Romantic xxx in 30 minut

Romantic xxx in 30 minut
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Chapter 1 Jen and I have been dating for about three months now and I never dreamed that life could be so wonderful. We're both sixteen, in high school, and having sex every afternoon before Jen's mom gets home from work. The sex started after the first few dates when Jen asked me to take the bus home with her; she had a surprise waiting for me. Well, we had done some nice kissing and feeling around so who knows what lies ahead. Even though I had dated several girls, I was still fairly inexperienced; one let me take her top off and suck her nipples and she gave me handjobs and another gave me a part-blowjob (no, she didn't finish, I had to at home later) but that's about it.

Fun but not all that a sixteen-year old guy wants. So, she unlocks the door and says "Your surprise is upstairs.follow me." We entered her bedroom and she turned around to me and said, "The surprise is making love together all afternoon. If you want to", she added with a grin. My heart leapt along with my cock. "Well?", she says and all I can do is mumble, "Sure, great." Without waiting, she's got most of her clothes off before I can really figure out what to do.

I know that sounds stupid but I was in shock. I looked at her and she stood there absolutely beautiful. Her mom is Italian so Jen's complexion looks like an all-over tan, really sexy. "Come on slow poke, I don't want to wait any longer. When you get around to it you can join me in bed." Well, the rest of the afternoon was heaven. Jen has beautiful boobs and just loves to rub them in my face.

Yum. Right off, she told me she's on the pill so not to worry. "Have you done this before, Ben?" I gulped and told her that I had kind of done this before which was really a lie but what's a guy to do when his girl is rubbing herself all over him and massaging his cock until he just couldn't think anymore.

I was pretty hard now and rubbing her slit which was really wet. Then she says, "Let's get this thing really hard," and bends over me to start sucking and I think I may blow my cork right there.

"Good, that's just right" and she gets on me and lowers herself and guides me in. If her sucking me was great, this was heaven.

In what seemed no time at all, I shot it all in her pretty little shaved pussy, she let out a little giggle and said, "I love having your dick in me and your leaving me full of your cum. Did we have fun or what?

I just want to hold your dick; I like it close by". She took hold of me and slowly stroked and petted my happy cock the rest of the afternoon. So this became our routine after school. She seemed to never want to let go of me when we weren't making love and even stroked me when we watched TV while her mom made dinner. I had to have it out and in her hand whenever we were together. She said it felt good in her hand and it was fun when I began to get soft, she could just rub the tip with her thumb and I'd be hard again.

Boy, she was right about that. She kept a grip on me almost every moment we were together; I always had to have it out and in her hand. She said she liked the 'alive' feeling it had and it made her feel powerful. Well, it made me feel great. What a dick-happy time I've had. Then one afternoon as we lay there in our post-fuck trance, as she slowly rubbed my dick, I mentioned to her that my sister Lori's fourteenth birthday was coming up next month and I was trying to think of something special to give her for the occasion.

Did she have any suggestions. "You two get along pretty well, don't you?" "Yeah, now we do, we both seem to hit it off better than when she was a little twerp." "Well, if you're up for it I have a great idea for a girl's fourteenth birthday present.exactly what my mom got me. The perfect gift. It's a little risky though. "My mom is just great and on my fourteenth birthday, as I was going to bed, she came in my room with a fancy wrapped present.

I asked her why another present and she said, 'This is from mother to daughter; you're growing up and you should be having some grownup fun.' I unwrapped the box, Ben, and it was a vibrator. I couldn't help but blush and just said 'thanks.' But that night I almost didn't sleep. God I must've cummed a dozen times. Next morning, mom asked how I slept and just laughed and said, 'Fun isn't it, Jen. Growing up can be fun.' "So I've had it for two years now and it's my number two favorite thing.

This is number one," she said squeezing my cock. "God, I don't know if I can give my sister something like that. She doesn't have any boyfriends or anything like that." Jen said, "Even a better reason.

Just give it to her and leave her alone to open it. Just don't mention it again. It'll get used; don't worry, I know fourteen year old girls better that you do. They cost about $25 to $35 and you can get some rechargeable batteries. Mom included some for me and believe me Lori'll need them." "I dunno Jen, Lori's pretty cool but.". "Just trust me Ben, I can have mom order one, I'll tell her it's for a friend, that's true.your my friend and your dick is my best friend.

C'mon, she'll love it, it's the best present I ever got, except for this" and she wiggles my cock. Well, Jen had her mom order it and the next week there was a package on her front porch. "We'll wrap it after we've fucked ourselves silly, Ben. I've been thinking about your dick in me all day.

First things first." How can I argue with that? So, after a great fuck session, she sucked me while I licked her; she loves that. The wrapping session wasn't until Jen's mom get home. Lori's birthday was on Friday and I was really nervous about giving her such a personal present. Jen kept telling me that Lori would love it and be cool about it but I was nervous nonetheless. So, when we came home after Lori's birthday dinner, I knew that it would have to happen. Around eleven, she said she was headed to bed so a minute after she left for upstairs, I got up and went up, too.

She had just gone in her room, I knocked and said, "I have a little present for my favorite sister ( a joke between us; she's my only sister). It's just for you, Lori, as your growing up into such a beautiful young woman." She blushed and said, "Thanks, Ben, you've never said that to me before." "Well, you are beautiful and you're gonna have a lot of guys telling you that." "From you, it means a lot being my brother and all.

Thanks." I went to my room hoping there wouldn't be shrieks but everything was quiet. So far, so good. Lori never let on a thing so I kind of forgot about it and the next Saturday, right after Mom left to do grocery shopping, she came into the family room and said, "Ben, I just want to say that you are the most thoughtful brother a girl could ever have; thanks for my 'little buddy.' That's what I've named it and it is my buddy.

I've never been so turned on and never knew that something could feel that good. I can never thank you enough." "Glad you like it, sis." "Like it! Oh Ben, I love it. After I opened it, I tried it out and was up most of the night. Now I know what my friends are talking about with vibrators. Any time I want an orgasm, I get my 'little buddy' and here it comes.

Oh, I didn't mean that funny but whatever. Anyway, I've been thinking how I can thank you for giving me something that is so great. I want to give you some of the pleasure your gift has given me.

I know one of the things guys like a lot is a handjob and I'd like to thank you with the pleasure of a handjob just for you." "Jeez, Lori, you don't have to do that." "What if I want to. Are you telling me that you don't like handjobs from girls?" "No, but you're my sister." "I'm a girl, a beautiful girl, you said so yourself, and I'm all revved-up from my 'little buddy' and I'm offering you a handjob just for you.

If you don't want it just say so." Now, no real guy could say no. I said, "Well, sis if you insist, what about right now, Mom won't be home for a while." "Get your pants off while I get some lotion." Realizing there's no turning back, I pulled my shorts and briefs down into a pile and waited nervously as my dick quivered in excitement.

In she walks with a big grin and says, "My god Ben, your dick is so pretty and it's bigger than I thought." "Thanks, Lori, but pretty isn't a word usually reserved for a guy's penis." "Okay, how about beautiful or sexy or hot or just magnificent. I've seen hard ones on the internet but your's is my first in person. I like it." "Oh, shit, Lori, don't tell me mine is the first dick you've seen up close and personal.

Haven't you done this before?" "No, you're the first but don't worry I've watched a lot of girls doing it on Beth's computer. Her brother figured out how to get around the controls on her computer and we watch porn when we're at her house. So, I've kinda been taking mental notes since I decided how to thank my wonderful and, I must say, nicely endowed, big brother.

I think I'll name your dick, 'big buddy', so I have a 'little buddy' and a 'big buddy' to play with. I'm a lucky girl. And you look like you're ready." She squirted some lotion on her hands, knelt down in front of me and took my cock in hand. "Ooooh, you're so hard but soft feeling at the same time. Wow." She started to rub me up and down and running her thumbs around the head of my ecstatic cock.

"Mmmm, so soft and smooth on the end, is that nice?" "God, sis, you really paid attention to the stuff you watched; are you sure you haven't done this before?" "No, Ben, your my first but I never knew it would be this much fun for me. Is it good for you? You look happy." I was in heaven and I told her that she was giving me the best cockrubbing I'd ever had.

"I'm good, huh? Even for a little sister? Aren't you glad you gave me my 'little buddy'? Now, my 'big buddy' is happy. Is that your cum?" She wiped the tip of my dick and rubbed the head with the fluid that was seeping from my cock.

"No, that's called, 'pre-cum,' and it happens first. When I cum, you'll know it." "Oh, it spurts out like I've seen in videos, oh, I can't wait for your cum to spurt.

I want to make you cum, Ben, yah, I want to see it explode out and make you happy." "Well, keep that up and it won't be long." She slowed down her strokes but tightened her grip up and down. Where did she get so good, I thought. My sis is a gift to mankind. She's looking up at me as she continues to work my cock. I'm starting to moan (who can help it?) and she's saying, "Cum for me, Ben, give me your big brother cum. I want to see it go all over.

Cum for me, cum for me." "God is she hot", I thought, my own little sister, who knew? She used to be such a twerp and now I've got this super hot girl living under the same roof and she's jerking me off right now. Jeez, I love Jen but Lori could give her a lesson in rubbing a guy's cock.and it's her first try.

I'm really close now and I don't know if I should warn Lori that I'm about to erupt all over her. But I'll just let that be a surprise. Then, it happened, I shot a huge strand of semen all over her and several smaller ones after that. "WOW, you really cum, my 'big buddy' really cums big. I'm all wet with your cum. What do I do now?" She continued to rub me up and down and a few more drops made their way out.

She bent forward and licked it off. "I've wondered what it tasted like. Now I know. Not bad." She then started to wipe my cum off herself with her fingertip and lick it off. "So, thanks, big brother, it's been fun. I really enjoyed it even more than I thought I would." I sat there rather dazed at my little sister giving me the best handjob of my life.

That birthday present really has revved up her cute bod and now she's really revved mine up too. She got up and turned around to say, "I'm off to a date with my 'little buddy' now and I'll think of your nice penis when I use it. If 'big buddy' ever needs anything, just let me know, I'll give him a hand." The years of my little sister being a pain in the butt just disappeared. Now I love having her around, especially around my dick. But now I had to get myself mentally prepared for my date later with Jen; she'll want a hand in things too.

Chapter 2 It didn't take long for Lori to begin to parade her body around; she's just oozing sex now. I wish she had a boyfriend but she always says she has her 'little buddy' and her 'big buddy', her names for the vibrator I gave her for her fourteenth birthday, that is the 'little buddy' and her 'big buddy', that's my dick which she wanked for me in thanks for the vibrator.

She has started telling me when she has used her vibrator with a grin and a wiggle of her cute ass which I am noticing more and more each day. God, I never knew I could be so horny.

My girlfriend, Jen, and I have sex at her house after school every weekday and I get all the blowjobs and handjobs a guy could ask for. Then I come home to Lori acting all sexy around me.

She did say she had so much fun jacking me off that she'd be happy to do it any time I wanted. So far, it's been a little under a week and I haven't asked though she has hinted around. It's Wednesday night and I'm in my room looking at a Playboy, pretending to study, when Lori raps on my door.

Stashing the mag, I tell her to come in. "You look funny," she says, "did I catch you at it? I'll be glad to help if you want. I'm a little disappointed you haven't wanted it again. Maybe I didn't do it right." "Oh, Lori, you did it perfect; the best. It's just that I didn't want to bother you with my horniness." "Ben, I'd like nothing better than to hold your dick in my hand and make you cum like you did last time.

I'd do it right now if you want." Well, as I've said before, what kind of guy would or could say no, right? So, I pull back the covers and pull my briefs down. Lori comes over and sits down and gently takes me in hand and begins her magic on my wand. "Do you have any lotion?" she asks. "No, I do it in the shower usually with soap." "I'll just have to moisturize your cock myself," and bends down to take me in her mouth.

My eyeballs stayed in but I let out a gasp as my little fourteen-year old sister started to suck on me and turn her tongue around the head of my dick. She's been watching porn at Beth's house again.

Good for her. Wow. She pulls up and leaves me with her spit all over and begins to stroke me up and down, this time with a kind of twist motion of her hand. Oooh! Now how could I tell Jen to do this little twist without telling her where I learned it.

Lori keeps pumping me and changing the speed, fast, slow, even slower, with her other hand slowly rubbing in circles around the end of my cock. Boy, would I like to be a fly on the wall at Beth's house as they search for the best techniques.

What an age we live in. Are they going to make guys happy. And Lori has started on me. She gives me a few more sloppy sucks to wet things down and about that time I know I'm soon a goner. "Mmmmm, that's just right, Lori, just like that, ooooh," and I cum a big spurt in the air. She didn't get the first wad in her mouth but she moved quick enough to get the rest. "Yummy, cum, cum," she said and giggled.

I giggled too and flopped back. My cock flopped back also, a happy fellow. "I love the feel of you getting super-hard when I was sucking you.

My 'big buddy' really likes that, huh?" "Oh yeah, sis, that feels so good when you suck on me, you've really learned how to make a guy happy." "I like making you happy Ben and maybe next time I'll keep you in my mouth. It was fun and I'd love to feel you cumming in my mouth. Less sloppy, too. Nothing to clean up," and she did her funny little giggle.

"Well, now that my 'big buddy' is happy, I'm off to see my 'little buddy' and have him make me happy. I love the dreamy look on your face, Ben, the look of a brother made happy by his sis. Ta, ta." And off she went to her room.

After a few minutes I could hear her faintly as her 'little buddy' hummed away. Saturday morning right after Mom left to do the shopping, Lori knocks on my door and comes in. "Is my 'big buddy' ready for a suck? Your little sister wants to suck you off now. No lotion, no towels, just my lips on your dick, brother boy." She's wearing a tee shirt and a thong; her long blond hair hangs almost to her waist.

"Well?" I can see her pink nipples through her shirt; she doesn't sag at all, they just stick right out. "I'm ready if you are. Can I get you in the mood, big brother?" She reaches down and pulls her top off and drops it on the floor.

My girlfriend Jen's breasts are firm and full and hang down slightly with beautiful pink-brown nipples that pop up when I suck them or pinch them gently. Lori's are just as large with small pink nipples surrounded by rosy puffy areolas and there's no sag to her at all; they're just pointing right at me as she says, "Like my boobs, big brother? You're the first guy to see them. Do they get you in the mood?" "Oh Lori, you have the most beautiful breasts I've ever seen.

They're stunning, sis. You've been keeping them under wraps but they are perfect. God, my own sister.perfect tits. Lori, you are so sexy; so hot. Oh yeah, I'm in the mood. I'd have to be dead not to be in the mood." "I knew you'd like 'em. They really are nice and I'd like for you to kiss each one. Your lips will be my first." She leaned forward with her hands under each gorgeous pink-tipped orb and I took each one and kissed and gave a nice suck to see if, like Jen, her nipples pop out.

Oh, they do, nice and pink and puffy with hard nipples and soft all around. Well, we better get going with this or I'm going to cum before she ever takes me in her mouth. I slip my shorts off and she kneels down and lowers her lips onto me. Her hand reaches up to take mine and place it on her breast as she begins to move up and down over me.

I'm rubbing and her squeezing her luscious boobs while she's moving quicker and quicker. With each downstroke her mouth becomes very soft and smooth; going up she sucks harder and twists her head and runs her tongue around the end of my dick. She's fucking me with her mouth with the most incredible technique I ever dreamed possible. She's got a mouth like a pussy but even better.

Try as hard as I can not to, I let go with a huge load of semen but it doesn't slow her down at all. She just keeps slowly and gently emptying me dry. Somehow she's keeping me pretty hard; I know I'm sixteen with a 24/7 boner but usually I deflate after a good blowjob.and this one was great.

"Oh sis, I am cummed-out, you have given your happy brother the best suck of his life. My straight-A student sis really knows how to study a subject to perfection." "That's me, big brother, leave nothing to chance, be the best at whatever I do.

I knew you'd like they way I suck you off. Beth and I have practiced using her mom's dildo thing. It's a big penis-shaped thing that she masturbates with and we've sucked it off trying everything we saw on the internet. Practice makes perfect, big bro." "You amaze me Lori, you amaze me." She got up and stood there topless, a perfect five foot-two, blue-eyed blond with a trim athletic figure, hands on hips, looking down at me. "I love sucking you, Ben, and it's not as messy is it?

It all stays in here" and she sticks out her tongue and wiggles it around. "Any time, Ben, any time." Later, at Jen's, we have made love in her room, quietly, her mom's home, and she's playing with my cock as usual. "Has Lori ever said anything about the vibrator yet? You know she's got to be using it. No fourteen year old girl will leave it in the drawer." "No, she hasn't said anything," I fibbed, "but she's kind of shy about that stuff." Boy that was a whopper; Lori has become a hot little slut around the house flashing her boobs at me when Mom isn't around, not that I mind.

Every night she raps quietly on my door and asks if I want anything. About half the time I tell her that a little suck would be nice and she comes in and takes me in her mouth and sends me into ecstasy.

My girlfriend has lot more experience than Lori but my sister's hands and mouth can outdo Jen's even at fourteen.

I don't even try to imagine how good my sis is going to be at fucking. Well, I almost never think of that. Chapter 3 My little sister is the best kind of bookworm; always studying, always learning. On Saturday, just like clockwork, my mom drives off to the grocery store and my sister Lori comes into my room wearing panty briefs and nothing else. "I'm ready for your beautiful cock in my mouth, brother'o'mine. Suck my nipples and I'll suck you good." "Lori you do suck good.

I couldn't ask for better." "Better than Jen?" "Oh come on, Lori, it's not fair to compare the two of you. Let's not go there." "OK, I am good though, aren't I?" "You're fabulous, sis. The dream of every male on the planet." Again, she sucked me with a rhythm from soft and slow to hard and fast and ending up with just the tip of me between her pink lips slightly sucking ever so slowly as I burst into her mouth.

I almost jerked out of her but she kept me in her wet, warm mouth and sucked slowly another minute or two until all my juices were spent. "Lori every time you give me head, you do it better. How can I ever thank you." "Oh, I'll think of something," and she gave me one of her cute girlish, sexy grins and said she was off to her room to have a session with her 'little buddy' before Mom got home. After I helped Mom put things away, she called Lori down and said to us both, "Remember that I'm going to Chicago next weekend to give that talk I've been working on.

A cab will pick me up at six-thirty on Friday and I'll be back about the same time on Sunday." Damn, I thought, I'd forgotten all about it; she had planned this months ago. "Ben, I'm leaving the car keys and money for movie rental and a pizza for Saturday night. You're staying home with Lori, no company, no going anywhere except to pick up a movie, and you do what Lori wants this time. She gets to pick the pizza and whatever else she wants to do. She's your sister and you usually get what you want.

It's her turn this time." Mom's back is to Lori who pulls down her tube top to flash her boobs at me. She's turned into such a tease but I do love it. "It's really nice that you two seem to get along so great now. Makes a mom happy." Lori says, "Yeah, Mom, he's my big buddy; we're lots closer, maybe we're growing up." I could have choked.

If she only knew I had my dick in Lori's mouth an hour ago! The rest of the week was sex at Jen's every day and a blowjob from Lori at bedtime. Could life get any better? Well, maybe. On Friday, I get Mom's suitcase out front as the taxi pulls in. Lots of last minute instructions and "remember you do what your sister wants; I meant it," and off she went.

We went inside and Lori said, "Okay, Ben, let's go upstairs. I've got plans for our weekend." I followed her into my bedroom and sat down on my bed. Standing in front of me, she said, "We'll be in here the rest of the weekend naked and fucking 'til we drop. I want my big brother's cock in me and now is the time." She has already taken her halter top off and is pulling down her shorts. Now off comes the thong panties and I'm just staring in amazement at my "used to be shy" little sister's gorgeous naked body.

"Are you on the pill?" "No, I can't really ask Mom for them so you can go right now to the drug store and buy a bunch of condoms. Get the lubricated kind, I may run out of juice by Sunday.

Oh, and get another tube of this, it's the lubricant I use." I can't help but stare at her perfect body and down to her smooth plump nookie.

Her slit is smaller than Jen's and shaved just as bare. I've got a hard-on that would cut glass. She moves my pillow to the middle of my bed, sits down on it and spreads her legs wide open. Her slit remains closed, Jen's would be wide open and inviting with little flaps on each side that I enjoy sucking. Lori's pussy, though, is nice and plump and pink.

She's starts rubbing it and says, "Hurry back Ben, I want your dick right in here," and she points her index finger to her slit and then slides it inside. It goes in and out a few times then into her mouth to lick off her juices. What a girl, my sister. Then she flops back to leave her hips in the air as she rubs herself. I get back about twenty minutes later and she's still slowly rubbing herself. "I'm holding off, big brother, I want to cum with your pretty dick in me.

Is it okay now if I call it 'pretty.'" "Sis, you can call it anything you want." "I'm all wet waiting for you, Ben, come lick me off.and take your time. I want to see how being licked feels like, it looks so great on video." I laid down between her legs, her little cunt right in front of me so pretty and moist.

"Mmm, I like that, Ben, oh yeah. Oooh, right inside like that." I have my tongue inside as far as I can, then bring it outside to lick her slit up and down and suck on her lush and slippery lips. "Stop, Ben, stop or I'll cum. I want you inside me now, right now." I got up and opened the box and tried to open the wrapper. "Here, give me that," and my sister proceeded to open the package, then handed it to me.

"I never used one, Jen's on the pill, remember." So, Lori took it back, bent over and sucked me a second, put some of the lube on my dick and rolled it on like a pro. "I thought you hadn't done this before." "Oh the internet shows how to do everything, Ben, you should know that by now." Amazing! I get between her wide-spread legs and rub the tingling tip of my cock up and down, then slowly press into her; she's very wet so I easily enter my head into her.

I'm in just a bit and ask her if she's still got her cherry. "Oh the dildo took care of that the day Beth and I found it." She's very tight but also very slippery inside as I slowly push inside. Lori lets out a moan and says, "God, Ben, I knew you would feel wonderful inside me but this is even better. Just fuck me forever." "Well, we've got to eat and sleep and go to school, too." She giggled and said, "Oh, life is so cruel.

I'd rather do this." When she laughed, her pussy tightened on me with each titter. As I moved in and out, she somehow was giving me the greatest pleasure. "Slow down, Ben, slow down. No, more, real slow now." As I would push in, she seemed to relax her pussy around me, I just glided into her with almost pure pleasure.

When I pulled outward, she clenched herself around me; it was sensational, like she was sucking me with her pussy. My girlfriend, Jen, is a sexual wonderwoman but my inexperienced little sister has turned out to give me the best handjob, blowjob and, now, the best-feeling fuck of my life. I'm still going slowly and Lori is going, "Mmm, ooooh, mmm, aaaah" so I know she's enjoying her first fuck.and, oh, so am I. Then I can feel her whole body tense and she says, "Oh god Ben, I'm cumming," and she thrusts her hips up and drives me as far in as I can go.

I just hold there moving only a little as she continues to buck up on my cock. " Oh, oh, oh, OH, OH, OOOH, mmm," and she relaxes and I keep moving slowly inside her. "Oh nice and slow Ben. Mmmm.

That was fantastic. This is the best orgasm ever. Now it's your turn." She starts to rotate her hips as I go in and out. And she's using that clench and relax thing with her pussy. Sheer heaven and my cum pressure is going up and up. It doesn't take me long to shoot the end of the condom full; it seems that she can literally suck it out of me with her pussy action. I get up and pull off the cum-filled rubber and she takes it and squeezes it into her mouth.

"Yummy yum cum. This goes down the toilet, I'm not keeping a scrapbook," and she giggled her little sexy laugh. "I just loved fucking you, big brother, your dick is lots more fun than my vibrator, for sure. It's eight-thirty and we should eat some of the mac-and-cheese that Mom left. Get a robe on, we'll have dinner and a pick." We started to eat and she hit "play" and on the TV was Lori slowly stripping to music.

"Oh, I think I like this," I said, "who's the super-hot chick? I'd like to fuck her and good. Think she'd let me?" "I bet she'd love it as soon as you're ready, Ben. And I bet she'd like to try doggie-style. That'll be fun, huh?" In the video she was now naked and wiggling her butt at the camera with that pretty pussy right up close. Then the scene changes to her spread-eagled on my bed working her vibrator in and out. "Five orgasms in ten minutes, Ben.

That's pretty good, huh? This is just for you.when it's over I'm shredding it." On the video, she's moaning my name over and over as she has each orgasm. What a girl! "OK, dinner's over, back to work" and off we go back to my room. Naked again, we hug and I feel her nice firm breasts as she pulls on my cock.

I sit on the bed and take her nipples each in my mouth and suck and tongue them 'til they're puffed out and hard. "It feels like my nipples are wired directly to my pussy. Every time you suck, I get a like an electric pulse down there. Feels so good, don't stop." "Lori, you've got your juice running down your legs. You really get wet." "Oh, Ben, when I get excited, I leak like a faucet.

I have to wear a panty liner to Beth's when we watch the internet porn stuff. Even then, my panties get wet." Jen gets wet too, I thought, but not like Lori, she really gushes it out.

She bends down and takes me in her mouth and sucks me fully erect again. "Time to make love again Ben, it looks like you're ready." She unrolls another condom onto my cock and gets on the bed on her hands and knees.

"Can you see where to put it?" Her wet nookie glistened as I led my happy cock into her. Again, I was moving in and out and she was moving her butt around in a circle while pulling and relaxing her muscles making it more like sucking me off than fucking.

I was going faster and faster when Lori said to slow down, we had all night. Slower did make it more intense somehow. When Jen and I are in bed, we often pump and pump and it's great but I think Lori is right, slow feels better, longer.

I reached around and began rubbing her boobs; they were pointing down but really not drooping. I rubbed her nipples as we continued to move slowly in and out, round and around.

Once in a while, Lori would make a little "mmm" or "oooh" sound so I knew she was enjoying this as much as I was. She started to buck a little back and forth. "Oh Ben, I'm close, are you?" I said that I was and she said to try to come together.

It was always great when Jen and I had orgasms together which happened only once in a while. Her love juices are running down her legs as her pussy tenses and she says, "You better hurry," and she begins pushing back onto my cock driving me deeper. "Ewww, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, OOOOH, OOOOH, cum Ben, cum in me." That's when I shoot my stuff into her, she moans and I collapse forward onto her back.

We both drop onto the bed in one blissful heap. "Oh Ben that was so nice. Thank you." "Are you kidding? Thank you, any guy on earth would love to be in my place." After a minute, I moved off her and she pulled off the condom and licked it clean. "Another fun fuck," she says and takes it away and flushes it. "I'm so wet, why don't you lick me for a while." I knew Mom wanted me to do what Lori wanted so I got between her legs.

"Let's do sixty-nine. I've wanted to do that with you." So we slowly kissed and licked and sucked for an hour or two. Around midnight, Lori said she was totally happy but tired and it was time for bed. So we snuggled together naked and content and drifted of to sleep.

Chapter 4 Throughout the night we would wake a bit to play with each other then doze off again. It was so nice to hold my naked sister and feel her skin-to-skin all night. In the morning, she nudged me and said she wanted to wake up my cock. I rolled over and she took my sleepy penis in hand and began to gently suck and lick around the very tip. Oh, I woke up pretty quick and slid my finger into her already-wet slit. "Mmm, nice," she mumbled and went back to sucking just the end of me.

Then she suddenly plunged her mouth tightly around me and went up and down really fast. I almost cummed right then. She said it was time to get up; she's saving my orgasm for after breakfast.

After we ate, she led me to the bathroom. "You can watch me shave my pubes", she said, "Want me to do you?" "What would Jen think when she sees that?" I asked. "Just tell her you did it for her to see if she likes you that way. I promise I won't cut your pretty dick off, I love it too much to do that. Besides, I have plans for it after our shower.inside me. Are you up for that? Looks like you are," as she reached over to my erect cock and gave it a little squeeze.

She shaved her pretty mound and then I let her shave me. She held my cock as she guided the razor around my groin.

Near the end, she leaned forward and gave me a little suck. She then reaches in the shower and turns it on to warm. She gets in and reaches out to grasp my dick and pull me in. "I wanna get this real clean," she says as she soaps my cock and strokes it back and forth.

"Clean and nice and hard for Lori." I begin to soap her and her breasts feel incredible in my hands-so soft, smooth, slippery. I've never showered with Jen and now I see what I've been missing. We soap each other in the warm shower and I lean down and kiss Lori long and hard with our tongues sucking and swirling in each other's mouths.

"God, I love you, Lori." "Oh, Ben, I love you too." Dried off now, she said she wanted to sit up on the counter and have me fuck her right there. After suiting up my dick, I pressed into her as she let out a sigh. "Oooh, that's what I want. Mmmm." It took about twenty happy minutes for Lori to orgasm. I was afraid she'd slip off the counter, but I finally just relaxed and let my juices flow. "Oh, I love to make you cum, big brother," she said as she licked out the inside of our third condom and tossed it in the john.

"Bye bye, little baby protector," and giggled her cute laugh. "Let's snuggle," she said as she led me back to bed. It was really nice laying there in each other's arms with the warmth of our closeness as we lazily played with each other.

I was slowly rubbing her slit as she moved her hand along my hard shaft. She moved around, bent down and began to suck me with her butt up near my shoulder. I moved a finger into her wet slit and slid my thumb under to rub her clit.

She let out a little happy moan. Just then, the my cell phone rang. I reached over; it was Jen. "Hi, Jen. What's up?" "Just wanted to see how you and your sister are getting along." "Just great. Miss 'ya." "I miss you and your cock. Just think of having your hot, hard cock sucked right now." "Oh I am, Jen, and it's great." "Can you feel my lips riding up and down?" "Oh, I'm getting the feeling.

Nice." "More of that on Monday after school. I'll suck and fuck you're socks off. In the meantime, you better jack-off or you'll be dripping a trail of cum by Monday afternoon. I'm fingering my pussy right now and I'm really wet thinking about you.

Talk to you tomorrow. Go get your rocks off." "Oh I will, Jen, and soon. Bye." Lori is running her tongue back and forth across the underside of my cocktip and I'm getting near the cumming point.


"I'm getting close, Sis, that's really good." "Well, I want you in me then. And, I'm on top this time." I lubed my cock, rolled on another condom, and laid down. Lori squatted over facing me, reached under for my cock and lowered herself onto my waiting dick. She sank down all the way, went up and down a bit, then pushed down all the way down as far as she could go.

The head of my cock was driven into a tight space way inside her and was being gripped firmly. Then she raised up only a half-inch or so and went back and forth and kept that up for a while. The small strokes were exciting. She pressed down and began to twist her hips which felt sensational on the tip of my cock. She was hardly moving, just flexing the muscles in her pussy around my cock and rotating and going ever so slowly up a little and down a little.

I laid back and closed my eyes. Every fuck with Lori was better than the last. What she was doing just felt so good.

She was massaging my cocktip with what felt like the deep end of her pussy. She's smiling down at me and has her eyes half-closed. "Mmm, oh, I love being on top, nice and slow, oooh, are you close, Ben?" Right then, the house phone rang. Lori leaned over and picked up my extension from the night stand. "Hi, Lori, it's Mom. I got here fine and my talk really went well. Several good comments from people and some really good questions.

So, how's it with you two?" "Oh, just great. Your mac and cheese was awesome as always. We watched a DVD that I picked out and Ben seemed to enjoy it too." I almost choked since we had watched an X-rated debut of my sister stripping and masturbating to the camera.

Just what every mother wants her daughter doing. "You sound a little out of breath. Are you OK?" "Oh, I've been doing sit-ups." "Good girl, keep that beautiful body slim and trim.

You'll have boys chasing after you for sure." "Well, we'll see." "And is Ben doing what you want this weekend?" "Oh, yes, we're getting on better than you'd believe. He's even helping me with some stuff that Beth and I are studying at her house." I can't believe she's saying these things as she continues to slowly rock back and forth looking at me with this wicked little smile on her face.

Knowing my mom is on the phone right over my head has put a little droop in my dick but Lori keeps on going. "Well, I'll call you from the airport tomorrow when they call the boarding. And I'll see you about six-thirty. You have my cell number if you two need anything." "Sure Mom, but Ben has everything in hand so not to worry." "Great Lori, bye, see you tomorrow. Love to you both." She clicks the phone off and says, "Okay, now back to business." She begins her slow grind against me as I rise to the occasion.

It's feeling great and I've already forgotten Mom's call.

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A guy's penis is a powerful attention concentrator. I rub my thumb along the base of my cock; Lori is so wet, we're covered there with her juices. Then I bring my wet thumb to her clit and begin to rub round and around. "Mmmm. Ben, you sure know where the clit is. I'll bet you've had lessons." "Actually, sis, even though it's none of your business, it's about the first thing Jen showed me when we hooked-up.

Your brother can learn a thing or two, just like you." "Mmmm, keep that up and I'll get off before you know it." "I'm pretty close too. That slow stuff you do feels so good on my cock." "You mean like this?" as she circles her pussy around the base of my dick.

"Exactly, like that," and I cummed all I had deep into her warm juicy love nest. "My turn," as she started to stroke a bit up and down. "Oooooh, ooooh, I'm there. Oh, Ben, I love you. Mmmm. Oh it's so good, so good." She collapsed forward and we just lay there for a long time surrounded with a cloud of ecstasy.

We just lolled there happy and satisfied. After a few minutes, she got up and turned around so her head was near my hips and mine was near her happy little pussy.

"How about we just lick each other for a while?" "Oh Lori, you have the best ideas." She started lapping her tongue around my dick and raised her upper leg so I could move my mouth to her pussy. We spent probably the next hour or so just lazily pleasuring each other. "I could lick your pretty little puss forever, Lori. You're so sweet and juicy. And I can feel you throb once in a while when I run my tongue down your slit.

You must like that." "Oh, do I. It's all tingly and feels like I'm on fire. Like my pussy is the only thing I can feel. You can do it forever." I'm not sure when it happened but Lori and I drifted off to sleep. Chapter 5 It was dark when I felt her move. "Geez, we've been asleep. I'm starving, how about you, Ben? Let's order the pizza." "OK but we can't greet the delivery guy like this can we?

That'd give him a show! We've got to put something on. Why don't you answer the door in something really skimpy and give the poor guy a treat?" "You are kidding, right?" "Well, what guy wouldn't love to see you dressed sexy?

Lori, you are beautiful and you need to get used to believing it. Your breasts are so pretty I'm getting hard looking at them and I've been with them all weekend. And your ass is to die for. Turn around. Oooh, yea. Perfect. Let's dress you in something that'll make the guy's day.

C'mon." I grabbed her hand and we went into her room. "OK, what's the most see-through top you've got?" "Well, this sweater is all open weave. I'd never wear it without something underneath. You'd see everything I've got." "Try it on Lori, let's see." She slipped the sweater on and did a little "model-twirl" to let me see. "Lori, you are hot, hot, hot." She went over to her mirror and said, "Yeah, pretty hot.

But my nipples show right through." "Oh give him a thrill. You need to loosen up a little and give guys a little peek. The world needs a little more skin from beauties like my little sister. And parts of you aren't so little. What's your bra size? I already know in mouthfuls." "Thirty-four C, if you must know. Now what?" "How about a skimpy thong? You'll have to turn around to get the money. You can show him that stunning rear end of yours." She opened her panty drawer (Yes I know it well.

I'm a guy, remember.) and pulls out a wisp of fabric. She steps into it and pulls it up. "Damn, Lori, I've seen you naked all day. How can you put something on and be sexier?" "You're just starting to get a hard-on that's all. It's all in your cock.

And how can I let some geek see me like this? My pussy lips show." "Pretty ones they are, sis. Perfect, I'd say. And sweet. But you have a point. What else you got in there?" "You mean you don't know?" I kind of smiled and said, "Let's see" and started rummaging through her pretty panties. "How about these, they're a little wider and have a frill." She slipped them on and twirled around for me. "Oooh, it turns me on." "Yeah, I can tell" and she points at my rising cock.

"That pizza guy'll leave a trail of cum back out to his car. You are so hot looking." "Your dick seems to like me," and she knelt down and took me in her mouth and began slowly sucking me. "Pizza, Lori, pizza. You can do this until it comes.the pizza, not me.

Let's order." Well, the pepperoni is on the way. She's sitting on the couch and I'm kneeling in front of her with my face buried in her wet snatch. Her panties are pulled aside and my tongue is as far in her as possible.

"Are you ready, Lori? The guy'll be here any time." "Well, I am a little nervous but I'm also turned on by it. What if he's a pimply nerd?" "Well, you'll have made him one happy dude and he can jack-off all the way back to the store. He'll be luckier than most guys on a Saturday night." Then the doorbell rings. Lori gets up, gives me a sly smile and trots off to answer the door.

"Pizza", the guy says and Lori invites him in. She takes the pizza and puts it on the dining room table. The guy is watching her walk away with his eyes wide as saucers. She comes back and says, "How much?" She pays him and and he leaves. "Omygod, he got an eyeful. Think he'll whack-off in the car?" "I would, sis, if I saw your beautiful bod when I was delivering pizza." "Geez, it did really turn me on to parade around a stranger like that practically naked.


I'm wet again." "Save it for me. Let's hurry and eat." We ate and went back upstairs. "Off with the clothes, that's the agreement." We took each other's clothes off, it didn't take me long to slip off Lori's sweater and thong. I lingered on the latter and tongued her wet slit a little. "Mmmm, nice, Ben, mmm." We're back in my bed now and Lori says she wants to be on bottom, so after I get a condom on, I climb between her legs.

She lifts up her legs and her glistening pussy stares up at me. She reaches for my cock as I lower myself and we slide together in a nice warm and wet embrace. She puts each leg up over my shoulders. Now her pussy is in a direct line for me to lower my cock and push all the way in. "Oh, I've wanted to try this position ever since the first time Beth and I saw a couple on the internet doing it like this. It really looked like fun and, mmm, it is. Just be careful and don't fuck me too hard.

I'm a bit sore. You've been fucking your poor sister all weekend, you brute. And she's loved it all." I'm sliding in and out of her and the feeling is incredible. "Oooh, take it nice and long and slow, Ben, that feels wonderful. Go in and leave it there. I just want to feel you there." I'm holding my cock deep in her and she's pulsing the muscles around me and moving just ever so slightly back and forth and round and round.

"Oh, Ben, you fill me up. I wish I could keep you inside me forever. Promise me you'll fuck me forever." "Oh, Lori, I love you. I've never felt so good." "I love you, too, Ben. I always want to feel you inside me." We went on slowly moving; it felt so good as she kept up her muscle action.

"Mmmm, oooo, ooooh, aaahgh, uuugh," as I cummed and fell forward on her. "Oh, wow, what you did was the best ever. It was like you were lowly suctioning the cum right out of me. Where'd you learn that?" "Oh there's more than porn on the internet, big brother, lots of blogs and advice on how to do it.

How to make yourself a star in bed. And Beth and I do these exercises that tone your pussy muscles. Have I learned well?" "You're on my honor roll, sis. Straight A-plus puss." "You're too sweet." "How about you, Lori?

You didn't orgasm this time did you?" "No, but that's all right. Yours made up for it. You really shot me full." "I'm not going to let you off without a good cum, how about you get your vibrator? You can teach me how to use it." She brings back a white plastic rod that has a droop to it.

"Here, look it has three speeds and is curved to fit a woman's body inside. Not as nice as your cock but it's handy when you're not around." She held it next to my dick to compare. "Yeah, I really think your dick is much nicer and never needs batteries." "Well, some recharging now and then, though.

It doesn't run forever." "Oh I know how to do a recharge on it pretty quick don't I?" I clicked it on and moved the tip around the palm of my hand. "No, it's for my pussy, stupid." "Ha, ha, lay down that's just where it's going." She flopped down and slid my pillow under her hips. "Here, use a lot of lube on it and put some on the outside of me down there.

Oooh, that feels nice, use plenty, it's been a long weekend." I knelt down facing down her body as she spread her legs, opening her pink love box. I began to move the wand over her lips and around her opening. "Mmmm, nice, Ben." I led it up and down her slit as it vibrated on and on. After a few minutes, I moved it inside and slowly in and out as it hummed along.

When I put it in further, she moaned and said "Slow and easy, my puss is tender. That's nice, real nice." As I stroked it slowly in and out I could see that her pussy was redder than it was on Friday night. That seemed so long ago. Oh, what a weekend. My cock was somewhat sore as well, especially around the base. Lori rotates her hips when I'm inside of her and while it feels wonderful when she does it, it puts some strain on me, I guess.

Oh well, how lucky can a guy get? I move the wand out and back to her outside and up to her clit area. "Oooo, right there. Not too hard. Mmmm, just right. Go round and round." She reaches under me to caress my cock back to life.

"Put it back in. About half way. Mmmm. Tip it up into me, oooh, yeah, just like that. Mmmm, mmmm, mmm. Ooo, perfect. Right there. Back and forth." Her eyes were closed and she arched her back as I kept the tip right where she wanted it.

With my thumb, I started to brush back and forth across her clit area. That really got her moaning. Then, her whole body tensed and she jerked her hips up and down. "Ooooh, ooooh, ooooh, don't stop, Ben. Keep it right there. Oh, oh, oh. Oh, my god, I'm so happy. That feels so good.

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Oh, so good. So good, so good. Ungg, UNGGG, OH, OH. " After a minute or two, I pulled out the vibrator and bent over to kiss her happy pussy and give it a few licks. She was dripping wet and my pillow was soaked with her juices.

"Lori, my pillow is drenched with your love juice." "Aren't you lucky. You'll sleep dreaming of me. Breathing in my scent. Lucky dog." We lay there few minutes, then she got up, turned away from me and straddled me.

"Time for some sixty-nine. What a great name for it. I've wanted to do this a lot," she says over her shoulder. She lowers her mouth over my semi-soft penis and begins to lick and suck. At the same time, she lowers her pussy down and presses her wet lips to mine. My tongue probes her wetness as she circles my cocktip with her tongue. After a while, we must have drifted off to sleep, happy and contented. I woke sometime during the night with a hard-on and started lightly rubbing my finger across Lori's pussy lips.

She was already wet when she turned and said, "I'm a little sore there but I'll suck you if you want me to. It's hard to sleep with a hard-on, isn't it?" She crawls down and begins to suck me, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. She takes hold of my cock and circles the head with her tongue and giving little sucks.

Boy, I'm hard as a rock now and moaning. "Mmmm, Lori, mmmm, make me cum." A few minutes later, my wish was granted. I kissed Lori long and deep and held her tight. "G'night, love." "G'night, love." And we drifted off in a love-sodden haze.

Chapter 6 The sun was up when Lori jumped on the bed and threw off the covers. "Time to get up, big brother, I'm making pancakes for breakfast. Get up. Oh, and let's get my 'big buddy' up too", as she bent down and gave my hardening cock as few nice pulls. "More of that later," and she runs back downstairs naked as the day she was born. What have I ever done to deserve such a sister? A real sex machine and cute about it, too.

As I come into the kitchen, she says, "Please take a seat, I'm Lori, and I'll be serving you this morning. Our restaurant is very informal as you can see; it's 'cum' as you are. Would you like orange juice?" I'm wearing briefs and she says, "May I check these for you?" and pulls them down to the floor.

She then leans forward and pulls my dick into her mouth for a few sucks. "Breakfast is being served. More of that later." She sits the plate down and asks if I want syrup? Saying yes, she pours some on my plate of pancakes. "First, a small taste for you" and dips her finger in the syrup and smears a little on each nipple and leans over. "Taste, sir?" Who would say no? She sat down with a plate of her own and as we ate we reached for each other. I was feeling her breast as she rubbed me under the table.

"Outstanding service, Lori, my complements." "We try to please." She dipped her thumb in a bit of syrup and rubbed it on the tip of my cock. "Sorry, sir, let me clean that up for you," and she knelt down and licked it off. "There that's better." I was stiffening as she spoke. "Looks like we have a happy customer." The pancakes were great but the view of my naked sister sitting there with me was unbelievable.

"Anything else, sir?" "Oh, no Lori, you were the most attentive waitress I've ever had." "Maybe I'll get a big tip like this one," as she touches the head of my bouncing penis. "Oh, it's all yours, Lori. Service here sucks but in such a good way." After we put our plates in the dishwasher, she holds me by my stiff dick and leads me back upstairs. "What would you like now, sir?

We have several specials: The oral masterpiece, The hands-on experience or The inner massage. Or a combination of all three." "I'll try the combo, that sounds nice." "You won't regret it, I promise. Please lay down here." "Which would you like first, sir?" "You decide, please." She reached over and got the gel and squirted some on her hand and began sliding it up and down on my shaft.

She then began rubbing the palm of her other hand around on the head of my cock. I quickly got that dreamy look on my face of intense pleasure. "How is it, sir?" "Heavenly, miss. You have a touch for these things." She grinned. "Thank you, sir." She slides one hand down and grips around the base with her finger and thumb. With her other hand, she pulls on me like she's pulling on a rope. Up and down, the feeling is ecstatic. "Second course, sir, our oral immersion." Her lips descended around me and began to firmly suck as she twisted her head from side to side.

I was really hard and my cum level was rising. "Mmmm, good. That's good." I reach over and get some lube on my finger and begin to gently rub Lori's love slit. "Thank you, sir, that's nice of you," she murmurs and continues on giving me great pleasure. The head of my penis is all tingly now and she slows down and takes me from her mouth.

"Time for our house specialty, a sensual inner massage from your hostess, Lori. We have a special bib for you to wear." With that, she rolled on a condom and turned around facing away and straddled me, reached under and guided my pulsing cock into her waiting love box and slid down. "Oooh, that's so good, miss." "We've just started, sir.

There's more to 'cum.' Just be patient." She rode up and down facing away from me; the feeling was sublime. Her puffy, wet, slick pussy slid up and down, up and down with her moving her hips around to give me a delicious feeling. "We hope you're enjoying your stay with us. 'Cum' any time, we love having you inside enjoying yourself. Oohh, and we're enjoying your visit, too, sir. Having you here makes us feel sooo happy. Mmmm." She sounds a little out of breath as she keeps rocking.

"Mmmugh, oooh, ooooooh," as I feel her stiffen and moan and about that time, my cock floods out and I am engulfed in a thrilling orgasm that takes over my entire body. She slows down her rocking as I melt into bliss.

"Happy, sir?" "Oh, yes, miss, divinely, thanks." She leans forward and pulls the cum-filled condom off and licks out its contents.

"We want to keep you 'cumming', sir. May I get you anything else?" "Oh Lori, I think I've had all I can do right now." She picks up my limp cock and says, "Yes, you look like you've enjoyed yourself immensely. I hope this tip is for me," as she slightly pinched the head of my cock.

Afterward, we lay quietly in each other's arms enjoying the feeling of love and contentment and skin between us. "So tell me about you and Beth looking at all this stuff on the internet. How long have you been doing it?" "Well, Beth's brother showed her how to unlock the controls on her computer about a year ago, then it was simple; everything's out there including a lot of stuff we both decided we didn't really like." "Like what?" "Oh, anal sex for a starter.

Maybe some people like that but it just doesn't turn either of us on. And bondage, that's too weird. We also get tired of all the 'cum-shots' that people think they have to do. Cum belongs inside a woman, not on her face. If it's a handjob, then her mouth or breasts are okay but, geez, to pull your dick out of her nice warm, loving pussy and finish by jacking-off on her face, why bother. Pussies are made for dicks and cum." "Well, sis, I agree with you and it looks like my dick does, too." Lori talking about her internet adventures was turning me on.

A beautiful naked fourteen-year old girl laying next to me might have also had some effect. "The big fake tits also are stupid. Do you guys really like those big watermelons? Better than this?" and she leaned over me and dragged a nipple across my lips. I pulled it into my mouth and felt it harden as I sucked.

"Yeah, I agree, sis, you've got all those babes beat. Yours are so pretty and your nipples are so nice and pink and tasty. The others look fake, not pretty.

So what else do you watch?" "It didn't take us long to start searching for 'amateur' or 'homemade' videos. They were real people and real sex instead of the fake boobs and guys with huge penises. Some are not so good but there are some that have good lighting and a nice looking couple in them. Some get really close-up and that's pretty sexy." "So you two saw it all, dicks, pussies, cum, fucking, sucking, licking, just everything. And you're what, thirteen?" "Yeah, all that and we searched a lot of 'how-to' websites on sex.

Lots of stuff people do that sounded really good." "Yeah, but you two must get turned on pretty hot. Anything happen." "If you mean lesbian stuff, Ben, no, we're both into guys. I love dicks just like your pretty one," and she put her hand around my now-hard-again shaft.

"If you must know, there are times that we get blankets to put over our laps so we can masturbate underneath. It's pretty obvious when one of us cums but we are best friends. We decided that we should be glad when the other is happy and if cumming makes you happy, then more is better." "We also talk a lot about what seems good to try when we have boyfriends and, as I told you already, we practice on her Mom's fake dick dildo thing.

We watch each other and give pointers. It's fun." "What else, sis?" "We now know that there are all kinds of cocks, long, thin ones, fat chubby ones, purpley ones, pink ones, brownish ones. I like your pink one, Ben. Pink is my favorite, isn't that nice?" "What else?" "Well, we talk about guys, you know, just like guys do about girls.

Who we'd most like to fuck. Don't tell me you've never talked with your buddies about that." "Sure, guys will be guys. I guess girls will be girls, huh? So, who did you two pick?" "What if I don't want to tell you?" "Oh come on, we've been naked all weekend and you want to hide something from me. I've had my tongue in your pussy! What's to hide?" "Mmm, promise not to tell Beth?" "Sure, who is it?" "Don't be offended, but I couldn't tell her that I thought my brother was a hunk, so I said, Bobby Lees.

She agreed that Bobby is nice and a good choice. So, there." "OK but who did she say?" "You promise, right? You'll never tell.

Beth told me that for her first lover she wanted you, Ben. She talks all the time about how she wants to fuck you." "Holy crap. Little Beth? Well, not so little any more. She's really a little hottie these days. And she really likes me?" "Oh Ben, when we're watching a guy eating out the girl, she's saying, 'Oh, Ben, yes, lick me right there.'" "Damn.

Little Beth?" "Well, why not. She's my age and what do you think now of your 'Little Lori,' now? You said I'm a sex machine; what do you think Beth is? I can tell you she's learned everything as well as I have and I'm pretty good, huh?" "Oh Lori, you're fabulous.

No guy could ask for a hotter girl in bed. You're the best." "You mean better than Jen?" "Oh, come on. No comparisons, it's not fair." "But I'm really good, huh?" "Fabulous, Lori, fabulous.

You can make me cum as hard and quick as anyone.without comparing, of course. So, Beth is hot for me?

Who would have thought." "Don't let it go to your head, big bro. Maybe Jen, Beth and I are all crazy." "Well, I really don't care, the benefits are terrific." "You mean like this?" and she takes me in her mouth and begins bringing my cock back to life.

What a girl! Right then my cellphone was Jen. "Miss me, I bet. Tomorrow I'll be sucking your cock after school.

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Then it goes in my warm, wet pussy to fill me with cum. Sound good?" "Oh, yeah, Jen, it sounds terrific." Lori is looking up at me smiling with my dick in her mouth. She begins to pulse her sucking which is making me crazy. "Well go have a good cum so you can last more than a minute tomorrow. I have plans for your hot dick.

'Til then, Ben. Mmm, I can't wait. I'm off to use my 'magic wand.' Bye." Lori is now running her tongue around my penis head and I'm getting more and more excited. Then she sits up and says, "I'm off to make us lunch.

How about helping me in the kitchen." Chapter 7 Maybe I should take a minute to describe my sister and her best friend, Beth. Lori is five foot two inches, trim with almost waist-length light blond hair and blue eyes. Our mom comes from a Swedish family and is quite pretty herself. All my friends refer to her as a MILF and I tell them to lay off. They don't and, really, in a way, I agree, she's a fox. Lori has mom's genes and is a bit shorter, younger version.

Beth is about two inches taller than Lori and I think it's all in her legs. Her hair is a little shorter and is ash blond; they are sometimes taken as twins by people. These two have been best friends for as long as I can remember and they used to bug me but I'm now seeing them in a different way. They're really becoming babes. "Get the bread out, I'm making grilled cheese. And the cheese and butter, too. Oh, and get me an ice cube." She's at the stove as I bring the things over to her.

I stand behind her as she puts the sandwiches on the griddle and my cock is pressing against her cheeks. She wiggles her butt a little and says, "What do I feel sneaking up behind me? Friend or foe?" "Oh, friend for sure. He likes what he sees," and I start rubbing my groin against her bottom. "Oooh, wait your turn, I'm making lunch. Where's the ice cube?" "Oh, forgot," and I brought the ice cube and put it on the counter. She picked it up and began to rub it across her nipples.

"What are you doing. Are your nipples hot?" "No, silly, look how big and hard they get. Wanna suck?" I move around and begin sucking and gently squeezing her nice firm breasts.

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The chilled nipples are rock-hard as I pull gently on each one in turn. "Keep yourself busy, I'm almost ready here." Again, we ate sitting next to each other touching whatever seemed to feel good at the time. When we finished, Lori said, "Back upstairs for more naked fun.

We need to get that nice dick of yours up and at'em." She sat on the bed and motioned for me to come over. I followed my obedient cock which led me to her. She pulled me into her mouth and began pulse-sucking me in the most incredible way. "Mmm, nice and hard. Put some lube on and a condom, I want you inside me again. Just where you belong.

Use lots of gel. That's good." She laid down on the bed with her feet on the floor and spread open to receive me. "Put it right in there," she said pointing at her wet slit. I eased into her as she wiggled side to side, then, lifting her legs up, I moved deep into her moving slowly in and out.

She laid back with her eyes closed and a look of pure pleasure on her face. "I'm a little sore but that feels so good. Just go slowly. I can't believe how good this feels and we've been doing it all weekend." She's tensing and relaxing her muscles as I slide in and out. The feeling is delicious. "Put it in all the way and just hold it there," as she continues to flex and relax. My right hand is resting on her mound and slowly rubbing her little 'love button.' I'm thinking there's really no way I can get Jen to do this muscle contraction thing.

The first thing she'd wonder is where I got the idea. About then, the home phone rang and I leaned over to pick it up. "Hi, Ben. How's it going?" "Good, Mom, just great." "Lori's not being a pest, I hope." "Far from it, she's an angel," I said as she continued to flex her pelvic muscles around my ecstatic member. It was so weird to be talking to my mom as I was being fucked slowly by her daughter.

Lori had this cute grin and began to rotate her hips making me even harder inside her. Mom is talking as I'm trying not to cum and, of course, my attention is elsewhere. "Everything looks good for my flight home so unless something happens, I'll see you two around six-thirty. Otherwise, I'll call. There's a lasagna in the freezer.

Get it out and we'll have it later. Also, I have plans for Friday night. I'm meeting someone I met here for dinner and a date, it looks like." "Way to go, Mom. Lucky guy." "Oh, thanks, Ben, that's sweet of you. So plan on staying with Lori on Friday night, OK. I'll see you later. Love to Lori." "OK, bye and I'll give her your love." Boy, will I. Lori is now grinding her hips against me.

"Oooh, what a turn-on to have you talking to Mom while her sweet little girl is stuffing herself with your cock. Oooh, fuck me brother. Oooh, mmmm, mmm, deeper, yes, yes," and she bucks. "Oooh, cum in me now, now." I'm proud to report that I followed my sister's orders to the tee just as I had promised Mom I would. Thanks Mom. I pulled out of her; my bed sheets were wet with our latest lovemaking and stained from our wonderful weekend of loving each other.

I pulled off the condom and handed it to her. "Little snack?," I asked. "Tastes better that Friday. Maybe it's so fresh." "Made just for you, Lori." "Damn, these sheets are a mess. Mom can't see this." Lori starts taking the sheets off. "Into the washer with these.

Boy did I make all this? It's not your cum, I ate all that. You have a very juicy sister." The sheets went into the washer and we went into Lori's room. "Well, we can't get my sheets soaked, so let's take it easy. Let's get a big bath towel to be sure." We rested in a warm snuggle and just played with each other for a while.

It was just nice and relaxed and kept us feeling tingly. "This is making me wet and Mom'll be home in a couple of hours. Let's make love with oral sex and that way all our juices don't get on the sheets." Oh, she has such good ideas. Lori got on top in a sixty-nine fashion and started her mouth magic.

She lowered her hips down to meet her wetness with my upraised tongue. We kept at this for a while and she moved her cunt lips back and forth as she sucked up and down on me. It took a while but I finally heaved up and unloaded into her warm mouth.

She continued to pull on me and my dick went into happyland.

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I was running my tongue around her clit and giving it little sucks when she started rocking down on my mouth. "Ooooh, ooooh, don't stop, don't stop, oh, oh, OH, OH, mmm, mmm." Obviously I was doing something right. She had collapsed on me with her wet pussy spread over my mouth. What a way to die, I thought.

" "That was really nice, Ben. You've made me so happy. I want to do something for you." She got up and sat next to me and put her hand around my shrunken but blissful member. "You have been such a wonderful lover for my first time, that I've been thinking. You know what I said about Beth wanting to have sex with you?

Well, she deserves a considerate lover for her first. Would you like me to set it up for you to have your chance?" "You're serious? What do you think Beth would say?" "Oh, I won't tell her anything.

Maybe I'll just set things up so it kindof just happens. Mom's got a date on Friday, I could have Beth over to spend the night. You could be just finished taking a shower and I could have her get me something from the bathroom.

Then you'd be on your own. Whaddaya think?" "I think that I have the best sister in the world, that's what I think. She screws me down to a nub, then wants to fix it for her best friend to fuck me, too. You're perfect in my book. Just perfect." "Hmm, dicks don't wear out, do they. I haven't thought of that. Maybe I should save you for myself." "They don't wear out, sis, just need recharging, but they never wear out.

And if they wear down a bit, there's Viagra, but I think I'm a long way of from that. I hope." She's rubbing my cock as she says, "Well, that's something you don't need. Looks like I can wake this guy up any time I want. So, what do you say about Beth?" Can any guy on earth turn down an offer like that? "You and Beth are two of the prettiest girls I've ever seen, how could I say no. I'd love to make love to Beth and I promise you I'd be as loving and gentle as I have been with you." "OK, then I'll set it up.

But if Beth wants you to fuck her harder, you don't have to be completely gentle. We did both and it was wonderful. Just follow what she wants. Now leave everything to me." Mom got home right on time and she seemed pleased at how we were getting along. After dinner she said, "Thanks guys, for really trying to get along with each other. I really appreciate it. Now, let's load the dishwasher and then I'm off to bed. Long, hard weekend." As Mom leaves the room, my sis leans over and says, "We had a hard weekend too.

At least you were hard most of the time." Later, Lori raps quietly on my door and comes in. "I know you're going to Jen's tomorrow after school but 'til then, would you like a little something from your sister? Just to hold you 'til then? Is it up after all the workout this weekend?" I lifted tossed my covers aside and pulled my briefs down. "Oh, you look like you need some attention. Nice and hard and ready for some Lori-action.

What would you like. You choose." This girl is unbelievable. My sister has become a super sex machine. Now I have to decide. What would you want right now? I decided my dick wanted her soft, pink lips pulling the cum right out of me. "A little suck for your big brother?" I ask.

"Right away, sir, and 'big' is right. We'll shrink him down properly." She gets between my legs, pulls her nighty off and begins to send my cock to heaven. My eyes are closed and I have to admit that I'm not thinking of Jen; I'm thinking of my beautiful sister, Lori, swallowing my cock right now as she makes moaning sounds of enjoyment.

After all our sex this weekend, you'd think that it would take me forever to cum. You just don't know my sister, she's got moves on my cock that are incredible. It's only a few minutes and that wonderful tingly feeling starts building in the tip of my dick and begins to radiate outward until I arch my back and my cock spasms and floods Lori's sensuous mouth.

"Mmmmm," she moans and continues to suck for another minute or two. "Now you can sleep without your hard-on keeping you awake. Night, night," and off she goes to bed. My head (the one on my shoulders) is spinning with the events of this wild and wonderful weekend while my other head (the one I've really been thinking with this weekend) is in permanent bliss.

And I have Jen after school tomorrow.

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Oh, my. Chapter 8 On Monday, at lunch in the cafeteria, Jen whispered, "Wanna fuck me all afternoon?" "Can't wait, hon. I'll lick you and get your pretty little pussy wet before I stick it in." Jen is a 'dirty-talker' which is a first for me. The few girls I've dated have been shy about how they talk about sex but Jen will just say, "Fuck me," if that's what she wants. And she usually does. Later, arriving home, she unlocked the door as she was pulling down her skirt and was completely naked by the time she had run up the stairs to her room.

As I removed my pants and briefs, she knelt in front of me. "Umm, I've missed your hot cock. Looks like he's been lonely. Let's give him a nice kiss," and she begins sucking me and licking me, running her tongue up and down my shaft. "Mmm, that's great Jen. Let's lay down and do each other." She wasted no time getting on her bed and spreading her legs as I got over her in sixty-nine style, one of our favorites.

She was very wet and my face got a good soaking as I moved around her pussy licking and sucking. I licked up to her clit and began to suck gently as I put my middle finger in her pussy.

"That's great, Jen. Try sucking just the tip of my cock, you know, like a lollipop. Oh, just like that." I know I shouldn't be suggesting things that my sister, Lori, had done to me this weekend.

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But, it was feeling great; I was even near cumming now. "I better get it in you, Jen, before I cum." "Oh, yeah, right now." She flips around and widens her legs as far as she can; her pussy is open to take me in and I move over her.

It goes in with almost no resistance. She is very wet and my cock just glides down to her depths. "Oh, yeah, I've missed that. Keep that up, it feels delicious.

My pussy has missed you so much. It's nice when you go real slow like that; feels so good," as she let out a little gasp. After a few minutes, I was getting that tingly feeling in the tip of my dick when I know I'm about ready to orgasm. "Are you close, Jen?

I am." "I can try, baby, just keep that up. Fuck me just like that." I was right on the edge now and could feel the warm, tingly sensation spread as I moved in and out faster. "Ooooh, good, Ben, good. Now deep in me, oooh, like that, yeah." She had a hand down rubbing her clit as I moved in and out of her sweet slit. That was all I could take.

"Oh, I'm cumming, Jen. Oh, it's sooo good." "Cum lots, Ben, fill up my pussy," and with that, she started bucking her hips and moaning, "Do that, do that, mmm, good, I'm cumming, push deep, deep in my pussy. Oooooh, oooooh, keep fucking me, don't stop, I'm cumming." The last part, she was screaming, something she usually doesn't always do.

We just lay there in a post-fuck daze. "Oh, that was one of the best orgasms I've ever had. I must have missed you a lot. Can we get your nice mister cock up for a second cumming? Little Jennifer's nice pussy would appreciate it. Let's see." She bends over me and takes my semi-soft cock in her mouth and begins to re-erect my penis. She's running her tongue around the tip and my cock gives a little jerk when she glides to the underside. "Like that?" "Oh, yeah, that's good, Jen.

You're getting me hard again. I guess I'll just have to fuck your little pussy again. Is that OK?" "Oooh, that looks ready to go. I thought you'd never ask. Let's study; I'll get up on my desk", she says as she pushes her books aside and scoots up onto her desk and spreads her legs wide apart. I begin to slide into her, she is very wet with both our juices and I easy slip all the way into her. "Oh, yeah, that's what I want.

Did you miss my pussy this weekend, Ben? It's just perfect for your dick. Look how nice it fits. Mmmm." I'm standing there rocking in and out of her as she put her feet up on the desktop. I can feel her wetness beginning to drip down along my balls as I try to go as deeply in her as I can. "Push it in like that, Ben. That feels great." I'm trying make this a good one for her but I'm not fully recovered from our first lovemaking. "Oh, yah, move it around, oh, perfect, do that." Maybe I hit on just the right move.

She's squirming around and letting out little grunts; she's getting there, I'm pretty sure. Then her butt rises off the desk and she winces her face. "Good, Ben, good, I'm cumming, oh, you feel so good. So good. Uhhh, uhhh," and she relaxes and opens her eyes. "Oh, that was good. Really good. You didn't cum did you?" "No, but it's okay. I wanted it to be good for you." "Aw, you're so sweet.

Here change places and I'll get you off." Jen slid off the desk and I took her place. She sat in the chair between my legs and proceeded to give me a very nice, wet, sloppy blowjob that rattled me to my bones. Jen's mom got home about thirty minutes later and soon was preparing dinner. I had to believe that she had a pretty good idea what Jen and I were up to but she never said or did anything about it. Jen says she's sure her mom knows we're fucking like rabbits after school.

Her mom has said that she misses her high school days and has told Jen to "go for all you can get." Her mom wasn't specific but Jen says, "What else could she mean?" I also had told Jen that I had to babysit my sister on Friday night. She wasn't happy about it but there's not much to be done about it. As Jen's mom puts the food out, I get ready to leave and go home.

We're in the entry hall and she's gripping my dick through my pants saying, "'Til tomorrow, then I'll give your dick a workout. Jack-off tonight thinking of me." We kiss for a few minutes and I limp my way home.

After I change clothes, I go into the kitchen where my mom is cooking. We kiss and exchange the usual. "Where's Lori?" "Oh, at Beth's, as usual. She should be here any time." I went in the den and turned on the TV. Not much but news, so I flipped through a magazine, then Lori came in. "Hi, all, I'm home. Gonna go change." In a few minutes, she comes into the den and sits across from me.

"So, Ben, how was your day? Have a nice afternoon?" and, as she says it, she smiles and spreads her legs to allow me an open view of her pussy. My sister is pantyless and flashing her cunt at me!

Incredible. "Uh.yeah, fine. I see you may need some help with your homework, huh?" "Is that what you see, big brother? Well, I might. Maybe right after dinner?" Dinner was nothing but a distraction. All I could think about was my sister's pretty pussy looking out at me from across the room earlier in the den. After dinner, we all helped clean up and Lori and I went upstairs so I could "help her with her homework." She closed the door and flopped on her bed with her legs spread wide.

Still no panties, I thought, as I looked at her lovely fourteen-year old pussy. "How about a nice, quiet fuck, big bro?" and she hands me a condom. Thank god I'm sixteen and not sixty; I had a hard-on ready for it's third ejaculation of the day. "I'm plenty wet and I've been thinking about this all day. Just ease into me, I'm still a bit sore. Ooooh, that's what I want. Mmmm." We slowly and quietly screwed until Lori had a clenching orgasm.

She jerked back and forth a few times and then let me go on as she moved her hips side to side. In a few minutes, my dick exploded deep inside my little sister. We both moaned at the same time and hugged tight keeping me deep inside her.

As I pulled out of her, she slipped the rubber off my cock and licked it clean. "You have nice dick juice, Ben. It's so fun to make you cum." We hugged and I told her that we'd better go downstairs to make it look good. Mom was still in the kitchen and we were in the den. "Okay, here's the plan. I've invited Beth for a sleep-over on Friday.

After dinner, we'll go change into nighties and you can go shower. I'll let you know when and you can be in the bathroom shaving your pubes. I'll send her to get my hairbrush and she can walk in on you with shave cream around your cock.

You get to take it from there. How's that sound?" "Great, sis, I'll get some more condoms this week. Somehow they've been getting used up." With that she flashed her bare pussy at me. Still no panties. What a girl. Earlier, when Lori was at Beth's that afternoon, she said, "You know how you want to have Ben be your first?

Well, I've been thinking. When you sleep over on Friday, I can listen when Ben takes a shower and when he's through, I'd let you know so you could go in the bathroom to get something. Maybe a hairbrush or something and catch him naked. Whaddaya think?" "Oh, I'd jump at the chance. But I'm not on the pill." "Oh, I've seen condoms in Ben's dresser under a bunch of stuff. I'll make sure they're still there." "Do you think he'll be interested?" "Beth, you're as cute as any girl around.

And, you have bigger boobs than almost every girl in school. What can you wear that will make it a sure thing? Let's look." They went to Beth's dresser and began pulling out nighties. "Oh, this baby-doll is really see-through and the panties are really brief.

Should I try it on? I won't be embarrassed if you won't." "Beth, I've seen boobs before. I've got my own, remember." So Beth changed into her little baby-dolls and twirled so Lori could get a three-sixty view.

"Oh, girl, my brother doesn't have a chance. He's a goner.

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Bring it Friday, it's a sure thing." "Well, I'm off to bed, another day tomorrow," Lori said as she got up from the couch taking great care to give me another look at her cute little puffy slit.

I was getting hard again. Well, I'll just save it up for Jen. Off to bed. Chapter 9 I know it sounds horrible, but the rest of the week when I was with Jen or Lori (oh, they accounted for about three to four ejaculations per day from my most happy cock), I couldn't help but dream about Beth. Here she was ready to have me be her first inside her. All I could do was fantasize about what she looked like naked. She's been to our house many times and I've gotten a few looks here and there but never enough to really know what she looked like under her clothes.

That thought deviled me all week. I was naked with two beautiful girls yet dreaming about another. Finally, finally, Friday came. Lori and I came home together after school and after we got off the bus, she said, "Ready for tonight?

Does 'Mister Hard-on' have the hots for Beth?" "Oh yeah, not to worry." She followed me into my room and told me that after she and Beth changed, she would let me know and then in a couple of minutes send Beth into the bathroom, the rest was up to me.

I was changing and my dick was rock-hard. "You do look 'up' for it, big bro. Let's see," and she tugged my briefs down letting my eager cock pop out into daylight. "My, my, you're an excited fellow. Let's welcome you home." She got down on her knees and took me in her warm mouth and began her magic on my member.

As I was straining under her oral spell, she pulled away with a 'pop' and said that I needed to be as hard as possible for her best friend. "It's her first, Ben, and it's got to be spectacular. I want her to remember this night the rest of her life. You've gotta be full of cum so I'll leave it all in you for her." Beth came over right before Mom got home. I was seeing Beth in a new light and I must say, she looked great: short shorts, halter top, pony tail bobbing back and forth; I was rock-hard.

"Hi, handsome," Beth says as they trot on up the stairs. I hear them giggling as they go in Lori's room. I go in the kitchen and Mom's getting dinner set out. "Call the girls Ben, then I'm changing and off to see what this new guy is really like. He seems very nice the few times we've met and we spent a fair amount of time together in Chicago. So far, so good. Anyway, call your sister and Beth." As we were finishing dinner, Mom was giving last minute instructions; you know the routine.

After she was gone, Lori and Beth said they were off to her room and I said I'm off to shower. I'd swear I hear a little snicker as we all went upstairs. In a few minutes, Lori opens the bathroom door. "Yummm, nice dick. Looks like you're ready. Lather it up and I'll send her in. Have fun you two." Frankly I had to give my cock a few strokes as I was kindof nervous. I mean, wouldn't you be? So, I'm facing the door, one foot on the toilet lid, cock straight out surrounded with lather, and a razor in my hand.

Waiting. My heart leapt when the door opened and in bounced Beth. "Ooooh, sorry, Ben, I should have knocked shouldn't I? I hope you aren't embarrassed. You look nice naked." "Oh, thanks, Beth, I guess there's no sense covering up, huh. You really look hot, what a beautiful body." She was standing there in this pale blue babydoll nightie and little panties looking like every guy's dream. Her boobs peeked through the sheer fabric and looked so inviting.

"Do you really think I'm pretty? I'm glad you like my body. I like yours, you're just what I'd hoped." "I don't mind if you want a closer look, Beth. You can see that I'm excited being with you." She came into the bathroom and asked, "Can I touch it?" She moved closer and put her hand under me and lifted up. "Oh, it feels alive. I mean jumpy and excited," as her fingers wrapped around. She then wiped some of the lather onto her hand and rubbed me up and down.

"Oh Beth, that feels wonderful but let me wipe this lather off and we can go to my room for a while. OK?" "Sure, I don't think Lori'll mind." I closed my bedroom door and the next thing I know Beth is pulling her nightie off over her head. "Well, you're naked so I might as well be, too." I walk to her and fold my arms around her in a tight hug. Her skin felt so exciting against mine and my cock was jammed against her. It felt heavenly. How long we kissed I don't remember but our tongues caressed each other's mouths seemingly forever.

I had some nice slow music on and said, "Like to dance?" and we began to dance together as one. In a minute I realized she had her hand down and was holding and rubbing my cock as we moved across the floor. "You dance nicely Ben, especially naked," and she laughed a little.

My hands are down over her back rubbing her beautiful, smooth, round ass. "This is wonderful, Ben. I've dreamed about being with you for a long time." I led her to my bed, sat her down and knelt in front of her. I pulled off her panties and parted her knees to expose her lovely pinkness to my gaze. As she stared down at me, I leaned forward to kiss her pretty pussy and began to lick her. "Oooh, Ben, that's sooo good." I was licking her up and down and began to thrust my tongue in and out of her and round and round her labia.

Then as I licked and sucked around her clit, I pressed a finger in her pussy and began to move it around. "Mmmm, mmmm, so good, so., it feels., ohhh, ooooh, uuuuh, don't st., uuuuh, UUUUH, OOOH, OOOH." She flopped down backward on the bed and her abdomen was clenching and her hips were driving her wetness into my face.

Then I felt her go limp and she just lay there panting. "So good, sooo good, oh, Ben, that was better than I ever imagined. Oh, better.Oh." I leaned forward to cover her with my body and she slid her arms around me in a tight hug. "Make love to me Ben, I've waited for this." She scoots up to the headboard, put my pillow behind her back and spreads her legs. After I roll on a condom, I waddle up to her between her legs and begin rubbing my cock head up and down her moist slit. She's sitting up and I ask her if she wouldn't rather lie down.

"No, I want to watch as you go into me for the first time and I never want to forget it. So do it slow, just a little at a time." I slid just the head of my penis up and down for a minute or two, then pushed in and out a few times, then went in a bit further. Beth is staring intently at our joining and murmuring little moans.

"Oh, oh." Every few short strokes, I go in a little deeper. "That's feels so good and it looks so sexy to watch. Oh Ben, you're wonderful." I kept putting it in a little more as we went along and pretty soon, I was as deep in her as I could be.

"Just leave it inside me like that, Ben, I just want to feel you inside me. I feel so full. It's so good." I flexed my cock and she clenched her muscles to give a nice sweet sensation that spread outwardly from my groin.

Beth was shaking and shivering and I asked her if she was okay or cold. "I'm just so excited, that's all. I can't believe we're here and doing this." Her pretty pink nipples are hard under my fingers as I circle them and move in and out of her. "Beth, you are a dream to be with. I love being with you and in you." "I love this whole evening, Ben, and hope it will never end." "Let's enjoy this and we can plan lots more in the future. I don't want this to be a one-time thing." As I am sliding in and out of her, she's breathing heavily and her chest and cheeks are turning splotchy red.

"Oh, I'm cumming, Ben, I'm cumming. Go in, go in. Ooooh, OOH, OOOOH, AAAAH!" I was going faster now and could feel my own excitement building and radiating from my cock to my whole body.

Her pussy's grip on my cock began to relax. "Omigod, Ben, I feel on fire, that orgasm was incredible. Oh, I didn't know it could ever be that good. Thank you, Ben, now I want you to have one like mine. Let me get on top." With Beth in control, she began to move up and down tightening her muscles as she moved up, relaxing them as she moved down.

She and Lori had learned a lot from the internet and was I thankful. These two could screw like they'd been at it for years. I had one hand rubbing her breasts and another gently circling her clit and mound. Beth had her head thrown back and was moaning lightly as she continued humping my cock. "You feel so good inside me, Ben. Is this good for you?" "Oh, Beth, it feels wonderful.

My dick feels like it'll explode" and with that, I climaxed inside her bucking up and down as she slid her pussy up and down on me. She kept fucking me as my cock began to collapse in ecstasy. "Beth, you're incredible. So perfect. So beautiful. So sexy." She fell forward and we just held each other for what felt like hours but was just minutes. "I wish we could stay together. I love making you cum, Beth." "I love it too and making you cum especially in me.

That's wonderful. But I can't stay here tonight, your mom is due back anytime." "Yeah, that's a bummer, I hate it." "Well, I'll come back to your room real early and I can suck you if you'd like." "If I'd like? Oh Beth, that'd be wonderful.

Maybe we can do it to each other." As she slips on her top, she turns and says, "I'll see you later. Oh, and these panties are for you, to remember me by," as she tosses her thong panty which lands in my lap right over my bliss-filled cock. I pick them up and kiss them. "Thanks Beth, I could never forget you.

I'll see you later." Chapter 10 Beth quietly opened Lori's door and tip toed in. "I'm awake, Beth. Turn on the light on the dresser." She shut the door and turned on the small light. "You look happy." "Oh Lori, I'm really floating on air. I had no idea this might be so wonderful. Your brother is the most wonderful, gentlest, sexiest lover a girl could have." "That's a lot of 'wonderfuls' Beth.

Sounds like a good time was had by all." "More than I ever dreamed possible. Thanks, Lori, thanks." "Okay, get some sleep, sounds like you've earned it." The next morning, Mom was making breakfast for the three of us. "How was your date, Mom?" Lori asked.

"Oh, nice, he seems quite nice. That's a change from some of the men I've seen. We're going out again next Friday, so I think he must like me; I like him, at least so far. We'll see." "Well, maybe I'll have Beth over again, okay?" Lori asked.

I grinned from ear to ear as did Beth. Maybe we can have another little lovefest. and, yes, she did come to my room very early this morning. Two orgasms resulted (one each) and promises of more to come. "That's fine, Lori, if her mom agrees. Poor Ben'll be outnumbered but you'll live won't you, Ben?" "Oh, I'll suffer through." Lori and Beth had big grins and both winked at Ben.

"Well, I'm off to the store, my weekly chore," and she leaves to go shopping. I quietly ask Beth if she'd like to come to my room and she says something to Lori and then nods and off we go. In no time at all we are both naked and hugging and kissing; my erection is pressing into Beth's stomach as she reaches down to take hold of me. "God, I'm so wet, Ben, can we make love?" I get a condom (I'm getting pretty good at putting them on) and within seconds, I am deep in Beth's warm love box.

As I move in and out of her, Beth has her hand down rubbing her clit and she's already moaning after only a few minutes. "Oh Ben this is so good, I'm gonna cum pretty soon, you're so good, you feel so good in me." "I've wanted this so bad, Beth, I wanna fuck you forever." With these words, Beth and I both erupted in a massive orgasm united in our tightly coupled cock and pussy. "It just feels better each time, Ben, I want to do it again." "I'm not very hard yet but I'd love to lick you if you'd like that." "Oh, Ben, I will always want you to lick me, your tongue feels so wonderful on me down there." She reached up to my head and guided me down to her pussy.

She was so pretty there that her pussy was all I was dreaming of since I first saw it last night. As I kissed her and slid my tongue all around and into her warm depths, she wrapped her legs around my head and pulled my face into her wetness.

It was wonderful as I heard her moan whenever I plunged my tongue as far as I could into her. I licked and sucked as hard as I could and suddenly, she let out a muffled scream, "OOOH, Ben, OOOOH, BEN, OOOOH, OOOOH, oooh, ooh, I love you, Ben, I love you, so much" and her body jerked and heaved in a very strong orgasm.

I crawled up to her and we held each other for several minutes. It was wonderful to hug her tight, solid little body to me. "Beth, you said you love me. Did you really mean it? Maybe you were just excited." "Oh, Ben. I do love you. I have for a long time but especially now.

I never want to lose you but I know you have a girlfriend. I don't want to be a problem for you." "Oh, no, Beth, you aren't. In fact, I., uh, well, I love you. I don't ever want to lose you, either. But it does complicate things a bit. Maybe even more than you realize. But I'll just have to work those things out. Give me some time." "Oh, I will.

I'm so happy, Ben," she said as tears fell down her cheeks. "Don't cry, Beth, things will work out for us, I promise." "No, Ben, I'm not sad, I'm happy." About then, I hear Lori call from downstairs that Mom should be getting home soon, so we jumped up and dressed and went downstairs. "Um, you two have red faces and need to comb your hair a bit.

Ben, why don't you get the trash ready to take out. Beth, how about a cool, wet cloth?" "Oh, Lori, I'll never be able to thank you enough for last night and today. It has been perfect. Ben is everything I hoped he would be. You've been my best friend forever and I want to tell you that I love your brother. I'm really in love with him." "I wondered if this might happen and I'm glad for you. Ben does have a girlfriend, you do know that, don't you?" "Yes, but he said he loves me too and to give him some time to work things out." "Well, one thing about my brother is that he tells the truth, so I think you can trust that." I finished rounding-up trash for the pickup later today and as I was about to go back inside, Mom pulls in with the week's groceries.

We carry them in and the girls are sitting at the kitchen table chatting about this and that. Mom says, "While I was at the store, I got a call from the guy I went out with last night and we'll be going out tonight, too, it looks like. I'll get something ready for you guys to eat so don't worry about dinner." "Mom, could Beth stay another night, if it's okay with her mom?" Beth asks. God bless my sister, maybe she's doing this as a 'cupid' move.

Let's hope. "Sure, that's fine with me, of course, Ben might be getting sick of girls around all the time." "Not this Ben," I thought. So, it turned out that Beth might be spending Saturday night as well. Lori came to my room and said, "Beth told me that she loves you and I want to make her happy, she's my best friend. So, if you want to be with her, I'll butt out.

We had a lot of fun, but I really want her to have you." "Sis, I really love you. You're the best sister I could ever have. I think I'm falling in love with Beth and I'm going to quit seeing Jen so I can be with Beth. Boy, what a weekend!" "Well, that makes me happy. Truthfully, I never thought Jen deserved a guy like my big brother and I know Beth does. I'll have her call her mom and see if she can stay over.

If she can, I'll let you two be together as much as you want. I know you'll always treat Beth like the nice guy you are." So, it turns out that Beth's mom lets her stay over (to get well-fucked, little did she know) until Sunday.

I'm in heaven and I owe it all to my little sister. Am I glad I gave her that vibrator (remember that?). We have dinner and clean things up when Mom comes in to say she's leaving. In a few minutes, Lori comes in the den where I'm watching TV and says. "Beth is waiting for you in your room. Have fun, you two." I ran up the stairs two at a time, threw my door open and there was Beth laying on my bed naked with her legs spread wide apart.

"See anything you like, Ben?" "Oh, Beth, everything I see, I like, no, I love." Within seconds, I was naked and on the bed hugging and kissing Beth. "Oh, Ben, I want you in me." I wasted no time putting on a condom.

"Can I get on top again?" Who could say no. Beth got over me and lowered herself onto my cock, she was very wet and as she pushed and wriggled, she slid down on me with ease. God, did that feel good. She presses me as far into her as she can and then begins to grind her hips around sending little waves of pleasure through my midsection. She begins to pull up while she tightens her muscles to grip me and the feeling is wonderful. On the way down, she relaxes and just glides down my shaft.

I'm not going to last long with her doing this. "That's so good, Beth, oh, I'm going to cum pretty soon if you keep that up." "That's okay, so am I." I'm pretty sure Lori must have heard us because we both cummed at the same time and were rather enthusiastic about it.

We lay there in each other's arms kissing deeply and feeling each other wherever it felt good. I started kissing Beth's neck, shoulders, breasts and worked my way slowly down her body. When I got to her abdomen, she spread her legs and I swung a leg over her so my mouth was over her lovely pussy and my cock was over her beautiful and eager mouth.

She grasped my dick and I could feel her tongue begin to circle my cock head. Fabulous. "Oh, god, Beth, that's sooo good." She slipped the head between her lips and began to pulse her mouth around me.

I had just cummed but I felt like another was on its way. I bent down between her thighs and began to run my tongue up and down her warm, moist lips darting my tongue in and out as I went. She bucked her hips every once in a while when my tongue went in, I could tell she was enjoying every minute.

I began to tongue and suck her clit as I ran a finger into her lovely pussy and she started tensing up and pushing against my hand and lips. "Mmm. Ben, that's nice." She kept sucking and licking me and when she ran her tongue around the top of my cock, the feeling was heavenly. My dick tingled when she did that.

I kept tonguing her clit as I put a second finger inside her. She let out a little moan and continued to suck. Beth started to buck against my fingers inside her and I could tell she was getting close. She was also sucking me harder and now was concentrating on the head of my cock pulling in rapid pulses rubbing her tongue all around giving me an almost indescribable pleasure. The tension in my cock kept rising and all of a sudden, I went rigid and began filling Beth's beautiful, little mouth with my cum.

"UNGH, UNGGHHH, UNGGGHHH," as I emptied into her. She kept up her pace and soon my cock was in heaven. I kept working my fingers in and out as I sucked on her upper labia and clit area.

I felt her hips start to keep pace with my sucking and she suddenly put her hands on my head and pulled my face tightly into her fevered love box. UUH, UUH, uuh, oh, god, Ben, I love you so much. Mmmm, mmmm, ohhh," as she clamped her legs around my head nearly suffocating me, well, not really, but she buried me in her pussy. Not a bad thing.

Not knowing exactly when Mom was supposed to come home, Beth went to Lori's room about eleven. I really missed holding her in my arms but finally drifted off to sleep. Sometime during the night, I felt a hand begin to rub my dick; it was Beth with her hand under the sheet.

"Like a little suck on that?" she asked. "Only if I can do you, too." "Deal," and she climbed over of me, head to toe, and began waking up my sleeping cock.

She lowered herself within tongue distance and I'm face-to-face with heaven in the form of Beth's pink, wet, eager, fourteen-year old pussy. We had a lovely and quiet time together making each other happy. I just knew I had to get my life straightened out so Beth and I could be together. On Sunday, I went over to Jen's to break up with her.

I could tell that she was pissed but she put on that she could get lots of boyfriends beside me. And I'm sure she can. So, that's over. Chapter 11 Now, I wondered about Lori, my wonderful and very sexy little sister. She really deserves a nice guy, but who?

Who do I know? Mentally, I went through all the guy's I knew, discarding each one knowing the high standards my sister has and the even higher standards I have for any guy for my sister.

At the end, there was Eric Jameson, the new guy from Ohio. We had several classes together including biology and were lab partners so we'd gotten to know each other fairly well in the three months he'd been at our school. Seemed like a nice guy, was nice looking, girls probably thought he was pretty cute. He and I were just finishing up a lab project and would need to get together outside of school to work up the posters and display.

Hmm. Why don't I have him come over and ask Lori to help us with choosing the layout and colors and stuff. She's good at that kind of thing. God, I'm a matchmaker. What if she doesn't like him? Well, okay, I'll go to 'Plan B,' whatever that might be. So, I asked Eric to come over on Tuesday and told Lori about Eric and that I thought she might like him.

"Setting up your little sister?" "Well, I really don't want you to be lonely. In a way, you've kinda lost a brother and a best friend to some extent and I thought.well." "You are the best brother I could ever have. I love you, Ben, and we'll see what Eric turns out to be. Okay?" So far, so good. On Tuesday, Eric and I get home and begin to set stuff up to prepare the posters and display.

"I asked my sister, Lori, if she would help pick out the colors and help with the layout and design of our project; she's really good with that stuff. She'll be home in a few minutes." We get the poster board laid out and have papers scattered all around, when Lori walks in. "Hi, Ben, who's your friend?" After the proper introductions, Lori says she's going to change and will be right back.

Eric and I start to get the data laid out so we can make the charts, when Lori comes back in wearing shorts (pretty short but not short-short) and a tee (yes, with a bra.). She looks really cute. This guy is dead. "Okay, have you made a rough sketch of how you want it to look?" asks Lori.

"No, any ideas, Lori?" Eric asks. So, we worked on the basic outline and Lori roughed out some of the data charts and we were almost ready to begin putting together the final product. By now, it was about five-thirty and Eric said he'd have to get home but could we finish up here tomorrow. I agreed and he asked if Lori could be here to help.

Well, looks interesting. Lori did agree. Surprise, surprise. "How'd you like him?" "He's really cute and fun to be around. Funny sense of humor. A lot like you, big brother." The next day at school, Eric came running up to me.

"That was great yesterday, we got a lot done. And I really like your sister. She's nice. Um, does she have a boyfriend?" "No, she's pretty choosy. Not many guys fit her standards." "I know I really like her, do you think she would like me, if I like asked her out or something?" "I know she likes nice guys, not big, dumb jocks and she makes good grades and that's important to her." "Well, I fit that so far." "So we're finishing up this afternoon?" "Oh, yeah, and that leaves us a couple of days if we want to change anything.

Is Lori gonna help us again?" "You really like her, don't you?" "Well, yeah, she's nice and really pretty. Really pretty." "She should be home, yeah. So I'll see you later, okay?" Well, it looks like Eric likes Lori. If he ever gets to where they become intimate, he'll have his hands full. She is a sexual master who, as you know, combed the internet for every way to be a perfect love machine. Oh, ho, little does he know.


But I do. I walk back into the school building thinking about Beth's naked body and trying to keep my hard-on from being too obvious. That afternoon, as soon as Eric and I come inside, he asks if Lori's home. I tell him she'll be home in about twenty minutes or so and we begin to lay out the posters to work on.

We were sitting there when Lori came in and Eric jumped up and got Lori a chair and put it next to his, not next to mine. Hmm. She pitched right in with a few ideas and then went up to change. When she came back, Eric stood up and held the chair for her. Rather the gentleman, I'd say.

That's nice, it is my sister after all. We got everything done by about four-thirty and Eric stood to leave. "I'll walk him out, if that's okay, Ben," and off they went. I'm not sure exactly when Eric really went home but I do know that he and Lori were still outside about forty-five minutes later.

After dinner, Lori knocked on my door, came in and said, "I like your friend a lot. And he seems to like me a lot. He said he'd call me around eight tonight. He's nice." "Well, I'm glad. I thought you two would like each other." So far, playing 'cupid' seemed to be working out.

The next morning Lori told me that she had a really nice talk with Eric and that she had invited him over in the afternoon. Hmm, things seemed good, so far. I told her that as far as Mom goes, I'd say I invited Eric and would she be so kind as to ask Beth over. I'm not crazy. Well, for Beth, I am. I spent my time with Beth in my room (what did you expect?) making love.

She was beautiful naked and that's how I tried to spend as much time with her as possible. She loved that her body turned me on and tried to keep me hard as much as she could. It took sex and a blowjob to get me soft. And she wasn't satisfied until I had followed our sex with giving her oral sex as dessert. After supper that evening, I asked Lori how she and Eric were getting along.

"Great, he's really nice." "Any, you know, sex, yet, sis?" "Depends on how you define that but we're still getting to know each other, okay, mister cupid?" I didn't ask her again for several weeks but I did know they were still seeing each other. Lori had gone to his house several times and he had come here. I do know that they were in Lori's room most of the time with her door closed (I checked.).

I can also report that Beth and I spent most afternoons in my room and that she has become devoted to having my head down between her legs. She has a record of three orgasms from my tongue in one afternoon.

Or do I say that it's my record. Anyway, our record. So, I finally came right out and asked Lori, "How's it going with you and Eric?" "You want to know if we've 'done-it,' right?" "Well, no, uh, maybe, if you want to say." "Well, I don't. All I'll say is he has a beautiful cock that makes me a very happy girl. Satisfied?" "Yeah, actually, I'm glad for you and I know exactly what he's getting, don't I?

Lucky guy." I felt as if I had met the girl of my dreams in Beth and, today, we have two little girls. I'm four years out of college working in medical sales, Beth works from home with an internet-based jewelry business she started two years ago. We still can't keep our hands off each other and try to be naked with each other as much as we can. Each night after the girls are in bed, we retreat to our bedroom and spend the rest of the evening enjoying the bare look of each other and kissing and licking each other finishing with a nice athletic fuck.

Lori went to the same college I did and majored in biology and works for the state. She still has the vibrator I gave her (remember that?) and is engaged to a nice guy who is a CPA who has his own business. Seems almost ironic that his name is Eric and that I originally introduced them to each other.

Just call me Mister Cupid.