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Tereza orlovski porno
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Life story 4 -Original lemon by MISTER BIG T Hermaphrodite action once again. I'd like to warn that this one has slight watersports but it doesn't last long so watersport haters may enjoy this too.

Hello the ones whom read my thoughts and my happening in my life. Yesterday a strange thing happened. You see, today was supposed to be "the" day. The day when my boyfriend would lose his anal virginity to me. But something… Something made this plan to turn into something even better… So I was out at town, buying champagne and all sorts of romantic shit to set up the mood, when suddenly I felt a hand gently grab me from my shoulder.

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"Having a party or something?" the familiar voice teased me. A smile came across my face in an instant. I could recognize that voice from anywhere, even if I'd be asleep. Jessie. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I turned around and curled my arms around my 'good friend'. "Where have you been Jessie?" I asked while I hugged her tight.

"Been busy with stuff… Job keeps me busy nowadays&hellip. But you did not answer my question, you having a party or do you really drink champagne every Saturday?" she spoke to me. "Oh no!


Today I'm finally gonna do it. I'm gonna fuck my boyfriend's ass for the first time… He said he'll be ready for another step," I happily replied. Jessie gave a grin and she moved closer to me as she whispered "Need help?" I blushed real hard. I was lost at words. That was so Jessielike, to say exactly what she'd want. "Well, I don't know&hellip. I'm serious with him and I'd rather settle down already…" I mumbled.

"Well just because you are serious that doesn't mean it'd hurt if we both would do him… I mean, I bet he'd actually like that. Many guys would give their left hand to be with two women. And some even two, to be with two hermaphrodites," She replied as she gently kissed my left ear and nibbled on it.

"I…I still don't know…" was all I could mutter in return. But I knew she could see past my weak protests that were mere excuses.

The idea turned me on too and a lump had appeared on my skirt. I was afraid someone would notice but before I could think of that any further… "Come, let's go to him… Or are you gonna stand here and let everyone know of your secret?" she giggled. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I had rented a movie and was putting snacks into bowl when Jessie was already busy introducing herself to my boyfriend.

The two seemed to get along pretty well so I began to consider the words of Jessie a bit more seriously. Maybe he'd enjoy that… I know I would. And she? No doubt about that. I walked from the kitchen into the living room and placed the bowl of snacks on table. "Help yourself with anything you please," I said and took a handful of chips.

"I'd like your boyfriend's cock in that case," Jessie suddenly blurted out. I nearly choked into the chips and coughed as I beat on my chest as I gagged and tried to get the chip pieces out. "Jessie!" I exclaimed as I blushed like mad. "Damn don't you know any shame?!" "You know me my dear, I'm a straightforward woman who speaks how I feel.

Besides I don't think he minds," she laughed as she pointed at my boyfriend's erection that was pressing against his shorts. I bit on my lower lip and gave a slight nod.

I was somewhat saddened that I had now rented the movie for nothing but I took solace in the fact that there would come something even better.

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"Why don't you show your cock to us?" she cooed as she moved closer to my boyfriend and licked his neck. My boyfriend didn't even say a word as he quickly unbuttoned his shorts and pulled his shorts down thus revealing his erect dick.

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"Not bad. 8 inches long and 2½ wide or so I'd say?" Jessie cooed as her cock began to grow. I quickly moved my hands to my sides and lowered my skirts, revealing my erect dick that was pressing against the fabric of my panties. I was so horny… I wanted both of them so badly&hellip. "Suck our cocks slut," Jessie suddenly said to my boyfriend as she revealed her own huge cock. My boyfriend seemed to hesitate for a second but then he rolled his hands around our cocks and began to jerk both Jessie and me off.

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He began to lick the tip of my cock and then took Jessie's cock into his mouth. He moved his head a bit and began to suck on her balls and lick her pussy. "Aaah shit… Your boyfriend is great at sucking cock … You've trained him well…" she murmured as she licked her lips. "Mmmm yeah&hellip." I moaned as he moved his attention to my member, dancing his tongue all around it.

"Fucking bitch, suck it… Suck that cock… Aaahh&hellip." she moaned while squeezing her eyes close.

He took both of our cocks into his mouth at once as he kept jerking us off. Suddenly Jessie pulled back as she gave a devilish grin. "I have to pee. Let me do it on you slave," she ordered him. I was shocked to hear Jessie call my boyfriend "slave" but it turned me on at the same time.

Even though I was always the dominating one, I had never considered him to be my "slave". Bitch, whore, and slut maybe but that's another story. Before I had a chance to protest, a stream of urine hit against the cheek of my boyfriend. Jessie took hold of her cock and guided the stream directly into his mouth as she jerked the member at the same time. "Mmmm that hit the spot…" she murmured as she stroked her hard cock.


Much to my horror my boyfriend gulped it down and licked his lips. "Have you got ideas what to do?" she suddenly asked as she turned to face me. I blushed and tried to gather my thoughts after seeing something like THAT happen "Well umm… Maybe I'll fuck him&hellip.

And… He'll suck you&hellip. Would you like that…?" My two lovers looked at each other and then towards me and gave a nod.


He got down on all fours as he started to lick and suckle on Jessie's large sacs while masturbating her cock off. Meanwhile I was busy spitting on my hand and lubricating my cock with the said saliva.

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I'd need a lot of lubricating so I bent down and gave his ass a kiss and a lick. He jumped a bit from that but then calmed down and allowed me to continue to prepare him for what was about to come. Being sure he was ready, I rubbed my cock against his the entrance to his ass before breaking into his virgin hole.

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He gave a small gasp of pain but Jessie muffled it out by shoving her cock down his throat. I smiled and gave a small spank on his buttocks and started to have my way with him. He was seemingly having troubles adjusting to the feeling so I slowed down and gave him a little time.

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Short and sweet thrusts. Jessie raised his cock a little up and my boyfriend gave a lick from the cock, to her balls and all the way to her dripping wet cunt. Meanwhile, I changed the thrusts into piston sort of movement as I started to pound harder and harder making him gasp for air.

He was starting to get into this, he was mine. And that turned me on so much I knew I was close to orgasm. I was not the first one to come though.

Jessie gave a scream of pleasure as she ejaculated all over her belly and her chest. Just as I had remembered, her pussy was very sensitive. The sight of my boyfriend starting to lick her cum made me reach my breakpoint and I came deep into his ass.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jessie gave several jerks to her cock as she asked "Are you in the mood of quitting? I want to be fucked still." I smiled and moved towards her as Jessie turned to face me.

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No matter how many times I'd see it, her body would always continue to arouse me. I rubbed my dick against her pussy and pushed in as she a gave a small moan. At the same time, my boyfriend got behind her and inserted his cock into her ass.

"Oh God yes… Fuck me! Fuck me!!" she moaned, as she dived forward to tongue kiss me. I started to pump into her, each thrust sending her towards my boyfriend's cock. Each time he did thrust, it sent her towards my cock. We continued to do this pattern as Jessie was seemingly in a pure heaven, lost in a state of ecstasy. She leaned backward and started to tongue kiss my boyfriend, her tongue dancing on top of his.

"Mmm ohh Jessie… You've got such a tight pussy…" I whimpered as I kept pounding it like no tomorrow. She moaned as her eyes were rolled backwards and she moaned "Oh yeah fuck me, I'm gonna come… Cum into me both of you… Fill me with your hot thick cum&hellip." And we did. We came deep into her, filling both of her holes. This triggered her second orgasm and she came all over my chest and stomach. THREE WAY END!!