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Riding small cock first time bitty bopper gets a scare
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Merlin Gwendydd - sister Morgenau - brother Morial - brother Morien - brother Mordaf - brother - Naci's father New Council Members ___________________ Pikon Corth Groton Tydeth Docal Clondal - female Lyndeth - female Creton __________________________ Morganna's sobs were almost the only sound in the clearing next to Mordaf's village.

How could this be possible?

Merlin was far more powerful than any other mage she'd ever seen. The only exception was Toman, though higher than Merlin she was sure that Merlin had an advantage in knowledge. Gwendydd was staring at Morganna with compassion, then she quickly turned away a small smile creeping on her lips. Damn it she'd almost opened her mouth, that wasn't like her. She had always liked Morganna perhaps it was the bond between the two that was making her weak in this matter.

Drenna had backed well away from the three she was having an even harder time not revealing the plan. Mordaf walked to Morganna putting his arms around her. Morganna leaned into him as her body racking sobs increased.


Leading her to a small teepee, Mordaf laid Morganna on the soft bed sitting beside her along with Gwendydd.

Not long after, Morganna succumb to exhaustion and grief falling asleep. Stepping well out of her hearing range, Mordaf spoke to the two females. "I just hope that she can learn the control that Toman and brother did. I have to go, remember you can't be gone long either, neither of you." Gwendydd nodded a small grimace on her face. Drenna also nodded trying to remain quiet. "I really don't like the subterfuge, as I remember neither did our brother." Sighing Mordaf stopped, turning to his sister.

"Look I'm not that much a fan of it myself though I do every day. I only do it to protect these people. They are the closest to true, honest humans that we knew when we were growing up.

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I will do all I can to protect them as long as I can." Gwendydd looked at her brother as if he'd lost his mind. "You know that if it is found out that you influenced the events here they will come for you.

I do not want an all-out war with the magic dimension and our family. You yourself know the outcome of that." A horrified look passed over Mordaf's face as he remembered the mage war when he was very young. A lot of good mages were destroyed. "I." Mordaf started then was cut off by Gwendydd.

"Good I'm glad you remember. We have to tread softly here brother, Drenna, we follow Merlin's plan he laid out. The only impromptu thing we have to the plan is Toman.

By the great power I hope that all brother saw when he made this plan comes to fruition." Hugging they both nodded to each other and Drenna as Mordaf flashed out. Gwendydd really didn't want to leave though she knew she had to. No sense not leaving Morganna some help she thought. For the next hour she and Adrenna made a great many training things for Morganna. Going to the small teepee Gwendydd gently touched Morganna's head with a smile.

"That should help her." Gwendydd told Drenna who only nodded. Stepping out they walked a little way to an area concealed from the village.

Looking around a last time she nodded to Drenna then she too winked out. Drenna had watched all this with trepidation, she didn't have to go as soon as Mordaf or Gwendydd. Walking back to the small teepee she was surprised that Morganna was awake. "I thought that you would rest longer." Drenna told her. Shaking her head Morganna sat up stretching. "I feel as if I have been asleep for centuries. I have been a responsibility one that I will take seriously." Adrenna smiled, "I'm glad, Morganna and I have set up a few things to help you gain more control." Morganna's face showed surprise, they were trusting her that much?

"Before we go I need to look in on the young girl. If she is as important to Mordaf as he said I need to keep a watch on her." Drenna nodded as she followed Morganna. In another small teepee A young brown skinned, dark haired woman was laying asleep. Morganna passed her hand over the woman then nodded. "Whom ever did the healing spell should be congratulated.

She is healing very well." Morganna was about to move away when a strange look came to her face. Passing her hand over the young woman again she started to smile.

Looking over to Drenna she smiled more. "What has you smiling so?" Drenna asked. "No wonder she is so important to Mordaf!" Morganna said slightly excited. Confused Drenna looked at the young woman then Morganna.

"What are you on about Morganna?" "It should have been obvious to you. Mordaf wants her protected? From what I felt she is a few months pregnant!" Drenna could only stare at the young woman and Morganna, pregnant?

Then a wry smile crossed her face, for once she knew something before her father or even the father actually did. "Mordaf is going to be ecstatic!" Drenna said as she clapped her hands together. Morganna stared at Drenna with suspicion the woman was far too pleased for just a friend of Mordaf.

No, there was something else going on, she'd find out if it was the last thing she did. Just then the young woman moaned in her sleep, her green eyes briefly opening. Looking around in confusion, then even more when she saw the two strange females that were in the teepee. "Who. who are you?" She whispered out awaiting an answer. Drenna was about to answer when the young woman sighed then was unconscious again.

Morganna was quickly scanning the young woman then she looked back to Drenna. "The fact that she woke up is a good sign. I have to ask, most of her injuries are of a magical nature how did she receive them? They feel quite recent." Drenna swallowed hard, crap none of them had expected her to be able to feel that, at least not this soon. ____________________________________________________________________ I was panting from the effort the amount of energy I had expended was slowly creeping higher.

I could feel almost all that were heading my way barely a level below me. Good I thought even if the destroyed me I'd clear this dimension of a hell of a lot of evil. It felt as if I had only been here an hour though I knew that time was irrelevant here. I could feel that I had grown at least another four levels.

I was a few above Ukobach now though, I needed to go higher I needed an advantage. Ukobach at the moment held all the major cards though I was gaining a few myself now. I ripped off another titanic blast as I felt a great multitude closing in. Smiling I grabbed the blast spreading it out to a few miles. My smile grew larger as I added more and more power to it. Finally, it made contact searing and burning its way through countless evil creatures in front of me.

The screams of pain were music to my ears as a wider smile crossed my lips. I suddenly stopped as I realize that I was enjoying all the killing and death that I was dealing out.

Taking a deep breath, I found my center seeing that this realm was actually starting to affect me. Damn, this wasn't good I had to stop before I was trapped like her with them AS one of them. Calming more I felt an extremely powerful energy heading my way. Crap I thought I had obviously awakened or come to the attention of the real boss of this realm. Flexing my hands, I steeled myself up, this was going to take a while.

I was barely close to its level. Grabbing the earlier blast, I powered it up even more as I sent it barreling toward the huge power. It felt like a long time before the power and my blast met. I was trying to power the blast as high as I could get it. Smiling I felt my power slip upward another level. 'Good, I might live through this,' I thought. Somewhere in the darkness I heard a titanic collision. Then the eerie screeching, growling, screaming and groaning started.

I had thought I had heard it all, I was deathly wrong as the sounds started to wash over me I again tensed up. I could still feel the huge power trying to advance toward me, though it was most definitely slower. The power hadn't dropped any though I could feel it starting to strain a bit. Pushing out more and power I knew that this was what I had been waiting for.

By the great power I was tired.


I had to keep going I still wasn't high enough, true I was higher than Ukobach though I didn't feel I was high enough. The huge power started to push forward again as I cursed. I had to hurt it, destroy it or something close to that or I was dead. Reaching inside I felt a calmness that I didn't on the outside. Grasping it I felt my reserve power start to kick in. Looking around when I opened my eyes I saw what had to be millions upon millions of evil beings most of the way around me.

What the hell? Why weren't they attacking. Looking closer I saw that a great many were trying unable to advance at all. Shaking my head, I turned toward the now advancing huge power. It was suddenly in front of me, a withering mass of dead, bloated, rotting concoctions of evil. What I guessed were eyes turned toward me.

{So Toman Wilbey, it wasn't enough that you destroyed my brethren in your dimension. Also, in the sub-dimension that held Morganna Le Fay. No, you have to come to my dimension, with that sickening goodness. Normally I would never let you leave, though in your case I will make an exception!} The putrid mass said even as a sucking portal opened behind me. {I refuse to leave!} My thoughts shouted as I braced myself against the increasing pressure pushing me back. {You have no choice!} The thoughts of the mass shouted at me.

Fighting with all I had I was barely moving. The mass growled then I felt the pressure double then triple. {Tell Ukobach that we await him when you destroy him. The dark realm will make him pay for the many that were lost.} {NO!} My thoughts screamed out as I felt myself start to slide towards the portal opening. {NO!} I shouted again as I put all my power into staying stationary.

Then I pushed higher I could feel the strain on my power as I was barely moving. The mass grunted as more than a thousand creatures rushed me forcing me to the edge of the portal.

Shit I hadn't expected this! That's when I felt a slight tearing sensation.

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Oh hell! Not now I was so close! With that I was flung out of the dark dimension. I tried to turn as I was hurtling toward the magic dimension I was sure of it. Damn I thought I seemed to be going a hell of a lot faster than I thought I would. Finally, I managed to turn toward the front, nodding I saw the magic/human dimension rapidly approaching. I reached out trying to slow my forward progress, I felt a little of my speed decrease.

Shit, if I used more than that I was sure I rip my power more. Thing is as fast as I was going I was sure to vaporize on impact. Reaching out again I tried to slow a second time. Again, I felt my speed slow a bit more.

'Shit, shit,' I thought, 'still going too fast. Wouldn't vaporize me, though might make a big damn hole.' Shaking my head, I guessed I had no choice. Reaching in I started to power up feeling the existing tear start to grow slowly wider. Wonderful I thought. Taking a deep breath, I reached out with all the power I had.

I felt myself slow to half what I had been though still pretty fast. I was about to do it again when I felt the tear violently, suddenly rip long and wide. Screaming, I saw the portal exit ahead though I couldn't slow anymore. I had hardly any power I could use, this wasn't going to end well. As I hit the exit I saw that I was heading toward the North American continent.

'I had to do something, or I was dead,' I thought. Drawing what I could I made as strong a shield around me as I could. Screaming at the effort and the pain I watched through half closed eyes as the ground was rapidly approaching. ____________________________________________________________________ It had been almost a year since Morganna had arrived at the village.

No attacks had happened, nothing really had happened at all. Well, the young woman had delivered her baby, an absolutely beautiful baby girl with stormy dark eyes.

Nothing like the mother's nor Mordaf's. The only bad thing was that the young woman had no idea who she was. Mordaf had visited many times extremely proud of the woman. Morganna had asked many times if there was any way that they could help the woman.

Mordaf sadly shook his head saying that the only thing that could help her was far away. Unfortunately, none of them could reach that which could help her. Sadly, Morganna nodded, it had been almost the same answer from Adrenna and Gwendydd. This whole time Morganna had started to grow more and more suspicious.

They were all obviously hiding something the thing was Morganna had yet to find out. For the last eleven months Morganna had worked on her control. When she arrived, it was almost non-existent. Now? She had well over seventy five percent, almost what she had when she was with Merlin.

A sad look passed over her face as she walked over to check on the young woman. She'd just entered the teepee when the young woman looked up, a look of concern on her face. "Hello Miss Morganna. Can I help you with anything? I'm sure I can help you somehow." Startled Morganna stopped in her tracks, "Help me?

Whatever do you mean?" "You appear to be so sad, I hate to see you that way. You are a beautiful woman, being sad doesn't look good on you." The young woman said. "Oh," Morganna said as she tried to smile. "I'm sorry, I was living in the past again remembering a long-ago lost love. I did not mean to make you sad also." "You mean the man Merlin?" The young woman stopped throwing a hand over her mouth.

"I'm so sorry Miss Morganna," she started as tears came to her eyes. "I forgot I didn't mean to say his name making you sadder." Morganna smiled even bigger, "So young, so wise." Just then the baby girl in the young woman's arms cooed. "So, have you thought of a name for her yet?" "I was thinking of that when you came in. I have almost no memory before I woke up. Just today I remembered a name, the more I thought about it the more the owner of the name escaped me.

I had given up when I suddenly remembered it was the name of my mother, Palaki." The young girl stated with tears in her eyes. "I have been told that I had a half-sister by the name of Naci though I have no memory of her." Morganna's head snapped around to stare at the young woman, Palaki? Suddenly a million questions came to Morganna's mind then were dashed as Morganna remembered the young woman didn't.

"Anything you can." Morganna stopped as she heard an almost screaming, descending whistling. Running to the opening she saw a fiery streak going across the sky.

Cursing her self Morganna warned the young woman to stay put as she ran in the direction of the fireball. Once out of sight Morganna winked out appearing miles from the village. Erecting a shield, she started to power up. Whatever or whoever this was there was a major amount of power in it. Moments later the huge fireball came streaking to the clearing before her.

Hitting the ground with alarming speed a long gorging of the earth occurred. It moved along for almost five hundred yards going deeper then finally stopping. Approaching carefully Morganna could still feel quite a lot of power from whatever it was. Standing there she could feel something alive within the hole that was starting to cool rapidly.

Staying at full power she crept closer ready to wink out at a moment's notice. This was very, very bad the power she was feeling was even beyond what Merlin had. Watching everything she soon saw movement from the hole as she backed up. A male figure emerged stumbling a bit an extremely powerful shield around him.

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Morganna gasp when she recognized Toman as he stumbled more. "Toman?" The figure turned slowly toward her as it seemed to be struggling with something.


A slow crooked smile came to Toman's lips, "Mor.ganna?" Toman whispered. Damnit, I had hit the damn ground pretty hard. I felt the heat through my shield, guess I came down faster than I thought. Damn it was hard to walk whole freaking body was hurting. Guess I hurt the boss of the dark realm more than I had thought. As much power as I had I was almost nothing to the power of mother nature, that and gravity. I finally felt it was cool enough for me to stumble out of the hole. Stumble yeah that was hard enough.

I had to get away from here before the council came to investigate. I had just stumbled out of the hole completely when I heard a gasp across the clearing then I heard someone say "Toman? I turned as slow as I could the motion bringing excruciating pain all over my body.

I looked across the clearing to see an above average height red headed woman. Damn I thought her hands were glowing like mine used to. I tried to smile as only about half my mouth could move into it. I was having the hardest time remembering who in the hell this was.

Almost as if my brain was moving on automatic I tried to shout with joy. The best I could manage was a low whispered, "Mor.ganna?" I watched as the woman started to advance on me then stopped a few feet from me unable to get closer. "I can't get past your shield Toman." Shield? I thought, what in the hell was that? I guess she was desperate because a moment later another woman smaller with dark hair, very slender appeared.

"Toman? Toman son, relax let the energy go." Son? ok, that meant that she was my . damn slipped my mind right now. "Just relax, that's all, feel all the tension fall away." 'Yeah,' I thought, 'I was pretty tense whatever that meant. Plus, I had a terrible pain inside.' Taking a deep breath then letting it out very slowly I felt some of the pain fade. Looking back at the new woman I nodded, she was my.?

Mother? I could almost think again though the pain was still pretty intense. Taking another ragged deep breath, I let it out slower this time feeling almost all the pain fade.

My mother ran to me as I felt the last of my strength fade. Falling to my knees I felt tears fall from my eyes. "She's gone mother, my fault all my fault." I looked at Morganna, "I will keep my promise to you, if you still wish it.

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though how you can look at me, I should have been there to help him. Again, my fault, all my." That's the last thing I remember as the pain finally reached past my threshold. The next time I opened my eyes I was terrified. I didn't recognize anything, nor anyone.

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That is 'til my mother, I think it was my mother appeared in front of me. "Here Toman drink this." She started handing me a glass with a greenish liquid in it. I nodded grasping the glass draining it with an alarming speed. "No Toman wait not so." I licked my lips not bad I thought, well, that is, 'til it hit my stomach.

I felt AND heard the rolling, grumbling and gurgling as what I had drank start to make a return trip. With a sigh the woman I recognized as I thought my mother brought a pail to the side of the bed. I tried to thank her though was unable as I let loose in the pail, on the floor, the walls and of course mother. She screeched a moment then ran to get a pail of water. Coming back in she started to wash my face then dropped the dress she was in only in her chemise and underskirts.

For some strange reason I turned my head away from her embarrassed. "For goodness sake Toman you've seen me in my underclothes before!" She said. I turned back to her as she waved her hand becoming fully clothed again. "I have?" I said shocked at what I had just seen. "Now then," she started again. "How much do you remember?" She said with the sweetest smile.


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About what? You and that red headed woman from before are the only things I recognize." I told her as an extremely worried look came to her features. "I was so hoping that you suffered no ill effects from your high-speed landing. Well, guess we have a lot of work in the next week or so." She told me sadly.

"I just hope that my healing and medical training is enough." I looked at her as she shook her head. "Is it really that important that I remember mother?" I asked. "More than you know Toman, much more." She replied. I could only stare at her when she said this. Something was pushing in my mind though I just couldn't grasp it.