Horny teen with hairy pussy

Horny teen with hairy pussy
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I will start by describing her. When this started she was 18. Now she is 23. Her name is Karen and she was about 5ft 8 with a nice figure, not one of them size 0 kind. Brown shoulder length hair and green eyes you would die for. She had 38DD tits and a nice ass It started when she was 18. Or at least the flirting did, every now and then she would say things like only one sausage.

I can only handle one at a time or maybe I will try two sausages. Things like that. When I walked past her I would brush past her ass, or grab it quickly as I went by her as long as no one would see. Nothing went any further than for a couple of years. Then one night just after she turned 20 I was checking the house at night before I went to bed like I do every night, I walked in on her getting changed.

As I opened the door to see what she was at she glanced at me in the mirror she has in her room and she took her top off. The only things stopping me from seeing her tits was her bra. The next thing I new her bra was coming off as well. As she looked at me through the mirror I saw her grin as she was looking at me.

Fuck was that some sight. Just after that I left the door way and went to my bed thinking about what I had just seen. The next morning when I got up for work the sight of her last night was still in my mind, I went back up to her room to call her for her work. She looked at me through sleepy eyes and said she will be down in a few minutes. About 10-15 minutes later Karen landed into the kitchen all dresses and ready for work.

Nothing happened at breakfast time with Karen. She left about 8 am and I wasn't working till 10 so I still had time to kill. Being horny as hell I thought I would try my luck with my wife. She was much like our daughter, standing 5ft 10 and just the same figure with 42DD tits.

Short black hair and brown eyes. Her name was June. After Karen left for work I went over to the sink with my breakfast dishes and cleaned them up. June was in the living room at this point. She come in just as I was finishing up the washing. She put her cup in the sink and just looked out the window to the garden. I am assuming she seen something out there, but I could see nothing from my view.

I moved up behind her and put my arms round her waist and started to nibble her neck. Something she loves, as I do this she leans her head back and to the side and lets out a soft moan. She was still in her PJ's and I knew that meant she had no underwear on. I ran my hands up to her tits and I wasn't disappointed. The only thing between my hands and her tits was her top. That didn't last long, I moved my right hand down and lifted her top up and over her head.

Freeing her tits for the back garden to see. Then she turned around and looked me in the eye "Like what you see?" "Fucking right I do." Was my replay. "Good. Let's hope you like this as much" She said as she dropped to her knees and opened my jeans to free my already hard cock. Taking it in her hand she slowly starts to rub it from the top to the base, then after about 2 minutes of this she licks it, starting by my balls and working up to the tip, holding the eye open she runs her tongue round it, sending my mad, before she moves down and takes my ball bag in her mouth as she pumps my cock with her left hand.

She finally moves her head up and takes my cock into her warm mouth and starts sucking me as I grab the back of her head. She takes me balls deep and ever sticks out her tongue and licks my ball bag, something she is great at. "I am getting ready to cum" Is all I could say.

I new she heard me she mumbled something that I couldn't make out. Given my cock was still in her mouth I'm not shocked. About a minute later I emptied my first load right down her throat and she swallowed every bit, even squeezing the last drop out.

Now it was my turn. I helped her up and pulled her bottoms down as I sat her on the kitchen work top. Then I opened her legs to revel her wet pussy looking back at me.

I started by kissing her thighs and slowly making my way up her legs, I could feel the heat coming from her pussy. I stopped just centimetres from her heavenly spot. I moved up to her already hard nipples and started to suck them, driving her totally mad, I slide my hand in between her legs to rub her clit as I was sucking her nipple, only to find it so wet there was almost a puddle on the kitchen counter.

I moved from her nipples and kissed her on her lips as I started playing with her soaked clit, her eyes rolled in her head as we broke from our kissing. I decided to move down stairs and feast on the juices that were flowing. I gently licked her clit and sent her over the edge. She grabbed my head and held me tight to her as I licked her pussy. I slide one finger into her, that didn't last long as I soon had 2 then 3 fingers inside her.

I finger fucked her and licked her pussy as her juices flowed over my hand and mouth "Fuck me" She said as she pushed me away and turned around. I stood up and slide my hard cock into her fuck hole. And boy was it wet. I slid in so easy, starting slowly, the feeling of my cock in her lovely warm cunt, I held her hips as I started to fuck her faster. Soon she was moaning in pleasure. Her tits swinging under her as she held onto the work top. I moved my hand under her, so I could rub her pussy some more.

I pulled out of her and she turned around and sat on the corner of the counter, I moved back in between her legs and she took hold of my dick and guided it back inside of her. I start to fuck her again and she wraps her legs round my waist, as she does this I am holding on to her ass, I moved one hand to her tits and squeeze it. She looks me in the eye, grabs my head and pulls me closer to her and kisses me, forcing her tongue down my throat.

I respond by sliding my tongue down her throat. Still holding her tits and with her legs wrapped round me I unload my second load into her pussy. Shot after shot empties into her. Still sitting there locked together we look each other in the eye and just smile. I pull out of her and some cum runs out at the same time. She gets up and picks up her clothes as well as my cock and heads out the kitchen door with me in toe.

"Leave the counter. It will be fine. Out little secret" she says. "That will add flavour to the dinner later" I responded She just smiled at me as we left the room. We head and upstairs and get showered. The rest of the day went as normal. Nothing major happened. I finished work early and was home to make dinner. "Dinner tastes good tonight" Karen said.

"Secret ingredient" was all I could say Needless to say, her mother nearly chocked. The next few weeks went by quiet.

June was always around when Karen was in. The following weekend Karen was heading out and June was working in a local bar. She was a part time barmaid. I had decided to get a shower in our EnSite bathroom, so I never thought of locking the door. Karen was also going for a shower in the main bathroom I had just finished shaving and had turned the water on to heat it up a bit. I had just stripped naked when the door opened, and Karen walked in.

"I need a razor to shave my legs and I don't have any, so I am using one of mum's" "OK, not a problem" Karen was in her underwear, her bra barely covered her tits and her thong was a small one that only just hid her pussy. I got my shower, got dressed and headed down stairs. I was waring a pair of lose three quarter-lengths and a t-shirt given the house was warm. Karen landed into the living room waring a vest top and shorts that let you see all the way up to her panties she had on. She sat on the seat next to me, her legs crossed and the shorts showing more.

"Like what you seen the other night?" "Don't know what you are on about" I said with a grin. "You know what you seen. Don't you?" "I do. Do you have a problem that I have now seen your tits?" "No.

Why would I?" "I am just asking." "I did know you were there, and I did take of my top, I knew what I was doing" "Just like you know what you are doing right now?" "What??" She asked grinning. "You know that I can see your knickers, don't you?" "I know." Then she got up and left the room to get ready. That was about 6.15. It's now 8.30 and over the last two hours all I could think about was the views I had.

Deciding to check what time she was due to go out at and what was keeping her I went upstairs to find out. As I got to the room I didn't hear any noise, that isn't anything new. But as I opened the door I wasn't expecting to see what I seen. Karen had fallen asleep, naked. Boy was that a view. She had a nicely trimmed pussy and her tits were as good as I remember.

After about 5 minutes of taking in the wonderful sight in front of me I decided to wake her. I tapped her on her shoulder and called her name a few times, before she started to stir and finally wake up. "What time is it?" "8.30. What time are you going out at?" "Leaving hear at 9.15" "Well you have 45 minutes. As we have a 30-minute drive to get you there." She never even made an attempted to cover up, just lay there totally naked. Even when I looked down at her body. Fuck I liked what I saw and she new it.

Then she sat up right in front of me, looked up at me and grabbed my cock. I just stood there and never moved. "You defiantly like what you saw." "I did tell you that earlier" She was rubbing my hard cock through my three-quarter lengths. Soon she had her hand up inside the leg of them and had her hand round my cock.

Given I didn't have any boxers on it made it easier for her. Both hands were in side them next and she had my cock in one hand and my balls in the other. This was magic, getting a hand job from your naked daughter, fuck I thought I was in heaven. I grabbed her tit and stated to message it, then I took both in my hands, her nipples getting harder by the second. The next thing I new she had her hands out and was pulling my bottoms down, freeing my cock.

She just looked up and smiled. Then she took my cock into her mouth, slowly at first. She took me balls deep in her mouth, she even wrapped her tongue round my ball bag at one stage.

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Then she took my cock out of her mouth, and started sucking my balls as she pulled me off. "Lie down." I just done as I was told. She got on the bed by my feet and moved up over my legs until her head was at my waist. Opening my legs, a little bit so she could get in between them, she took my cock in her hand again, this time she ran her tongue up my dick from my nut sack to the head. Licking the vain as she did. Dam that was so good. She took my whole cock in her mouth with out even missing a beat.

Looking me in the eye as she did, her head bobbing up and down, with her hands on the bed.

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After a couple of minutes, she gets up and moves towards me. Kissing me for the first time, pushing her tongue into my mouth we French kiss for a few minutes. Then she gets on top of my taking my cock in her hand and guiding it to her fuck hole. I look at her and shake my head no. "Your turn to lie down" "But I want you inside me now" "Just lie down" Now she is on her back with her legs open wide.

I moved down to her fanny, I started to lick her slowly at first. Then I open her lips and focus on her clit for a little while as I slide one finger inside her wet hole. I move to 2 fingers and she takes them with out any problem as I put a third finger in. dam she is so fucking wet. I finger fuck her as I grab her tit with my free hand. After a few minutes I take my finger out of her and move between her legs, she takes hold of my cock and aims it right at the entrance of her hole.

I stop just before I enter her. "What about a condom?" "What about it?" "I don't have one. Have you got any?" "No. You don't need one. I am on the pill." With that I smiled and entered her and started to fuck her. The sight of her tits bouncing every time my balls hit her was just great.

She wrapped her legs round me to make sure I was staying inside her. "Lie down. I want to sit on you" I pulled out and got on my back as Karen moved over the top of me and guided my cock back inside her.

I put a pillow under my head, so I could keep my head up a bit and suck on her rock-hard nipples. Karen lifted herself up then moved back down. Bouncing on my cock as I sucked her nipples. "I want to fuck you doggy?" "Why? Don't you like it this way?" "Yes, I do, but I also like to have your tits swinging under you" Then Karen gets up and onto all fours as I move behind her and slide my cock inside her wet pussy once again. I grab her ass as I go balls deep inside. I fuck her and pound into her while holding her hips.

"Fuck you feel so good." "This feels great" I had to slow down to stop myself from cumming to fast. I didn't want to end this to soon. I think Karen worked this out because she moved forward, and my cock popped out of her, she looked at me and smiled, then bent down and took my cock into her mouth, looking me in the eye as she went all the way down then taking it back out again. She lay on her back and opened her legs again letting me back in.

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"I want you to fuck me and cum in me. Give me the same cum you give mum" With that I slide back inside her and fucked her. Grabbing my head, she pulls me close and kisses me, her tongue pushing right inside my mouth, so I pushed mu tongue into her mouth as I fucked her. We broke our kiss and I pushed myself up a little bit, so I could look her in her eyes. "I'm going to cum" "I want it deep inside me." Then she wrapped her legs around my waste, and I grabbed her tit, a few seconds later I shot load after load inside my young fertile daughter's pussy.

After releasing her legs, I pulled out and was about to get down on my knees and lick her cum socked pussy, but she stopped me and sat up, taking my cum cover dick in her hand she began to rub it then put it in her mouth cleaning my cock from both my cum and her cum.

You're cum is staying inside me, then she picks up her knickers and puts them on, I grabbed my three quarters lengths and left the room.


I went to my room and got dressed. Thinking about what just happened, was I dreaming, I sure hope not. I went down to the living room and waited for Karen to come down. She was waring a knee length skirt and a low-cut top that showed of her cleavage.

She walked over to me and put her arms around me and give me a hug. Something she hasn't done in years.

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"Thank you." She said "What for?" I asked. "Tonight, Making love to me." "Your welcome. But your mother must never no." "I won't tell, it can be our little secret." With that she took my hand, lifted her skirt and put my hand on her knickers. They were so wet she could have got a chill in her fanny. "You should change them." "No chance. That is your cum and it will remind me of tonight every time I sit down" We left after that and I drove her to meet her friends and told her I would pick her up later.

By the time I got home June was back. It was about 11.30 and an early night to be finished working in a bar on a Saturday night. Turns out June wasn't feeling well. We talked for a bit and then June went on to bed. I picked Karen up at 2am and headed home. "Have you ever had a blowjob when driving?" "No. Can't say I have." "Would you like one?" "What? A blowjob when I'm driving?" "Yes" "Tempting, Definity tempting." Then Karen grabs my cock, and I didn't stop her.

Rubbing my cock, I started to get hard in no time. Realising my cock and having her hand around it was great. Slowly stroking me up and down. I found a spot to pull in and pulled over. Off the main road so no one can see us or the car. "Why are you pulling over? I thought you wanted a blowjob when driving?" "I would love one like that. But I have the wrong bottoms on and my balls are being cut off me like this." Laughing as she let go of my dick, I stopped the car and pulled my bottoms down and away from my balls.

Karen opened both seat belts and bent over and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking as she cupped my balls and messaged them at the same time. I was so fucking horny, mainly because I was thinking about earlier that night. She was sucking my cock for about 10 minutes when I was ready to cum.

I told her, and she just keep on sucking me, the next thing I knew I was emptying my cock in her mouth, and she made sure every drop was out of me. "You taste good." "Thank you, we can't be to late as your mum is home and in bed." "That's OK Daddy. I've just had my last cock-tail for the night." "Are you still wet?" "Why don't you find out." With that she opened her legs and relived her had taken her panties off.

I reached over and grabbed her fanny only to find she was soaking wet. "Where are your knicker and why don't you have them on?" "I took them off and put them in my bag just before I left the club.

I thought it was be easier for you to get access. I hope you don't mind." "I don't mind. I just hope you are not having sex with random guys. That's all." We headed home shortly after that. I went to bed and Karen went to her bed. The next morning June was feeling much better. A good night's rest done her the world off good. Karen landed down around 10 am and got her breakfast. Both her and June were talking, I wasn't paying any attention to what was being said, but the one thing I did hear, and I really started to pay attention was after June asked Karen if she got a man.

The two ladies are close in that way. They can and do talk about most things girly, you know the things, shopping, handbags, make up, men etc. so when Karen said she got a man and he was good looking and fit my heart skipped a beat because she told me she didn't get anyone. June pressed her for more details, but Karen wasn't giving anything away. After that I left the room, I found out later from June that her and Karen talked more openly after I left. And that Karen had sex with him, but she insisted she used condoms.

Boy did I no different. The next few weeks passed quietly regarding Karen and myself. When she had the chance, she would rub my cock, even grabbing it when she could. I done the same, grabbing her ass and her tits, even slipping my hand between her legs every now and then. One Wednesday we were all off work we decided to have a lazy day. June decided to have a lie in and that left Karen and myself down stairs on our own. She was in her pyjamas and I was also in mine.

Her pyjamas were a lot sexier than mine. All I had was a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Karen's were a pair of shorts and a low-cut top. They looked like silk, but I don't think they were. I come up behind her and put my arms around her waist and moved up to her tits, taking both in each hand. Knowing she had no bra on the only thing stopping me from getting to the flesh of her body way a light piece of clothes. That didn't last long as I moved one hand underneath her top and straight back to her tit.

She leaned her head back on my shoulder and let out a quiet and soft moan as I started to nibble on her neck and play with her nipples at the same time. With out wanting to miss the opportunity I had I moved my hand down and under her bottoms, right between her legs that she opened a bit and let my hand in, so I could play with her. Pressing her ass against my cock that was getting hard quick as I rubbed her clit and then started to finger her.

She moved one hand round and put it inside my shorts and took hold of my dick and started to stroke it slowly. About 15 minutes later I whispered in her ear that I was going to cum in her hand soon, the next thing I knew she spins around and looks me in the eye and drops to her knees realising my cock at the same time, then taking it in her mouth and wanking me at the same time. Within seconds I cum in her mouth. Just in time as well, as June had just got up and was making her way to the kitchen.

We straighten up and it looked like nothing had happened. Or at least that's what we hopped. June made her way over and got herself a cup of tea, then sat down at the table opposite myself, Karen was standing behind her and decided it would be fun to flash her tits at me, then she left the kitchen and went to get dressed.

About an hour later Karen headed out to meet up with her friends, Karen and myself still haven't got dressed yet. Karen had on a pair of plain pyjamas, you know the kind, long legs and long sleeves, with a dressing gown over the top. She wasn't wearing any underwear, as she prefers to sleep like that. It was now about 1pm and we both finally got dressed.

"Fancy going out for lunch?" "Yah, why not. You got anywhere in mind?" "How about the Chinese?" "Couldn't be better" We arrived at around 1.30 and got a table for 2. While we ate out lunch I felt June's foot against my leg, thinking nothing of it at first, then her leg got higher and higher, until it was rubbing my dick. It's a good job the place was quiet, and the staff was busy getting ready for the night service. Or they might have spoilt things, smiling at me as she new my cock was getting hard, but she couldn't do enough to make me cum in there.

After we left we went for as drive and landed at the local forest park, as it was a good day we went for a walk. It didn't take long until we found a very quiet place that looked like no one went by too often. It didn't take long before June had her tongue down my throat, with me backed up to a tree. I responded the way any red-blooded male would. I shoved my tongue down her throat, a couple of minutes later she breaks the kiss and grabs my already hard cock.

Leans in and whispers. "I want this all for myself right now." "You know that's yours and no one else gets it." "I know you are fucking Karen, and I know she needs fucked, I really don't mind, I might even join you sometime" With that she took my cock out, dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth, balls deep.


Messaging my balls as she sucked my cock, then she took her free hand and wrapped it around my dick. Now she was messaging my balls, sucking my cock and wanking me at the same time. As I looked down I put my hand down her top and inside her bra and grabbed her tit, I started playing with her already hard nipple.

I lifted her top up her back, so I could open her bra and get better access to her tits, she even removed it with out taking my cock out of her mouth as she keeps sucking me. "I'm going to cum soon." I told her, she gripped my balls a bit tighter to let me know she heard me, I squeezed her tit a bit more and the next thing I knew I was shooting string after string of cum in her mouth, she didn't sop sucking, just taking every drop from me.

When I finished cumming she stood up keeping my dick in her hand. "I want this inside me now." "That's something I'm planning on doing." "Well what the fuck are you waiting for? An invite?" I went to open her jeans, (my plan was to bend he rover and fuck her from behind doggy style) but then we heard a noise and saw people coming our way.

So that put an end to that. We got straightened up and contented our walk. "So, what's it like to fuck a 23-year-old?" "What? "You heard." "Who's 23 that I'm fucking?" "Our daughter Karen. Don't play dumb, I know the two of you have fucked." "How do you work that out?" "I wasn't sleeping this morning when she sucked your cock in the kitchen." "And you didn't say anything when you got up?" "Why would I?" "Because she is our daughter." "Well its like this.

She's going to get fucked again at some point, it may as well be with someone we both know and trust." "So, you're not mad?" "Fuck no. I think it's great, just don't get her pregnant for fucks sake." "I have no plans on that. You may make sure she's on birth control then. And more importantly, make sure she takes it." We got home around 6.30 and all three of us went out for dinner. The rest of that evening and the rest of the week went much like any other week.

A couple of weeks later Karen was heading out and I got the job of leaving her out and picking her up again. It was a normal drive in to town and nothing major to talk about, June was tired and went to bed early, so I waited up until it was time to lift Karen. I met her outside the club around 2.30 am. She was as drunk as she normally is.

So, I took this opportunity to tell her that her mother knows we have fucked. "So, you are telling me mum knows I am sucking this?" She said as she grabs my cock.

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"Yes, that is what I'm telling you. "And she's not mad?" "No. Not one bit" "Fucking class. Maybe we can have a threesome sometime. What do you think?" "That would be fucking brilliant." It went down better than I thought it would.

After we got home we both went to bed and nothing more was said. At least not until next time. All comments are welcome. But just remember one thing. If you are going to be down right rude you need to have stories of your own that are perfect.