for another nine months.

I wasn't afraid of her seed pumping into me. Blast after blast of her jizz filled me, made me feel like such a woman. My twenty-year-old body quivered in delight. My pussy milked her dick as she groaned into my ear. The sexy futa sucked and nibbled on my lobe as the last blast of her cum spurted into me.

I quivered against her, my pleasure peaking. It was incredible. A delicious way to start the school day. My climax died into buzzing rapture. The hallway spun dizzy around me for a moment. I blinked, sucking in deep breaths as I came down from my orgasmic high. "Oh, you definitely got my vote," Tanisha moaned as she pulled her cock out of my pussy. "Good," I moaned, my entire body shuddering. I felt her cum dribbling out of my pussy. She had a nice cock. She stretched me out so much.

I couldn't believe I just prostituted myself to win this contest, but if fucking the Black futa got her to vote for me instead of that whore, Umeko, it was worth it. I glared down the hallway where Umeko, my rival for homecoming queen, was finishing up with Shelena, the college's bullying futa-quarterback. I despised the younger futa. She was a sophomore, so she thought that because her talent landed her on my school football team as a starter made her hot shit.

Her arrogance offended me. So did Umeko's. I couldn't believe she started fucking futas for votes, but I wouldn't let her win. If I had to go to classes naked, if I was allowed to have as much sex as I could as part of the Program, then I would use it to beat her. Friday night, I would be crowned homecoming queen this year after we kicked our rival's, the Puyallup Vikings', asses!

Cum dribbled down my thighs as I sauntered through the halls. Futas stared at me with such lust while girls stared at me with shock or envy. I grinned at them all as Tanisha's cum dribbled down my thighs.

It was such a hot treat. Futas were groping my ass, staring at me in awe. I squeezed dicks, promising, "I'll do anything for your vote." "Will you suck my dick?" Teal, a blonde freshman, asked, her green eyes wide. I winked at her. "Will you fuck me?" Teal groaned as I grabbed her cock through her skirt, squeezing her throbbing shaft.

"Oh, yes," I said. "But I have to get to my first class." Being in the Program didn't mean I could blow off class or be too late. A few minutes was one thing since sometimes you could get caught up with futas groping your tits and ass. "If I can fuck your cunt, I'm in," Teal said, squeezing my tits. "Will you lick my pussy for my vote?" asked Adile, the Turkish lesbian. She was a eighteen-year-old minx, bold and flirty for a freshman girl. She fluttered her dark eyes at me. "It'll be my first," I told her, "but I will definitely do it." "I might even lick yours out," she said then grimaced.

"If you douche yourself first. I'm don't need to eat a futa's creampie." "But it would be hot," Teal said. "So hot," another futa called. "I'll lick your creampie clean," a girl moaned, licking her lips. "I'll make it!" the futa standing by her said. Were they dating? They were a pair of freshman or sophomores I didn't know. "I'll film it," Lizaveta said.

The Russian futa, a member of the A/V club, was following me along with the camera. "You already have my vote." I glanced at her. "You saying I don't have to fuck you?" "Nope. But." She trailed off. I winked at her. A few girls swiped up the cum off my thighs on the way to class, popping Tanisha's futa-jizz into their mouths. They shuddered like they were tasting spunk for the first time, their eyes bright with excitement. It made my pussy so juicy when I reached my first class.

I strolled in and nodded to my futa-professor, Ms. Vance, and declared, "I need satisfaction." A member of the Program was allowed to ask for satisfaction at the start of any class.

They could masturbate or have a volunteer get them off. Every student in the room shot their gazes to me. All the futas bounced to their feet, skirts swirling or pants rustling. Their breasts jiggled in their blouses. A lot of futas didn't wear bras, loving to show off their tits, proud of them. Especially if they were busty. "If you want to volunteer," I said, my hands running up and down my cum-filled thighs, "then you have to promise to vote for me for homecoming queen. That's the only way you get my pussy." "Wish I was a student," muttered Ms.

Vance, rubbing her cock through her black skirt. "You are a sexy one, Denice." "Sorry, against the rules," I said. Even though I was twenty and an adult, it went against our college's rule for professors or staff to have sex with the students.

"I'll do it," Lucrezia grinned, the futa already unzipping her jeans. "You got my vote." Every other futa groaned. "She beat you to it," I said with a shrug of my shoulders, my large breasts jiggling before me. My braid swayed down my back as I marched to the futa. She pulled out her dick. "Just sit down, and I'll go for a ride." I rode her hard, came, and milked her cock dry. My second vote earned for the day. Gym was even better. Not only did I get to ask for satisfaction at the start and was taken hard by Sonia on the tumbling mats while everyone else had to run laps—poor Stacie and Tanisha didn't get to have any fun with me this time—I got a second futa to fuck me in the shower while she was "washing" me.

April Gore came hard in my pussy and promised to vote for me. "Your pussy was absolutely amazing," April said as she pulled out of me. "Your cock was amazing," I told her in a breathy voice.

"Just the best I've had today." It was a lie. A little, white one. I was enjoying myself. There was something. liberating about selling my body for votes. I felt in complete ownership of my desires.

I was harnessing them to get what I wanted. And it was so much fun in the process. My class before lunch, English, earned me another futa's vote, the other futas watching as Leann Winthrop, vice president of the student council, fucked me bent over my desk. I was dripping with cum as I headed to lunch, ready to take on all-comers. I was planing on skipping lunch anyways—I'd been dieting since I started my run for homecoming queen the first week of college—and was eager to garner as much support as possible.

"Wow, look at you just smeared in spunk," Ginny Reynolds said.

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Unlike yesterday, she was dressed in a jeans and a baby doll t-shirt that clung to her shapely waist and round breast. The freshman had her futa-girlfriend with her. "She looks like I did, doesn't she?" "I thought we weren't talking about that," Candice said, the nerdy futa pressing her glasses up the bridge of her nose.

I paused, flicking eyes up and down the pair. "Can I help you?" "I heard you're trading sex for votes," Ginny said, clinging to Candice. The blonde futa's cheeks were burning as Ginny continued, "And I thought it was only fair that my futa-girlfriend get to try out another girl." "I don't need to, though," Candice said, her blue eyes smoldering behind her glasses as she stared at my big tits.

She wore a long skirt and a high-necked blouse, buttoned up to her neckline. She dressed like a spinster. "I'm okay that you fucked all those other futas. It was just the Program, and you were trying to make Samantha happy." "Still," Ginny said, her red hair swaying.

"Have a threesome with us, Denice, and we'll both vote for you." "I thought you pledged your support for Umeko," I said, frowning at Ginny. Real anger flashed across Ginny's face.

"Then she went and fucked that bitch. Shelena! Ooh, I can't stand that bullying futa-bitch! I can't vote for anyone who'd fuck Shelena." Ginny's green eyes narrowed. "You wouldn't fuck her, right?" "That futa-cunt?" I said, shuddering in disgust. "Hell, no." "Good," said Ginny. "Let's use the A/V Club. I just joined, and Candice has the key." "Of course you're a member," I said, glancing at Candice. "What does that mean?" Ginny huffed.

"Candice is amazing. Just because she's a nerd." I winced. "No, no, I didn't mean it like that. She's just. looks like she's into all that technical stuff.

It's good. She's going to make money when she graduates from college." "That'll show that Shelena cunt," muttered Ginny. I shivered, glancing at Candice. "I hear you have a big cock. Bigger than Shelena's." Ginny nodded her head while the tips of Candice's ears went red. She fidgeted, her right hand playing with her pigtail. My pussy clenched, forcing out a flood of cum, most of it probably Flower's jizz. She'd pumped a lot in me. "Let's do it," I said. "I've never been with a girl before." "Me either," said Ginny.

"But Candice is into it. She has a bunch of girl-on-girl porn on her computer." "Ginny!" Candice groaned, her voice strangled. "How do you know about that?" "Because I love you," Ginny said and kissed her blushing futa-girlfriend on the lips.

They were sweet together. Other futas were flocking around us, and I winked at them. "When I finish up with them, I'm sure I can do something nice for you." "You're the best, Denice!" "Hotter than Umeko!" "You're not as much of a slut as her!" Their words made delight flutter through me as I followed Ginny and Candice into the A/V club room.

It was, unsurprisingly, full of all manner of strange equipment. Some of it looked archaic, like from the fifties or something. They had reel-to-reel machines, they type you'd see in an old movie from the seventies or eighties or something.

Other bits looked so modern, small and sleek, compact and useful. There was a strange smell, an almost burnt-air scent. Like ozone that just rose about the waft of cum leaking of me. Ginny popped off her t-shirt, revealing a cute bra of seafoam green with some lacy patterns across the cups. "Cute," I said. "Thanks," she grinned as she reached behind her to unhook it. "Got it on sale at Sears of all places." "Good find," I said.

Candice just shook her head. Ginny's round breasts came out topped by pink, puffy nipples.

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They were swollen with her arousal. Then she unsnapped the fastener on her jeans and kicked off her shoes. She wiggled out of her jeans in a flash, her panties matching the bra, cut with a French style in the front and were practically a thong in the back. They half-disappeared into her butt-crack. She had a cute rump. My pussy was getting hot and juicy, and not just from the all the futa-cum leaking out of me. It was exciting watching a girl getting naked, eager to do things with me.

Girls breasts normally didn't excite me the way a futas. I mean, there was just something so exciting about a futa's tits, their lushness, their perkiness. Just like a futa's ass stimulated me, and a girl's rump normally did nothing.

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But Ginny. "Come on, Candice, get naked," Ginny said, peeling off her panties. She had a bright-red bush, matching her fiery hair.

Juices clung to her silky strands. And was that some dried cum, too? Had she and Candice found some time to have fun at school?

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"Don't be shy. You have a cute body. And a huge dick. Be proud of it!" "Fine," Candice moaned and unbuttoned her blouse. "I know what will get you in the mood," Ginny said, sauntering naked to me. She moved with a confidence that attending classes in the nude would give anyone. She grabbed my waist and backed me up to a long table with dark, wood veneer surface.

The type of cheap folding table you'd see at a church or a rec center. I sat down on it, the surface cool beneath my rump. Ginny grinned as she thrust my legs apart, her fingers clutching my thighs. She nuzzled her face between my breasts, her fiery curls spilling over my tits and brushing my nipples. "Mmm, she's got some big, delicious tits," she moaned, her face rubbing back and forth.

"You're going to love them." "Yeah," Candice said. I shuddered as the freshman girl, eighteen and nubile, kissed at the inner slope of my breast. Then she worked down me, smooching, licking, teasing. I shuddered, my pussy growing hotter and hotter as she descended lower and lower.

The rustle of clothing drew my attention from Ginny. Candice slipped out of her dress, her round breasts appearing into my view. She had tits about the same size as Ginny's, though she had hard, dusky-pink nipples thrusting before her. She wiggled down her dress, sliding it off her hips. Her plain, white panties were tented by a dick. An impressive dick. I shuddered, my large tits heaving, as Candice thrust down her panties. Her futa-cock popped out, thrusting from her blonde bush.

It looked larger than Tanisha's. That nerdy futa was packing something impressive. It bounced before her, precum flicking from its slit. "Oh, wow," I groaned. "Uh-huh," Ginny said, her lips kissing down my belly as she knelt before me. "You're going to love her. Just let me lick you clean and give her a nice girly show." She shivered. "I'm a little nervous to do this, but. I just want to make her happy." I smiled, feeling the girl's love for Candice.

It was impressive for a girl her age, especially since they just started dating. I leaned back as her lips nuzzled into my bush.

She kissed into my silky strands, moving lower and lower. Her tongue flicked out, brushing through my curls. My toes twitched. A rush of nervous energy flared through me. I squirmed, my tits swaying before me. Then she was lapping at my pussy. Her tongue thrust into my folds. I groaned as she fluttered up and down through my cuntlips, lapping up the mix of futa-jizz leaking out of me.

I groaned, the pleasure flowing through me. My heart thudded in my chest. My breasts rose and fell. "Oh, Candice, this is nice. It's got cum in her, but it's also yummy pussy.

I see why you like licking me. Pussy tastes good." "Oh, yes," I groaned as the girl's tongue fluttered through my folds. "Oh, Candice, your girlfriend. Your girlfriend is going down on me." It was so exciting to feel this redheaded beauty's tongue penetrating my snatch. To have a girl lick me instead of a futa. Her tongue fluttered with a gentle delight through my folds, teasing me, lapping up the jizz flowing out of me.

Candice padded closer, her pigtails swaying about her shoulders. She pushed up her glasses, peering down and watching her girlfriend lick up the futa-spunk leaking out of the depths of my pussy.

I clenched, forcing more out into Ginny's hungry mouth. "Wow," Candice said, her hand stroking her dick, sliding up and down that futa-monster.

My pussy squeezed down again, aching to feel that dick in me. "Mmm, yes, yes, the cum tastes like her tangy musk. It's a little like mine, but stronger." Ginny fluttered her tongue deep in me. "Oh, wow, that is hot, Ginny," Candice said, her breasts rising and falling. They were a cute pair of titties. She was slender and delicious. I licked my lips, shuddering. Ginny's licking swelled my orgasm through me. I was cumming so easily naked. I was always excited. Just strutting through the halls was intoxicating, but when I had jizz leaking out of my snatch and hands always touching me, teasing me, I was primed, ready to explode.

Ready for a naughty minx like Ginny to lick my cunt. Her tongue grew bolder. I gasped when she jammed it deep into me. Her mouth pressed tight against my cunt while her tongue swirled through my depths. She scooped out more cum, drawing it into her mouth.

Moaning, she repeated the process again and again. She teased me. She made me quiver. I groaned, my eyes fluttering as the pleasure spilled through me.

My hips wiggled from side to side, the heat building and building in me. I whimpered while my rump rubbed into the table while her tongue drove me wild. "Oh, damn, that's good," I moaned. "I'm going to cum, Ginny. Ooh, just lick me all over and.

Yes!" Her tongue flicked up to my clit. She fluttered against it. She teased me, stroked across my pearl. Then she latched her lips onto it and sucked. Her cheeks hollowed.

Candice moaned, fisting her dick faster as she watched her girlfriend please me. My pussy clenched. I fell back on the table as my body tensed. My stomach flexed. My boobs jiggled. Then the delight burst inside of me. My back heaved, flesh sticking to the table's surface.

My pussy convulsed. Juices gushed out of me. Flooded Ginny's mouth. "Is she cumming?" Candice asked, her voice so throaty. "Yes," Ginny moaned, ripping her mouth from my convulsing pussy. Through lidded eyes, darkness nibbling on the edges of my vision, I watched Ginny rise and throw her right arm over Candice's shoulder. The pair kissed, the futa tasting my pussy juices while I thrashed. Ecstasy rippled through me, my snatch convulsing, cream spilling out to puddle on the table.

Ginny guided Candice's dick towards my pussy. The redhead stroked her futa-girlfriend's cock, guiding it right to my convulsing hole. My orgasm hadn't even finished when Candice pressed against my fold. She thrust. The futa moaned into Ginny's lips as her cock buried to the hilt in me. I groaned, this wave of heat washing out of me. My pussy swallowed that huge cock, the last ripples of my climax shuddering bliss through me.

She stretched me open so much. I groaned and quivered. "Oh, goddess, Candice, you're hung!" I moaned. "Oh, wow, that's great. That's amazing. Wow. You're in me! You're filling me up." Ginny broke the kiss and moaned to her futa-girlfriend, "Enjoy her." "Thanks," Candice panted.

"She's juicy." "Mmm, I buttered her up good for you and licked her clean. No sloppy seconds for my futa-girlfriend." Ginny smacked Candice's rump on the table. "Fuck her while I ride her face." "Yes," I moaned, suddenly greedy to lick her pussy. To return the favor. "Oh, that's hot!" Candice moaned. The nerd pushed up her glasses then pulled back her hips.

My body, still buzzing from my orgasm, I groaned as her clit-dick slid through me. She was so big.


I clenched down on her, savoring her girth stretching me out. I whimpered, my tits jiggling as I squirmed in delight. Then she rammed back into me. I gasped, my pussy welcoming that amazing cock into my depths. I shuddered, squeezing around her. The pleasure surged through me. It sent such wicked delight rippling throughout my body.

"Mmm, yes, yes, fuck her," Ginny purred, the redhead crawling across the table. Her green eyes almost glowed, looking suddenly feline. "Just fuck her hard and cum in her!" "Ride her face," Candice moaned. "Sit on her and let her eat you. I've always wanted to see that." "To watch me ride a girl's face, or just watching any two girls having sex?" "Watching you!" moaned Candice, her hips thrusting, her round tits heaving and pigtails dancing.

Ginny straddled my face and moaned, "Enjoy! Love you!" "Love you," Candice groaned. I felt like a sex toy for the couple, an object they were using as they made love to each other. And. I didn't mind. They were just so cute together. I stared up at Ginny's red bush, her tart passion filling my nose. It was similar to my own scent. But hers was more. appealing.

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Exciting. Hers was another girl's musk. I seized her thighs, suddenly greedy for my first taste of another girl's pussy. I mean, I'd licked futas' cunts before, but this. This was naughty. Her fiery curls settled on my face, tickling me. My pussy clenched on Candice's monster clit-dick as my tongue flicked out through Ginny's folds.

She gasped, her back straightening. She groaned, grinding her bush and hot pussy lips on my face. I gathered her tangy cream and flicked my tongue out again. And again. It was such a treat, so different from a futa. She didn't have a cock thrusting out from her pussy folds like that big dick reaming my cunt. Instead, she had that little bud. Her small, cute clit. I flicked it with my tongue, making her gasp and squirm.

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"Oh, Candice, she's eating me," moaned the naughty girl. "Good," Candice panted, her cock slamming into me, the friction sending delicious pleasure shooting through my body.


I moaned in delight, my tongue licking and lapping faster. I danced through her folds, teasing her, devouring her, feasting on that wonderful, tart treat. My hips undulated, matching the rhythm of Candice's thrusts. She slammed into me, her dick filling me up again and again.

My tongue fluttered through Ginny's folds, drinking her tangy cream. It made me feel so naughty, feeling my orgasm building and building in the depths of my pussy. My snatch clenched around her futa-girlfriend's big dick. Every thrust brought me closer and closer to that eruption. To that amazing explosion that would leave me quivering and groaning. I shuddered, my heart racing. This passion swelled through me. It left me trembling in ecstasy. "Oh, yes, Denice," moaned Ginny, "earn our votes." "Yeah!" Candice moaned.

"Is her pussy making your dick feel amazing?" Ginny asked, grinding her fiery bush and hot cuntlips on my face. The freshman's juices spilled over my cheeks.

"Huh?" "Yes!" Candice whimpered. "I'm going to cum in her." "Good!" Ginny declared. She shifted, her pussy pressing down on my face. Then I heard the smack of lips and muffled moans, Candice slamming her cock even harder into my pussy.

They were kissing. That was so sweet. I pictured them loving each other, Their hands squeezing the other's tits, playing with those round mounds, Ginny's fingers digging into Candice's tits with aggressive passion while Candice was gentler with Ginny's plump boobs. My body trembled, my own nipples aching, envious. I thrust my tongue into Ginny's tangy depths, my body quivering as the pleasure rippled through me. I was coming closer and closer to that eruption.

I fucked my tongue over and over into Ginny's depth as she squirmed atop me. Her tangy cream filled my mouth. Their kissing grew hotter. They whimpered, Candice driving her dick to the hilt in me. I shuddered, my clit throbbing every time the freshman futa buried her big cock in me. Sparks showered through my pussy clenching around the girth. My snatch squeezed about Candice's girl-dick. My toes curling. She buried back into me, smacking my clit again and again.

It swelled my orgasm. I squeezed Ginny's thighs, my tongue swirling through her depths. We were all whimpering, filling the air with our feminine pants. Then it happened. Candice's cock stretched me to my limits again. I couldn't hold back.

I came. My pussy rippled about her shaft. I squealed into Ginny's pussy. Pleasure rippled out of my cunt. It sloshed through my body. I bucked and heaved on the cheap table, the wood veneer sticking on my back and rump. "Oh, yes," Candice moaned. "She's cumming, Ginny!" "So cum in her!" Ginny whimpered. "Oh, yes, do it!" They kissed again as Candice buried into me.

Then that wonderful moment came. Hot cum spurted into my pussy. Blast after blast of futa-jizz basted my cunt. I was growing to love that sensation. It was addictive being so free, just enjoying my pleasures wherever they happened. My body bucked, my tits jiggling. Ginny's pussy juices gushed into my mouth. She squealed into the kiss with her futa-girlfriend. I shuddered, licking and lapping up the tangy cream. It was incredible. This wondrous delight. I couldn't believe how amazing it was.

How much I loved it. "Oh, Denice, yes," Ginny whimpered. "Ooh, she's almost as good at pussy licking as you, Candice." "First time," I moaned, my orgasm peaking, my pussy wringing out the last drops of Candice's dick. "You did amazing," Ginny panted. She squirmed on me. "Oh, yes, yes, you've earned my vote. You're going to be homecoming queen." "Yeah," panted Candice as she pulled her cock out of me. I trembled on the table, awash in rapture, as Ginny slid off of me.

I licked my lips, savoring her pussy's tangy taste. I watched them dress, the pair smiling. They had a playful intimacy about them, whispering and giggling. There was an ease I'd seen with couples who'd been together a long time. "You're lucky to have her, Ginny," I said.

"I know," Ginny answered, a large grin on her face even as there was a hint of pain in her green eyes. "You really, really don't know how lucky I am. She saved me.

Twice." I smiled at that, panting, Candice's cum leaking out of me. The pair slipped out of the room. I wanted to just lie here, but I had more campaigning to do. I had more futas to make happy with my body. I sat up and marched out of the room to finish my campaign. The rest of the day passed in a blur. I earned a few more votes during the lunch hour then had my few afternoon classes.

During orchestra, I rode Flower's cock while everyone else had to warm up. I made such naughty sounds. I asked for satisfaction again in my Medieval History class, choosing Iesha.

She didn't go down on me like Stacie had yesterday, but I was full of futa-cum. She did, however, fuck me on my back on her desk, my big tits bouncing and heaving. She gasped out she would definitely vote for me. My final class, history, earned me a final promise from Gaunting, a Chinese futa, as I rode her dick in the middle of my cheering class.

My campaign was well underway. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wednesday The first half of Wednesday went much like yesterday. I was taking advantage of my ten minutes of satisfaction during the start of my first three classes, plus a romp in the shower after PE. Between classes, walking the halls, I groped and kissed and whispered promises of passion to every futa I could while Umeko was doing the same.

I was on my way to lunch when the Hayward twins hooked their arms up on either side of me, shoving away a pair of freshman futas named Teal and Letizia.

The twins pressed against me, their large breasts feeling plump through their blouses on my naked arms. "Umeko is having a train run on her in the cafeteria," said Shanene, the twin on my right.

She had black hair that fell down around her face, her eyes brown. She was the one who always wore skirts, her cock tenting the front of the tight, purple mini she wore today. "She's letting every futa who promises to vote for her, fuck her in one naughty gangbang," said Danita. "Can you believe that?" "She is such a whore," I said even as this envious surge of lust shooting through me. "Is she taking them one at a time or multiple futas?" "Just one at a time," Danita said.

Her jeans whisked as she strutted beside me. She pressed her breast tighter against my left arm. "She's on her back, those big tits heaving." I shook my head. "Do I have your support?" "Well." Shanene said, her right hand sliding down to squeeze my naked ass.

She massaged me. "I mean. you said yesterday morning there were certain things that were off limits." "I changed my position," I said. "I'm open to whatever you want if I get your vote." Shanene's finger slid into my ass. She stroked up and down my crack. "Even anal?" I stared at her, a wicked thrill shooting through me "Even anal. You can slam your dick into my asshole and make me explode while I ride your twin sister's big dick." "I can agree to those terms," Danita said, her hand sliding up to grab my large breast.

She squeezed my pillowy mound. The cheers from the cafeteria grew louder and louder. It was obvious Umeko was stepping up her game. I wouldn't let her. I sauntered into the cafeteria between the two sexy, black-haired twins. I hungered for this. I nodded to the empty table. It was gray, like all the others, the benches bolted to it so they couldn't be removed.

Students were filing in lines to buy their lunches, others holding trays of steaming food as they searched for seats. Others were queued up to for Umeko. "Yes, yes, fuck my cunt!" howled Umeko. I caught a glimpse of her lying on her back, her big tit sheaving.

"Just ram that dick into me! You're going to vote for me!" A great cheer roared from her supporters.

"UMEKO!" "UMEKO!" "UMEKO!" I shook my head. I would show them. I stopped before the table and smiled at Danita. My hands shot to her jeans.

I popped the fastener. Her zipper rasped as I ripped them open. Her futa-dick tented a pair of satin, dark-blue panties, a little, black bow on the front. "Cute," I purred. "Thanks," she said, her tits rising and falling in her blouse. "UMEKO!" "UMEKO!" I ripped down her panties, groaning as her dick popped out. She didn't have Candice's or Tanisha's size, but she had a nice length to her. She had a landing strip of black hair that led down to her pussy lips spread around her futa-cock.

The tart musk of her dick filled the air. "Oh, that's a lovely cock," I said, licking my lips. "And it's hard and ready for you," she said, plopping down on the table. She stretched back it, her large tits bouncing in her stretchy, red top. She didn't have a bra on, her big boobs unconstrained. "Come and ride me." "Ooh, Denice is campaigning!" a sophomore futa I didn't know shouted. Futas in line with Umeko rushed over to me. "Oh, wow," said that Hispanic futa who I saw getting bullied by Shelena yesterday.

She sat at table with her cute girlfriend. The two Freshman were looking in awe. "Have fun," Ginny said brightly. She sat down at the same table, opposite the blushing girlfriend. Candice took the seat beside the redhead. "She's worth it. She's not a complete skank like Umeko." "Go, Denice, go!" shouted Teal, the freshman futa darting up.

"Can I go next?" "Line up!" I said. "I got a pussy and asshole, and they are open for business." I mounted Danita Hayword, grabbing the futa-twin's hard cock.

"If you want to enjoy my tight holes, just promise to vote for me for homecoming queen!" "DENICE!" "DENICE!" "DENICE!" "DENICE!" I savored the growing cheer for me as I straddled Danita's waist. I lowered my dripping pussy to her hard cock. Cum leaked out of me from my last class. I shuddered, my hips wiggling as I pressed her dick against my sloppy snatch.

I impaled myself down her cock. "Yes!" I moaned, throwing back my hips, my large tits bouncing before me. Danita's hands seized my breasts. She squeezed them as she moaned. My pussy sank down her cock.

I took every inch of her. More and more students crowded around me. I spotted that naughty, Turkish lesbian winking at me while she rubbed at her pussy through her skirt. Other futas were stroking their cocks. I glanced behind me and smiled at the sight of Shanene's skirt thrust up over her hips, her futa-dick bobbing before her.

A pair of red panties were bunched around her thighs. She was lubing up her cock, squeezing KY jelly from a tube down it, then stroking herself. "I'm going to tear your ass up while my futa-sister fucks your cunt!" she moaned, her eyes bright.

"Mmm, big words," I purred, stirring my pussy around on the dick impaled in me. "Show me your passion. Fuck my ass if you'll vote for me!" "You're going to be homecoming queen!" she moaned. "DENICE!" "DENICE!" Those enthusiastic shouts rose around me as Shanene pressed her lubed cock between my butt-cheeks.

I groaned, quivering in delight. My pussy clenched down on her futa-twin's dick. I shuddered as Shanene found my asshole, pressing against me. Then she rammed her identical cock into my bowels. I groaned, the lube slicking the way. My sphincter stretched and stretched, engulfing her girth. My back arched, my tits quivering in Danita's massaging hands. She kneaded them as my pussy grew tighter and tighter about her futa-cock.

The twins filled me. Their dicks were both in me. I groaned as Shanene's hot pussy folds rubbed against my rump, her cock buried in my bowels. I shuddered between the twins, the lunchroom table creaking beneath me. "Elect me homecoming queen, and I will please you all!" I moaned to my supporters as I lifted my hips, sliding my holes.

up both their dicks. "I will get you all off!" "DENICE!" "DENICE!" My pussy and asshole quivered. Dual frictions swept through me as I experienced the delight of both their dicks teasing my wicked holes.

The velvety delight burned in my bowels while a silky rapture grew in my cunt. I slammed back down their cocks, taking them to the hilt in me, my rump smacking into Shanene's juicy crotch. "Fuck!" both twins moaned together. "You got my vote, Denice!" panted Shanene as she drew back her hips, the friction of her cock sliding through me was incredible. I whimpered, my eyes fluttering. "Fuck, yes!" She slammed to the hilt in my bowels, driving me up her futa-sister's dick.

"Definitely got our votes!" Danita whimpered, her fingers digging into my tits. The smack of flesh grew and grew as Shanene unleashed her passion.

She hammered my bowels. I leaned lower over her futa-twin, drinking in the friction of her dick plowing into my asshole. The force of her passion rocked me up and down her futa-sister's thick girl-cock. My holes clenched on them, the pleasure growing in me. My orgasm swelled. Little stars burst before my eyes.

I had never experienced anything like this. I was taking two futa-dicks at the same time. I moaned, my eyes fluttering at the delicious heat sweeping through me. Two identical cocks filled me. Fucked me. "Oh, yes, yes!" Shanene moaned. "Your ass is amazing, Denice!" "I can't wait to try it," moaned Teal, the freshman futa stroking her own clit-dick. "DENICE!" "DENICE!" "I'm going to tear up your cunt," panted a senior futa named Isidora.

"Yes!" I moaned. "Damn, these titties!" Danita moaned. Then her hands lifted my breasts. She pressed her face in them. I gasped as she sucked on my nipple. Pleasure shot down to my cunt and asshole impaled on their dicks. My holes tightened about them, drinking in the friction. Shanene moaned, pounding my bowels hard and fast. I rocked on Danita's dick, matching her twin's frantic rhythm.

My orgasm swelled so fast, fed by their twin dicks and Danita's hungry mouth. She loved my nipple, stroked it. Pleased it. I moaned, licking my lips, the pleasure shooting through my body. I whimpered and groaned.

"Your mouth isn't being used," Adile, the Turkish lesbian, moaned. The freshman girl lifted her skirt, exposing a shaved twat, her lips peeking pink in the midst of the dusky hue of her vulva. "Mind if I earn your vote!" "Yes!" I moaned and leaned my head forward. I pressed my face into my second pussy ever.

I licked through her spicy folds. My tongue flicked through her. Adile moaned, her juices pouring into my mouth. Shanene groaned, slamming so hard into my bowels. Danita sucked with such hunger on my nipple. "DENICE!" "DENICE!" "That's so hot!" moaned Teal. "Lick that cunt," moaned Isidora.

"You're such a slut, Denice, I love it!" moaned a futa I didn't recognize. "DENICE!" "DENICE!" "Oh, my goddess, you're not a stranger to munching on cunt!" moaned Adile. "Ooh, yes, buff my muff! Lick me and make me cum!" "Yes," I moaned into her pussy. My orgasm swelled so fast. I was loving this. Pussy cream ran down my chin to my neck.

Adile was a fountain. I devoured her while my hips danced and shifted around on the twins' futa-cocks. Shanene hammered my bowels, the burning rapture feeding the orgasm building in my cunt. Danita sucked to my other nipple. She nibbled on my nub while my pussy slid up and down her cock. I massaged her with my cunt, my snatch's flesh drinking in the silky friction.

I whimpered, coming so close to that rapturous moment. Then Shanene moaned. Her hips slammed to the hilt in me. Her cock spurted hot cum into my bowels. As if she was connected to her twin, Danita exploded in that same instant. Their two clit-dicks erupted their hot futa-spunk into my holes, flooding me.

My pussy and asshole were bathed by their jizz. I grabbed Adile's thighs, my tongue fluttering through her folds as the twin futas spurted blast after blast of cum into my two holes. I moaned, bucking and shuddering. "Yes!" I screamed into the lesbian's shaved twat. "Oh, goddess, yes!" I came. "Ooh, Denice!" Adile moaned, her fingers gripping my blonde braid as she ground her pussy against my hungry mouth.

Her dusky face twisted with pleasure. "This is so hot! I'm going to cum on the homecoming queen's lips!" "DENICE!" "DENICE!" "DENICE!" "DENICE!" The cheers echoed around me, sending me reeling while my orgasm burned through me. My bowels and cunt milked the twins' futa-dicks dry. I wrung out all their cum from them while my tongue fluttered through Adile's pussy. Rapture melted my mind. Stars burst across my eyes. I trembled in delight, quivering, shuddering, feasting on the lesbian's spicy cunt.

She ground on me as Shanene ripped her dick out of my asshole. Her cum dribbled out of me, leaking down my taint to my cunt stuffed her with her futa-sister's big dick. "Damn," Danita panted. I lifted my hips, sliding my cunt off her dick. She crawled out from beneath me as I kept feasting on Adile's twat. I loved the taste of her pussy. Cum ran down my thighs. This hot, sticky flood that made me feel so wanton.

As a futa slid beneath me, wiggling into place and pulling me down to her cock, I realized what the Program had done to me.

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It had transformed me. Made me so free to indulge. To try out pussy licking. To take a dick in my pussy and asshole at the same time. To enjoy every futa-cock I could. I was allowed to indulge my lusts. "Denice!" squealed Adile as her spicy juices gushed out of her. They bathed my mouth while I impaled my cunt down on the unknown futa's dick, my quivering flesh taking the shorter, but thicker, dick to the hilt.

"Oh, Denice, you're amazing. I'm voting for you! You're going to be homecoming queen!" "DENICE!" "DENICE!" I believed it. Adile pulled her pussy from my face, her cream staining my lips. My hips were moving, working my cunt up and down the futa's dick. It was Isidora I was riding, a big grin on her face, her hazel eyes twinkling in delight as I worked up and down her shaft.

"My turn for that ass!" Teal moaned. The freshman futa pressed her eighteen-year-old dick to my asshole, eager to be in me. She thrust into my sloppy depths, my asshole lubed by cum. "Oh, yes, yes!" I howled. "You're all going to vote for me. We're going to beat that slut, Umeko!" "DENICE!" "DENICE!" "Yes, we are," I moaned, my asshole and pussy stuffed full of dick again.

It was the best. I licked my pussy-stained lips and worked my hips. I pumped my holes up and down both their cocks. I worshiped them as my followers cheered around me. I groaned in delight as a girl I knew from my English class, Annalee Blake, stepped up, her panties bunched around her right ankle. She lifted her jean skirt, revealing a trimmed, brown bush adorning a juicy vulva. "Eat me and I'll vote for you!" moaned Annalee.

"I've never had a girl go down on me, but." "But you want to try it, and that's okay!" I moaned as she pressed her pussy against my mouth. As my tongue licked through her tart twat, I knew my campaign to be homecoming queen would be a success. I could feel the passion around me. There was no way that whorish Umeko could out-slut me. I would make everyone cum. I would love them all.

I would win. Hopefully. There was still the rest of the week. I was only halfway there. I would have to keep up my campaigning. I would have to let futas and girls use my body.

And I would love every glorious minute of it. Win or lose, I was glad to be chosen by the Program. To be continued.