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Mädchen nebenan filmt mich
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The Halloween Party Part 3 Alyssa sat by herself pouting. She can't believe she didn't hit home with this Brandon guy, he was so attractive and nice. She waited for him for about 30 minutes, then one of her friends told her she saw him go into an upstairs room, and everyone knows what goes on in those upstairs rooms. She stared down at her Pepsi, no alcohol, she swore she would be clean tonight so she doesn't make any dumb decisions.

At the table next to them some girl was snorting cocaine off a another girls ass, she thought nothing of it at first, more fucked up things were going on at this party than that. But what she did notice was how many guys were watching the two girls, how much attention they were getting, maybe Brandon saw I was drinking Pepsi and thought I was prune.

Jessica and Carla purposely picked the table next to Alyssa for the spot for their little show. Jessica laid down and pulled her cut off short jeans just under her fit ass.

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She kept her thong on, she didn't want to get raped just then and there, which she wouldn't be surprised for something like that to happen. This is by far the most fucked up party she has been to, she expected sex and drugs, but not like this, for example, right next to them some whore was giving head to a guy right in front of everyone. At least ten guys watched eagerly as Carla covered Jessica's right ass cheek in coke and she snorted it off, Carla was big into drugs but this cocaine was new to her, it was much stronger than she remembered.

Right after the girl who was snorting the cocaine was set up and ready for her second hit. Alyssa walks up and gets on her knees, Carla watched to see what she would do. Alyssa reluctantly inhaled all of the cocaine on the beautiful tan ass. Her eyes went wide as she experienced her first high, she has never drank or done any kind of drug before and this wasn't like her at all.

She has a feeling that this is the start to something, she is not yet sure if that thing will be good or bad. Pretty soon Alyssa's heartbeat sped up. She was breathing harder and felt scarred for some reason. She felt like someone was out to get her, at the same time she felt like she was the king of the world. She was so high she didn't even notice she was walking down an empty hall, away from the party.

Will and TJ were both thinking about how hot Alyssa. They both thought she was hot before, but after seeing her do coke off Jessica's ass, they needed to have her. They were both in agreement that something should be done to satisfy their desires, after they saw Alyssa aimlessly stumble down the dark hall they followed. Alyssa found herself in a dark room, it was carpeted, but nearly empty other than a bed. Must be their spare bedroom, she thought.

She looked around, and felt out the room.

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It was very simple, four walls and four corners, the only light was the moonlight coming in though the solitary window. She stood still, even though she felt like jumping around, she was very anxious and nervous for no reason what's so ever. She suddenly heard the door open behind her and two figures entered. The figures were big and strong, she could tell even in the dark. She would normally be calm and realize they were just more party members but in her high state she immediately got scarred.

She slowly backed away from the figures. One of the figures started to talk and walk forward, but she wasn't listening. She led them both into the light and noticed that they were both people she recognized and she calmed down a little. But one of them reached out a touched her arm, the feel of his touch startled here and she screamed. "Yo are you okay?" TJ asked after Will tried to talk to her, she was obviously not, nothing of what they were saying to her seemed to register.

He reached out and touched her arm to comfort her, but it did the opposite. Alyssa's scream hurt TJ's ears. Impulsively he reached out and put a hand over her mouth to muffle the screams. Maybe TJ did it to forcefully, she began to cry, her eyes looked of terror and she began to ball. TJ was panicked at first not knowing what to do, he looked into her eyes for a while and she made eye contact right back.


TJ's hand then moved under her dress and started to feel her pussy from under her underwear. When his hand made contact her eyes got big and she let out a big scream from under his hand. He is not usually feeling this bold but he had so much alcohol in his system he felt like he could do anything.

He took his hand off of her mouth and took out his dick and started to jerk himself. Will came over and took out his dick as well. They forced her onto the ground and knelt beside her with their dicks inches from her screaming face. Alyssa screamed for a while but then stopped realizing it was useless.

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The music was to loud none of the kids could hear me, and even if they did I doubt they would care enough to come check it out. "Suck our cocks and we won't kill you," Will threatened, he or TJ didn't know if he was serious or not.

Ether way she obeyed. She gagged on their cocks, she wasn't thinking clearly, she was doing a great job of blowing them even considering the circumstances that they were in. "Don't you dare bite us either, or will kill you and rape your corpse," TJ said while grabbing her face in his hands. Alyssa tried to say yes through her sobs but she was crying so much she couldn't get the words out.

Will and TJ weren't usually like this, the alcohol did really took a toll on them today. She sucked them off through her crying and they seemed satisfied. Until Will got bored and stuck his dick deep into her throat, she let out one single gag and turned red, she looked up at him panicked, she held her there enjoying his power. He held her like that for a good 45 seconds until she began to flail under him. Just as Alyssa's vision began to fade and she felt conscious slipping from her grasp he let go.

She fell limply down and gasped for air, she let out unattractive sobs of pain and sadness. TJ then grabbed her by the hair and shoved his cock down her throat, this time he fucked her face hard. When she seemed like she was going to pass out again he let her breathe, but only for a second before shoving his dick back in. Will, eager to get back into the action, shoved his dick into Alyssa's mouth as well. It was a beautiful sight to watch a crying 12 year old take two dicks in her mouth at the same time.

"I'm gonna cum," Will grunted. Alyssa upon hearing this shook her head no frantically trying to stop him from blasting his seed in her mouth. But it didn't stop him at all, he busted in her mouth and all over TJ's dick. Although TJ would never tell this to Will, the feeling of his best friends cum on his dick pushed him over the edge. He also came in her mouth. They both took their dicks out of her mouth at the same time and as they did, buckets of cum fell from her mouth onto her chin and chest.

"Moms gonna kill me," is all she kept thinking. TJ stood her up and took off her slutty Snow White costume, he couldn't help notice how hot here body was, it made his mouth water. He turned her around and ate her pussy and asshole, lubing them nicely.

He then shoved her down to the floor on her knees and he did the same. Will got on his knees in front of her. TJ teased her for a while and rubbed his dick in between her ass cheeks. "Please don't do this TJ please," she cried.

Will grabbed her face and smacked her. "Shut the fuck up bitch," Will yelled right before sticking his dick in her mouth and forcing her to roughly deep throat him. Hearing her beg for mercy turned TJ on, he got an evil look on his face and shoved his dick into her asshole. She let out a cry on Wills dick.

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He fucked here hard, she began to bleed on his dick. He fucked her hard until he wanted a piece of that pussy. He shoved his cock in her pussy and it had a resistance as TJ shoved his huge cock into her cunt, she also bleed on him here, showing that she was a virgin.

But TJ was as much of a virgin as Alyssa and was ready to cum again. But he felt cumming in her pussy was to nice, he pulled out of her pussy and emptied his load in her asshole. She screamed out yet again when he shot his seamen deep into her bowels.

Will was ready to cum again to, when she let his dick out of her mouth to scream he grabbed his dick and jerked onto her face. Right when she looked back up from her blood hurdling scream she was greeted with loads of cum into her face.

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Will admired her puffed up red face, with tears dripping down and smeared makeup everywhere, not to mention that she was covered in cum. Will grabbed her and threw her onto the bed, he positioned her at the edge of the bad and immediately started fucking her pussy hard. TJ got up in her face, he played with her perky tits while she sucked him off. Suddenly she screamed and came on his dick, he came at the same time and they mixed their juices together.

After the fact Will smiled, "Your enjoying this little slut aren't you." "No I'm not," murmured Alyssa, "I fucking hate it, I fucking hate you." Will's smile turned to a frown, "Well you'll fucking love this," He took Alyssa and effortlessly tossed her onto an awaiting TJ, who was on his back.

She straddled him and TJ slide his dick inside her. She didn't have any reactions other than the usual sobs until Will unexpectedly shoved his cock into her ass. The shock of the instant and sudden pain resulted in a scream/cry that turned both of the boys on. To the boys enjoyment, Alyssa was beyond tight, it was like she was strangling their cocks. Blood was everywhere from here sensitive asshole and breached virgin pussy. There was a puddle of tears on TJ's chest where Alyssa's head lie.

TJ then did something unexpected, he took his cock from her pussy inside her asshole, with Will's cock. This seemed to hurt Alyssa more than anything, because she didn't scream, instead she just laid her head on TJ's chest and started murmuring stuff to herself. TJ and Will both jizzed in her asshole at the same time, after they didn't even stop, they just kept fucking her. Once the boys got board, they flipped her over so her back was to TJ, and Will fucked her pussy while TJ got into her butthole.

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Will stretched her legs over his head will he fucked her, making her pussy feel even tighter than it was before. He looked into her eyes and slapped her, hard.

Alyssa was surprised by the blow and tasted blood. She probably looked disgusting, she thought. Her face was bright red and puffy, not mention they makeup smeared on her face everywhere. Will then put his hand around her neck and strangle her, giving her times to breathe every minute or so. More than a few times she came close to passing out.

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Will lifted her up off the bed and off her feet. Her legs were wrapped around Will as he held her in the air against his chest. Luckily for her, she knew anal penetration was coming this time, and wasn't surprised when she felt TJ's dick enter her. It still hurt equally, but it helps to know it is coming. They were fucking her right next to a wall, were she put her hand for stability, not wanting to touch Will anymore than she had to.

She tried to avoid eye contact with Will, she looked at the floor and wall, but it didn't matter where she was looking because he started to hit her again. On one certain blow her body went limp and she went unconscious. Both of them noticed this but it didn't stop them from fucking her, both of them, again, emptied there loads in her.

She stood suspended mid air in between the two of them, "Is she dead, we didn't fuck her to death did we," TJ asked half joking. Will felt her pulse, "No I don't think so." They pulled out and let her fall to the floor.


She landed hard and went limp on the floor. Both of them were hard again. "One more time," TJ asked, looking at his best friend, Will nodded. They admired her for a second, her perfect little body, beautiful hair, which was covered with cum, red and puffy face, smeared massacre dripping down her face, nice perky nipples and fit legs, not to mention the blood dripping from her mouth.

It was a glorious sight. "Hey whore, wake up,"Will yelled, and kicked her in the thigh, hard. The impact was so hard it woke her up, her eyes flew open with the sudden pain and she gasped, immediately grabbing her leg, and let out a scream. She then remembered where she was and started to cry again. This time she gave up, she went into a fetal position and backed up against the wall. At this point Alyssa was convinced that she was going to die here, she no longer wanting to participate in there sick fantasy.

But she didn't need to, she laid there on the ground crying into her knees as TJ and Will jerked off onto her from above. Will spit on her and TJ kicked her, then they both let out loads that rocketed from their dicks, onto her curled up body. They both backed up and admired their little masterpiece.

The cum covered, crying, red, makeup dripping, little girl looked so beautiful. TJ and Will, realizing they just committed a crime, got dressed and quickly got out of there, leaving the naked and abused Alyssa alone.

Alyssa laid on the floor alone, naked and defenseless. She was scarred, no doubt about that, she felt like laying there forever. She also tried harder than anything to ignore the voice inside her head telling her that she enjoyed it.

To be continued.